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How many times have you heard that the holiday time isn’t the time to be looking for a job? At least every other person you talk to probably. They tell you just relax this last month or so and hit it hard in January. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions wants you to know that advice could be costing you a great opportunity and the holidays are the time to ramp up the job search effort! 

Waiting for the holidays to be over before you begin your job search is a huge mistake. Employment experts will tell you now is the time to get that job search ramped up. Working the holiday time to find work will more likely get you in place to start that new job January 2nd, or sooner. Here we offer you 8 reason why that is so:

1. Companies Finds Money To Spend

We all know what if feels like to find some money in an old purse or wallet. Businesses aren’t any different. Just before the end of year when companies are getting their books in order for year-end closing, they often find budget room to fill a position or two. Except unlike us, they have to spend it to justify next year’s budget.

2. The Competition Is Waiting

You’re checking Clear Choice Staffing Solution‘s website and blog weekly and you’re reading this blog. Other job seekers are still in line with the myth that the holiday season is not the time to look for a job. So they are sleeping in, going on trips, etc. While all of them are on a trip, you’re in prime position to snag that highly competitive position. 

3. Get Ahead By Being Prepared

If you aren’t finding jobs to go after right now, use the holiday time to get prepared and be ready when the job market opens up in January. Freshen up that resume. Update your LinkedIn profile and any job board profiles.

4. Bonuses Come and People Leave

End of the year bonuses are common for many companies and just as common, people leave after they get their bonus (or didn’t get one). By having yourself prepared and there, you’ll be in the shallow end of the pond, ready to grab that bait.

5. Holiday Time Is Vacation Time

It is pretty common for businesses to have multiple people take off this time of the year, leaving them with a skeleton crew. Is is just as common for those businesses to contract with temporary help to fill some gaps. This is a great opportunity for you to get your foot in the door.

6. Quick Response Gets The Recruiter’s Attention

Business often have trouble getting in contact with those who sent a resume because, well, its the holidays and they went on vacation. When you are quick to answer the phone, return the call or answer an email, you’re going to the top of the list of potential candidates. Especially if they are in a hurry to fill the position.

7. Opportunity For Networking Improves

The holiday season brings family and friends together. What better time to network! Maybe you’ve been unemployed awhile and really aren’t in the holiday spirit, understandable. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions agrees with the experts though – get out there and network at every possible opportunity. Family gatherings, friends parties or spouse’s company party are all great opportunities. It wouldn’t hurt to invest in a small quantity of business cards with your name, cell phone and email address and hand them out as you meet somebody.

8. Reach Out To Those You Haven’t

No better time than the holiday time to reach out to those you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Instead of using FaceBook to say Happy Holidays, send an actual handwritten note in a card to offer good tidings, include your contact information. Don’t ask for a job, just check in and with your contact information in hand, they will be able to reach back out to you.