You Missed Out On Another Promotion?

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions Knows Why

Have you missed out on yet another promotion? Are you starting to feel that even though you are doing all the right things, you stuck in the same the place? Clear Choice Staffing Solutions know of 5 possible bad habits you have that could be holding you back:

061314 promotions 1Relationships

Are you one of those that keeps your head down and gets your job done, thinking that’s all you need to do? Well performance isn’t the only that will get you noticed and promoted. You need to pay attention to the relationship you have with co-workers. Interpersonal relationships are just as important.


First impressions are everything and that doesn’t just mean when you come for an interview. You need to be concise of your appearance every day. From your clothing and hair to your accessories are and advertisement for you and your employer. Show that you take care of the smallest details with yourself and you’ll show that you can take care of the smallest details in your profession too.

Blurry Lines

When you’re going for that promotion, there is no need to tell management how this will help you personally – that’s pretty obvious. You need to stress how in the position you will be able to help the company.

Money Versus Opportunity

It can be hard sometimes, but remember money isn’t everything when it comes to new opportunities. Ask yourself if this new opportunity will make you happy because you’ll be more fulfilled inside andgenerally happier. If you let money become more important than the opportunity itself, a career setback could be the results because you may not be all that happy in that new role.

061314 promotions 2Lack of Initiative

If you wait for things to happen instead of making things happen, you’ll never be seen as one that can set a cornerstone of advancement and progression. Stay proactive in your present career and you’ll be noticed. On the same hand, if you just sit and wait around for things, that’s noticed too.


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