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Do you get up in the morning, excited to go to work? If so, congratulations. You’re one of the few.

Connection and engagement in your work improve productivity and just makes the day go better and faster. Everyone wants their work to be meaningful.

“You spend more than a third of your day at work, so naturally you want it to mean something.”

~Robby Berman, How to Find Meaning in Any Job

Here are 5 tips to be more engaged and connected to work.


In order to enjoy your work, you have to connect.  Connection in your job includes enjoying what you do every day, the people that you work with, or that you enjoy finishing a deliverable. When you enjoy your work, you participate because of the unseen emotional, intellectual, or moral rewards, not because you get paid.  That’s connection. To make  your job more interesting, you have to connect.


Many of us don’t have much control over our jobs. If that’s you, see if you can find an area where you do have some degree of control. You’ll feel more connection to your work if you have control over some part of the job. If additional training is available, take the training that you’re offered. Folks that learn continually are more engaged and connected to their job.


If you’re goal-oriented, have a stretch goal. If goals are not something that motivates you, try to stretch in other areas of your work. If you struggle with getting in on time, aim to show up 10 minutes early. Take your production goal and add 10% – see if you can do it. You don’t have to tell anyone – just test yourself and see if you can do more. Your production may increase and you’ll feel good that you’ve accomplished something.


When you achieve a milestone, most of us feel great. Accomplishment in our work helps to keep us interested and engaged in our work. Combine this tip with stretching in your assignment and stay connected to your organization.

Own it

Human beings are hard-wired to want to contribute to their community, whether that community is their neighborhood or their work. If you want to connect with your organization and job, contribute your ideas and work. Making a contribution is the sure way to make a difference in your job and feel more engaged.

How do you stay more connected with your work and organization? Let us know.