And Your Job May Be In Danger!

The Robots Are Coming!

092913_robots_are_coming 2When it comes to thinking about our jobs, most of us are nearsighted. We tend to think about the job we currently have and maybe where we’ll go next, ie a promotion. However, most of us don’t usually look far into the future in regards to employment and job markets are headed. 

If we were open minded, as we started to build what we believe will be a long-term career, we should be looking at 10 to 20 years forward and ask ourselves, what ahead of us? Our recent blog “10 High Salary Careers To Prepare For Now” gave us an idea of the jobs ahead. 

Here, looking at a recent survey of career experts, futurists and technologists gave some rather uneasy thoughts to the jobs of tomorrow. After reading this, if you haven’t already, it may get you to thinking about what you’ll be doing 10 years from now, 20 years from now …. or maybe even next month?

By 2030 Half Of All Jobs Will Be Gone:

Wow! Thomas Frey, Futurist tells us that work we know today in the world will be turned upside down. By 2030, 2 billion jobs will be gone.

How And Why: Many industries will experience massive changes, such as the power industry. With the world moving toward renewable energy, the power generation will be decentralized, thus many jobs that are in high demand today, won’t be. The need for coal mining, ethanol production, overhead power line maintenance and operation of power plants as well as railroad transportation will have a significant drop. Cars will be driving themselves, Google has already released one in beta, will minimize the need for buses, cabs and limousine. Delivery drivers won’t be needed anymore, thus FedEx and UPS could become a thing of the past. With 3D printing easily accessible at home, manufacturing and retail employment will drop because we’ll be making things at home instead of buying them.

Our Opportunities: While these jobs will become obsolete, there will be new jobs to fill. Communities and corporations will have their own power facilities, thus the need for trained workers to operate them. The national grid will be replaced but new jobs will be created in construction as well as recycling. We’ll need to have crews to install the geothermal, solar, wind and other alternative energy systems too. And the 3D products we’ll be making from home will still somebody to design them as well as manufacture and repair the printers and the consumables such as ink and paper.

Our Concern:Will jobs be replaced as quick as they are gone?

2. The Robots Are Coming:

Your co-worker and new competition in the job market will be robotic not human.

How And Why: Robots are already helping farmers and one day soon, they could very well replace that clerk behind the counter at your local fast food restaurant  We’ve already seen a 40 percent increase of robotic workers between 2011 and 2012. A general purpose robot cost much less than a human on minimum wage and technology is going help move us toward robots faster as technology can make them faster in productivity. Robots aren’t finicky, moody or unreliable. They don’t have to have time off for illness, they don’t get sick and don’t complain about not getting benefits or raises.

Robots will take on several forms such as virtual avatars on screens and voices on speakers that will handle the interaction of customer service. They are already in use in the medical industry with physical therapy patients and they can speak multiple languages. They ask the patient about their pain and teach them the exercises they need to do for rehab. Mike Walsh, Futurist advised that we prepare to banking, customer service desks, hotels and retail be staffed with Avatars. In fact, some banks have already gone the way of teller-less tellers.

Our Opportunities: There will be a need for humans to design the robots and virtual avatars. There will a need for humans to work on the robots and virtual avatars. There will be engineering, maintenance and systems management as well.

Our Concern:It is said that by year 2100 robots will be more capable and intelligent than humans, there for the manufacturing industry and service sector jobs will be hardest hit.

3. Job Applicants Will Be In High Demand For Some High Paying Professions
Why and Why:Because the younger generation are not looking far enough into the future of what could be, we can expect a large amount of good jobs to beg for qualified applicants. Teenagers for the most part, are interested in a range of 10 careers such as accountant, actor, athlete, doctor, IT consultant, lawyer, police or teacher. Because they will be competing for jobs in these areas, they will be making it hard on themselves in the job market.

Our Opportunities:Even with new technology taking over the world, there are still some ‘blue collar’ jobs that are going to need to be filled. There will always be a need, for now and into the near future, for somebody to fix a leak, open a lock and most of all, install a new circuit that powers the new high tech help.

Our Concern: We are already seeing the effect of this disconnect with an increase of need for electricians, engineering technology and plumbers. Experts see a strong possibility of pay increase for these positions because there won’t be as many qualified candidates.


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