Mission: Job Relocation

Make It A Successful Mission

We just covered the things to consider before making the decision to relocate for a job. It is a personal decision for everyone and the answers are different for everyone. What Clear Choice Staffing Solutions wants to talk about today is how the decision part was the easy part of this mission.

As stressful as making the “right” decision is for any of us when it comes to relocating for a job, the more stressful about the move, is well, the move. Regardless how excited you are about your new job, how excited you and your family may be about the new city, moving is stressful.

You’ve accepted this mission, now make it work and make it work smoothly. We offer you 8 tips that can help you with this step with Mission: Job Relocation.


This is a must to make moving a less stressful as possible. The logistics of such a move are many and if you aren’t organized, you’ll get off to a bad start. Your best friend is a daily to-do-list.


Most companies provide new employees that are coming to them on relocation offer relocation services. Find out what is available to you and make use of the service. This includes things like house hunting, transportation of your vehicles, help in buying a new home and selling your existing home or finding a rental as well as organizers that will help you settle in your new home. These services often include job search assistance for the spouse.

If your new employer doesn’t offer a relocation package, negotiate to get one. By doing some homework to find out what it will cost to move, you’ll be able to provide a detailed estimate to your new employer.


Before you make the move, take the time to visit the area. A day or two of exploring the new area will make it more comfortable once you do move. Pickup local news papers and surf the internet.

Living Expenses

Whether you are moving within the state or out-of-state, the cost of living varies. That difference is usually compensated in the salary agreement. If nothing has been mentioned, ask about, but again, after you have done some research and have support in asking.


Many experts recommend renting before buying when you relocate for you job. This allows you time to learn the neighborhood and visit others before making that long-term commitment of a mortgage. Choose the shortest lease time possible so if you do find a more suitable home, you aren’t locked in.

Tax Deduction

Whether or not your new employer offers financial assistance to relocate, you could be eligible for some reimbursement on your taxes. Visit the IRS tax site for more information or schedule an appointment with a tax specialist.

Social Network

Your current friends may have connections to help you make new friends. There are many online services that can help you find people with the same hobbies or interests you have. Larger cities often have newcomer events too. By making new friends, you’ll become more settled in your new environment. 


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