It Is No Longer A Bonus Or An Option

You Must Be Tech Savvy In Today’s Workforce

Between 2012 and 2022, the number of software developers in the workforce payday loans with no employment check will grow over 20% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  And if career fairs and tech boot camps are any indication, the need for design and product management skills will increase as well. Here at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, we’ve noticed this trend too.

No matter what industry those in the millennial decade decides to pursue, one integral thing in all of them is technology. Technology is used in agriculture, healthcare, everywhere. The need to be tech savvy loan required is more than just a plus, it is now a requirement. We aren’t talking about knowing how to use Microsoft Office either. You need to know how to code, design, program and have a full understanding how technologies scale.

This is the age of innovation and knowing the bare minimum is much more than it was just 5 years ago. The traditional way of marketing has changed thanks to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They have payday loans with no credit check a marketing technique of growth hacking. This is the use of analytic and social metrics for companies to sell their products, services and gain more exposure.

The jobs that have always been “non-technical” are being pushed into the age of technology through computer science or interactive design. So no matter what your college or high school senior is planning on doing with their future, or if you are getting back into the job market yourself, being fluent in payday loans bend oregon technology is going to be a must.

There is no need to panic and start cramming courses of programming language. Its better to start off in small steps like setting up a blog or creating your own personal website. Even using your computer to better organize your bills and contacts will get you more familiar with technology. However you decide to get prepared though, you need to start now.



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