Houston, Here We Come! Maybe?

Is A Job Relocation For You?

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions just posted a blog on why everyone is moving to Houston, Texas. By the information we received, reviewed and studied, it seems Houston has it going on from affordable housing to a wide open job market. So that got us to thinking. If you received a job offer that required you to relocate, would you? Or if your current employer gave you the option of being transferred to another city or being one of the cuts, would you choose to relocate?

A lot of folks say “Heck yes!” and others its a decision to be thought about, talked ab out with the spouse, children, parents and then thought about some more. For many, the answer is “Absolutely not, this is home, I’m not going anywhere.”

Relocating for a job is a big change. Not just for the employee, but if they are married or have a significant other, children and especially if it means living the only home they’ve ever known. What experts say though, make the relocation because you want to, not because you think you should. If it doesn’t feel comfortable on every level, then the wise decision is to stay put.

Relocating for a job is a personal decision and for everyone, it is different. Not all situations are the same. For instance, job relocation is a good decision for the person that won’t have much to upset in their personal life. However for the person who has stakes in their career, in the city they currently live and work, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but relocating takes more planning and they need more time.

Therefore,before a decision this big is made, you should be sure the job is the right job for you. You want to be sure that the organization that is offering you the job is committed to you. Have the offered moving expenses? If they aren’t willing to pay for you to relocate, you may want to rethink the job offer.

The move is easier if your family and friends support the relocation and easier yet if you can know somebody in the new location. If your considering the relocation because you haven’t found a job where you are now, make certain that the job prospects are good where you’re going.

Experts recommend creating sort of a business plan for the relocation. What is your objective? Review the pros and cons of the move. Set a time line up and set a budget for the move. Even if you have a guaranteed job waiting for you, there are always unexpected expenses and the unknown. In the end, it all depends on your gut feelings, your career goals and personal aspirations.



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