New company – new culture

New company – new culture

company cultureIf you’re looking for a new job, pay attention to the company culture. For many employees, it’s important to feel comfortable with the values, mission, and beliefs of their organisation. Here are three questions to ask yourself when wondering if you will fit in.

Are you a team player or an individual contributor?

Some companies value team players. The managers insist on everyone’s input before decisions are made and teamwork is the norm. Others prefer to give assignments to workers, then check in periodically to see how it’s going and when the deliverable is complete.

If you hate teams, you’re probably better off in a company that values individual contributors. If your company is your social circle, then choose a company that values team work and play. Ask your interviewer if being a team-player or individual contributor is more important.

Do you prefer close management, or left alone to deliver?

Some companies want their managers to be very involved in the day-to-day work. Many workers like having their manager closely monitoring how the work is going. The managers are available to smooth the path if the worker gets stuck.

Other workers hate having managers inquiring several times per day or week about the work. If you’re the type of worker that just wants to put their head down and finish, you’ll be happier in a company whose supervisors don’t over-manage.

Is the dress code conservative and professional or casual?

Dress codes can tell a lot about a company. Although over the years dress codes in many companies have relaxed, there are still places where business suits and very professional attire is required. Law, Finance, and Banking are still quite conservative careers.

If jeans and T-shirts are the only way you can be comfortable, find a company that it a bit more relaxed. Casual dress is often fine when employees don’t interact in-person with the customers. Information technology, customer call centers, and warehouse positions are often casual dress or require uniforms.

During the interview, ask to be taken through the office space where you’ll work. Notice how your future coworkers are dressed and be prepared to match them.

Finding a good cultural fit can be a challenge for employees. If you’re looking for a new position, pay attention to your surroundings during the interview and do a bit of research on the web and you can see if a company is a good cultural fit.


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