Frequently Asked Questions

Check here for answers to the most common questions:

Q: Where are your job openings posted?

A: Online at

Q: Are these your only positions available?

A: No. Positions change on a daily basis. If you apply, we?ll call you for anything we have available that you are qualified for.


Q: How do I sign up with your staffing agency?

A: You can fill out an application online. If your skill set matches an opening we have, we will call you for an interview.


Q: Does your agency cost me anything?

A: No. We are a fee free agency, and believe that assistance in finding work should be free.


Q: I filled out an application, now what?

A: Thanks for entering an application! We?ll review your application and get in touch with you for an interview. Applications stay on file for 6 months.


Q: I am having a hard time with my application/hiring paperwork, can I come into the office to fill it out?

A: In order to keep our fees competitive with our clients and the services free to our employees, we are booked solid and unavailable to assist with applications, but here are some helpful tips.
* The application ONLY works on a PC in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox
* The application will NOT work on an Apple computer, in Safari or in Google Chrome.
* The application will not go through if you only upload your resume. You MUST fill out the application.
* The application will not go through if you do not have the following information included:
o Full, Legal name
o Mailing Address
o Phone number (so we can call you, duh!)
o Social Security Number
o Date of Birth
o ID number and state issued


Q: How do I fill out hiring paperwork?

A: Once you have been hired on, we will give your application access to the hiring paperwork online. You?ll log into the online application using the same User ID and Password from when you entered your application, create your digital signature and then sign and submit all of the documents.


Q: Is this site secure?

A: ABSOLUTELY! Do you see the little-closed lock in the address bar at the top of the screen? There are only three staff members with access to your personal information.


Q: Why do you need my social security number, my date of birth AND my ID number?

A: This streamlines the process for us to process applications and perform the background checks required for employment with us.


Q: Are you felon friendly?

A: It depends on the job and the client. Most of our positions are Temp to Hire meaning you?ll only be with us a short time before you are moved to your new companies payroll. If the hiring company has policies that state they are not felon-friendly, we have to mimic those policies in order for the candidate to get hired on in the long run. If you have questions about your background, what may show and what jobs are applicable for your situation, give us a call and we can assist you.


Q: I have called a thousand times today and no one is calling me back. I want an interview. What gives?

A: We do apologize. Our recruiters are working between 10 and 12 hours a day trying to speak with, interview and perform federal and state required paperwork. Leave a voicemail and we will be sure that we get in touch with you as soon as we can.


Q: I have filled out an application. When can I interview?

A: We have a strict interview and recruitment schedule. You will have to wait until we review your application, match your skills to an open position and determine the next interview day for that opening. Sit tight, we?ll be in touch.


Q: I am an employee and I need my paystubs. Where do I go?

A: You have a couple options
1. You can sign up for emailed pay stubs. Give us the word and we?ll inform the payroll department.
2. You can view your check stub by logging into the employee portal for our payroll processor at
a. Your username is the first four letters of your last name followed by the last four numbers of your SSN. The log in is case sensitive, so be sure that you capitalize the first letter of your last name.
i. EX: John Woods SSN: 11-22-3333 would have a username of Wood3333
b. Your password will initially be Temp1234, and you will be directed to change it when you first log in. Be sure to write down and keep your log-in information in a secure location.
c. For support, please email

B. Do you have a paycard?

Watch this YouTube video: Getting your paystub

Q: I need employment verification. How do I get that?

A: If your requestor does not have a form ready for you to have us fill out, you will need to download and complete the form and submit it to our offices. You can email or fax it to our office at 281-397-3917. We do ask that we have 24 to 48 hours to complete employment verifications.


Q: Who is Employer Solutions Staffing Group and why do I have to work with them?

A: Employer Solutions Staffing Group (ESSG) is the business partner for Clear Choice Staffing Solutions. ESSG handles all payroll related matters including but not limited to; worker?s compensation, unemployment claims, garnishments, employment verification, issuance of paychecks and paystubs. ESSG is your legal employer. Clear Choice is a recruitment and retention firm focused on connecting the right people to the right companies and creating workplace harmony.


Q: My position just ended and I need/want more work with your clients. How do I get another assignment?

A: Call the attendance and availability hotline at 855-JOB-4ME2. Be sure to press 2 for Clear Choice out of Houston, Texas. Then follow the prompts. Super simple!


Q: I am sick and I can not go to work today. How do I call out of work?

A: Be sure you follow the proper protocol for the particular location you are working at. You must also call out using the Clear Choice attendance and availability hotline at 855-JOB-4ME2. Be sure to press 2 for Clear Choice out of Houston, Texas. Then follow the prompts. Super simple!


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