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Is your student college bound? payday advance no credit check Maybe the Vocational Training direction is the better choice? As the workplace becomes more infiltrated with technology, the climb up the career ladder has become increasingly harder according to a recent report by UKCES (UK Commission for Employment and Skills). That doesn’t only apply to the UK either. The same holds true here in the US as well.

Over 4.5 million high skilled jobs have been created because of changes in how people work. On the opposite end of that, there are just over 1 million jobs that are low skilled. When it comes to mid-level jobs, the decline is more crucial.  The normal progression of career climbing has always been in the clerical and secretarial roles. That too has decline and has impacted social mobility 100 guaranteed pay day loan negatively. These are things that we have noticed as well here at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions.

Organizations like UKCES are encouraging employers to step and take the lead using these 5 actions over the next twenty years:

  • Lead Skills Development
  • Improve Management
  • Job Design
  • Employee Engagement
  • Increase Quality Earning and Learning

The organization is recommending an increase in apprenticeships that will close the gap between education and work. It also is recommending that employers measure success with jobs and progression and not just qualifications.

The chairman of the John Lewis Partnership and UKCES, Sir Charlie Mayfield said: “The workplace is changing at a faster rate than it ever has done. It’s creating some terrific jobs loan rating with great opportunities for some people, but not for others, where it’s leading to lower pay for longer.” This is where Vocational Training comes into the picture.

He believes that the path of old careers have become harder to navigate or have vanished altogether. However, there are new career paths emerging, which are good, but it isn’t to make a difference for the economy or the people.  Mayfield says that quality vocational pathways are needed more than ever, providing an alternative for those that college may not be possible, or preferred.

Spring is the graduation season for American high schools. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions encourages parents and students to look at vocational training options instead of the traditional college route.


You sent you child off to college to learn and payday cash get ready for their future. But are the graduates ready for the workforce? In their mind, they believe they are. However, employers today will tell you different according to a survey recently released by AACU (Association of American Colleges and Universities).

The results tell us that employers have concerns about the new graduates that are about to hit the job market. Their skills payday loans victoria tx such as communication and team work are lacking. However, students say they are prepared with communication, creativity and critical thinking skills.

The colleges that this next batch of job seekers are coming from say that the education they are giving does give the graduates the qualities employers are seeking. The employers that were surveyed said that choosing a major isn’t as payday loans bad credit no credit check important as gaining those skills. They feel that students should come away from college with more than just a “range of knowledge”. They should be acquiring job skills to go along with those degrees.

Further, the survey found that almost 60% of the employers believe that every college student should have educational experiences on problem solving. And that problem payday avenue solving skill should be learned on working with opposing viewpoints of others as well.

So before your soon-to-be graduate hits the streets looking for a job, make sure they have more than just a degree. Before graduates are ready for the workforce, they need to have some real life experience as well as that education to make it today. 

Between 2012 and 2022, the number of software developers in the workforce payday loans with no employment check will grow over 20% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  And if career fairs and tech boot camps are any indication, the need for design and product management skills will increase as well. Here at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, we’ve noticed this trend too.

No matter what industry those in the millennial decade decides to pursue, one integral thing in all of them is technology. Technology is used in agriculture, healthcare, everywhere. The need to be tech savvy loan required is more than just a plus, it is now a requirement. We aren’t talking about knowing how to use Microsoft Office either. You need to know how to code, design, program and have a full understanding how technologies scale.

This is the age of innovation and knowing the bare minimum is much more than it was just 5 years ago. The traditional way of marketing has changed thanks to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They have payday loans with no credit check a marketing technique of growth hacking. This is the use of analytic and social metrics for companies to sell their products, services and gain more exposure.

The jobs that have always been “non-technical” are being pushed into the age of technology through computer science or interactive design. So no matter what your college or high school senior is planning on doing with their future, or if you are getting back into the job market yourself, being fluent in payday loans bend oregon technology is going to be a must.

There is no need to panic and start cramming courses of programming language. Its better to start off in small steps like setting up a blog or creating your own personal website. Even using your computer to better organize your bills and contacts will get you more familiar with technology. However you decide to get prepared though, you need to start now.


Like many businesses, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions online payday loans colorado works hard at posting things of interest on our FaceBook page. We hope that we gain more fans, followers, likes and even have a few “shares” of the things we post. While we have gone over the goal of 100 “likes”, we want more.

Inquiring with our staff that has contact with our clients and employees, a common reason you don’t click “like” on our page is because of fear. Well actually, confusion of just how FaceBook works and what liking our page could mean to you.

With the way things are today, it’s understandable that you use caution with Social Media like FaceBook. First of all, when you do like a page that a friend recommends, you start getting a lot of notifications in your news feed.

Many people also think that if you like a business’ FaceBook page, that business will be able to see everything they post. So if you party, play and then post comments and pictures, you don’t want a prospective employer or us at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions to see those posts.

We Understand!

But this is where there is a good deal of confusion and frustration. So we have searched FaceBook and Google to find out more information about interest rates for personal loans this topic and want to share with you what we have learned.

You Have The Right To Privacy – Even On FaceBook

◆ The first thing that most FaceBook fans do not realize is that you are able to control who sees what PAGES you liked or became a fan of. FaceBook has provide several page categories that you can access via your profile. Just follow these steps:

Your Profile> click More (at the top of your profile, next to Friends & Photos) > click Likes

Then in the like section near the top right of the page, click on the edit pencil > select Edit Privacy

There you can adjust then what audience can see what categories you want them to see.

◆ When you like an ad that your friends shared with you, you can control whether or not you will appear in their social media ads or not. Just following these steps:

At the top of the page, find the gear icon and choose Privacy Settings > Ads > Ads & Friends > edit > change to “No one” if you wish > Save Changes.

If you don’t choose anything, it will take the default of “Only my long terms loans friends”

◆ You can also control who sees *your* posts too. Simply use the Audience Selector ahead of time or use the Activity Log on your wall when you post.

Like Our FaceBook 2Keep in mind that your friends posts the comments and likes are controlled by them. And when it comes to companies pages, their postings are public and so is any activity with that post. If this is still confusing, visit  FaceBook help section for more information.

Your friends can follow these same procedures to control their profile postings. This means your comments and likes to their postings isn’t controlled by you. An example of this would be when you like a friend’s post, whoever they have their settings is who will see your comments and likes on their FaceBook wall by way of the “Ticker”.  The “ticker” is on the left of the main screen.

Remember, if they decide later to allow more people to see things on their wall, that will include all comments and likes they have received.

◆ Any one that you label as “Close Friend” will be able to see everything post. So are any new friends you accept.

◆ Those Privacy Memes that have    been going around that tells you to payday direct lender only “Hover over my name…. uncheck comments/likes, photos, etc.” may prevent the activity of that person showing up on your news feed, but it isn’t a privacy guard for either one of you.

◆ The safest way to handle FaceBook is to just behave so that a picture of you chugging from a beer bong doesn’t show up. But we all have our right to party and play. So the next best thing to do is not to post anything that could be derogatory about you. Be careful and cautious about what the posts you comment on and like. And be selective of any pages you like.

Go Ahead – Like Our FaceBook Page, Please!

We found these tips and recommend that you take a look at what Mari Smith recommends. And if you haven’t found Clear Choice Staffing Solutions on FaceBook and liked our page yet, then you’re missing out on a lot of stuff! We post immediate Job Openings and Hiring Events. We also post articles and tips to help you with the job search, the workplace as well as tips for employers on firing, hiring, lay-offs,team building and more.

So it’s okay to like us on FaceBook – you can control what we’ll see on your page!


Clear Choice Staffing Solutions knows just how challenging the job market can be payday loans comparison for anyone these days. But for those in their 50s and 60s, it can be even more challenging. While the unemployment rate for that age group is lower than it is for younger job seekers, it takes longer for the older job seeker to find employment. Unemployment numbers have shown that it can take almost twice as long in fact.

Here are some tips for the job seeker over 50 to find a job quicker:

One: If you have been laid off, don’t wait to begin your job search. It may be tempting to “take a vacation” while drawing unemployment, but that is the prime time to start looking. You already have age working against you in the job market so don’t add a large gap in your employment history too.

Two: Get busy networking and we don’t mean low cost loan just using the social media outlets. Create a list of places you’d like to work and if you have contacts on the inside, reach out to them. One of the best ways to get a job is by recommendations from personal contacts.  

Three: Know going into the job market pool that you will probably be interviewing with people the same age as your own kids, or even younger. And the younger hiring manager could be uncomfortable having an older person under them, especially if you have more experience.  Reassure them that you are okay with the position and it’s level on the chain-of-command. Let them know that you expect to take directions and instructions from them and other younger co-workers.

Four: You do not have, nor should you mention ages during the interview, yours or theirs.. Avoid what may low apr loans seem like an innocent comment such as “When I was a Sophomore … “ can be damaging. Keep any and all references of age out of the interview.

Five: Less is more and that includes the resume. Don’t list jobs on your resume from 15-20 years ago on your resume. Your resume shouldn’t be a history lesson. List the highlights of your career. Going 10 years back is sufficient. They’ll ask if they want to know more.

Six: When you have 20 years or more of experience, you may seem overqualified. Your cover letter should negate that by talking about why you are the right candidate for the position. If you have any gaps in your employment or you are applying for a job that you may appear to be overqualified for, your cover letter should address those things.

payday loans birmingham al Seven: The younger person interviewing may have the perceived idea that as an older person, you aren’t up-to-date on today’s technology. Use your interview to let them know what you do know. See our previous blog “It’s No Longer An Option, You Must Be Tech Savvy In Today’s Workforce”.  While we focused that blog on up and coming graduates, it applies to the older worker as well. If you aren’t tech savvy, you need to get that way. If you are tech savvy, let the interviewer know in subtle ways, such as including your LinkedIn profile URL on your resume.

Show Them You Got Better Over 50

It can be scary and worrisome to get plunged out into the job market at any age. The older we get, the more intimidating it can be. By following these 7 tips though, you can show them that you only get better as you get older! 

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, like everyone, is ready to see winter gone payday loans without direct debit deposit and spring arrive. It is a beautiful time of the year. It is also that time of year for high school kids. Counselors are calling kids to their office one by one, sometimes with the parents, to discuss their future plans. There are some kids that know what they want to be and have it all planned out before they leave middle school.

They go over their grades and extracurricular activities. They discuss their dreams and likes. They discuss the reality of it all, meaning the scholarships and student loans. The counselor may suggest that the four-year Ivy League school may not be within reach. They may recommend community college first or even technical school.

So For The College Bound, What Are The Decisions?

Then there is the decision as to which college or tech school should they apply to? And what major is best these days and for the future?  After all, that second question could affect the rest of their lives. Or they could end up going from job to job, never really finding “their” place in the world.

Of course, a lot worse things could happen than just ending up in a job that isn’t related 100 guaranteed payday loan to their major, right? Like the cousin that got her college degree as a high school English teacher and is now ready to retire from a major airline after 20 years as a flight attendant. The bottom-line is the only thing a major determines for you is just how much knowledge you gain in college, and what your earning potential will be coupled with job satisfaction later.

Your Major Should Match You Goals

So what all that means is, your major should be based on your goals. However! Keep in mind that in many segments of the economy, as long as you’re able to do the job, your college major won’t really matter.

Now that isn’t to say that there are jobs where the major does matter with you first job, or depending on the area of expertise, like a doctor or lawyer. What the college degree with a major tells employers is that you are prepared to go to work. Later on, as you build up more experience, your college degree and major won’t matter as much.

Some experts would advise employers to rethink hiring those with a business major. Why? Well payday fast cash loan for the most part, a business major or a major in the social field are more often than not, the choice of a Freshman that lacked the complex skill of reasoning. They are making small gains while their undergraduate classmates with more specific majors are getting the skills that employers say want, like analytical reasoning, communication, critical thinking and writing.

The Study Time Does More Than A Business Degree

It is believed by some that undergraduate business majors spend little time doing classwork while in college. Across the country almost half of the seniors majoring in business spend less than 11 hours with outside class study time each week.

Studies have shown that in 10 four- year public colleges in Texas, business majors take less than 5 writing-intensive courses. Those are courses that require ten or more pages of writing during their four years. Business majors also score lower on the GMAT compared to other students with other majors. So kids, as you choose your college and choose your major, keep in mind that it could be your college major won’t matter. Especially a undergraduate business major.


In some industries, it takes creativity on the part payday loans dallas texas of HR to maintain the right amount of staffing. For example, the energy industry where a drop in the price of oil can cause a lay-off and the rise in oil can cause the need for adding staff.

Here at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, we understand this and have the ability to help our clients in the energy industry, as well as other industries, by providing contract employees to address that “creative” need. We have experience in working with companies that have uncertain future in the industry and the economy that supports it.

It is estimated that approximately 25 percent of the workforce today is staffed by contract employees. In the article, “The Rise of the New Contract Worker,” those contract employees offer to companies like those in the energy industry, agility in staffing and innovation.

Contract Staffing Is A Good Deal For payday fast loans Contract Employees

Contract employees have some benefits that full-time employees don’t. For example, industries like the energy, when their market does give them the need to hire those contract employees, the pay rate can often exceed what full time employees earn. They also have flexibility with their schedule and can choose the locations and projects they want to work.

Contract Staffing Is A Good Deal For Employers Too

Industries such as the energy industry have a fluctuation in the prices of the product they sell. Because of that fluctuation in pricing, the income is unstable and the flexibility of contract employees is appealing to employers. When business is up for a short term, they can add staff with contract employees for a short term.

Experts say that there are more contract employees in the energy industry than payday loans definition any other. They are hired for specific projects where the start and end dates are definitive as well as ongoing operational capacity. Usually, the energy industry prefers contractors with experience because they can jump right in with very little training.

However, employers can also use contract employees without experience and use the time to access and evaluate the skills of the employee. Then determine if they want to offer them a full time position when the time arrives to beef up staffing again.

Relationships With A Staffing Agency Is A Must

It is to the benefit of companies in the energy industry and other like industries to establish a relationship with staffing agencies like Clear Choice Staffing Solutions. The agency can learn your business model and needs and create an “inventory” of contract employees that will bee those needs accordingly.

kingston financial payday loans The benefit for the contract employee in establishing a relationship with a staffing agency works the same way, only in reverse. They learn your abilities, knowledge and skills and make you the go-to contractor when they need to fill a job order. For the person just entering the workforce, like recent graduates, it gives you the ability to try different industries and positions and develop your interest as well as your skills.

Staffing Agencies Are Not To Be Overlooked

The agency of yesterday is gone and today it is a good foundation for both sides of the workforce. It is an industry not to be short-changed any more by employers or employees. Give us a call today at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions to find that quality employee or the quality employment you need.


In this blog last week, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions focused on employers payday loans huntsville al and why they should hire Veterans. Some Veterans never had a job before going into the military and others may have forgotten how the civilian world thinks.

With that being said, today, we are going to offer some advice, suggestions and tips for Veterans on how to interview in civilian terms. We’ll talk about how Veterans can turn their military experience around so that the hiring manager you’re talking to can understand how your experience and skills will fit their needs.

The Components Of An Interview

Your resume must have had the right tone to it if you now find yourself with an interview schedule. Congratulations! Here are the parts of what your interview will be based around and on:

First Impression

The largest part of an interview is your appearance. This includes your outfit, including your briefcase, portfolio, purse, etc. Things like your personal hygiene, do you make eye contact and do you have a firm hand shake. Things like your confidence level, do you initiate questions and how well you speak are also gauged in an interview, including your body language.

Your Motivation 

Are you simply looking for a job simply for your own needs or do you have desires to be a part of the company success too?

Your Abilities 

The person or persons interviewing you are going to listen for how well you are understand not just the position you’re applying for, but how much you know about the company. What products or services do they offer? Who is their competition? Do you have the technical requirements this position requires? Will your credentials, experience and skill sets fit this job? Be prepared to have to test for the employer to know where your technical abilities are in relation to what they are looking for.

You Competency 

The Company is going to want the most competent employee possible for the job. They want to be able to trust to grab this new position pay day loans online no fax with authority and fix whatever problems may come. Interviewing, hiring and training can cost a company as much as $10,000 or more. Therefore, they want someone that is competent, serious and looking for a long-term relationship.

Your Education, Previous Employment and References 

It is critical to have solid references because the prospective employer is going to check your education, previous employment and some may even need personal references.

Convert Military To Corporate

  • Military protocol is to say “Sir” and “Ma’am” but in the civilian workforce, that may be too formal. Take the lead from the person interviewing you. If they enter the room and introduce themselves “Hi, I’m Joe,” or “Hello, I’m Ms. Jones” then you should refer to them likewise, “Joe”, “Ms. Jones”, etc.
  • Most companies do work on military time. Use language that civilians are use to, so instead of 14-hundred hours, use 3pm instead.
  • Military acronyms and military jargon should be avoided. Translation of military language to civilian language is a must. Such as saying, “I held the position of Strategic Planner, Strategic Planning & Policy Directorate of U.S. Pacific Command at Camp Smith,” should be worded more along the lines of “I held the position of Strategic Planner and Advisor to the CEO & VPs in regards to multinational issues as well as policy development.”
  • Leave the military uniform at home and men, grow your hair out a bit. In other words, dress appropriately for a civilian job in the civilian culture setting you’re in now. Have a professional way to carry your resume such as a briefcase or portfolio and use an everyday pen not a government pen.

Convert Military Credentials To Non-Military Language

  • Most non-military will not know what a “Battalion” is so provide an explanation in terminology they understand.
  • Instead of the term “commanded” or title of “Commander” to terms such as CEO, COO, CIO, Executive Vice President.
  • Instead of saying “I was Military Occupational Specialty”, low intrest loans convert to a career field term and title like “my field of expertise was Human Intelligence Collection Technician.”

Translate your military ranking in terminology civilian can relate to. Instead of Captain, use terms like senior officer or junior officer.

Create a Practice Script

Practice scripts will help you answer questions that could be uncomfortable for you. This is true even for civilians. Some of those questions may be:

What can you tell us about yourself?

Why should we hire you?

How much do you know about this company?

What pay or salary are you expecting?

What are your strong points and weak points?

How do you handle conflict?

What is your style in a leadership role?

What is your style in a management role?

What are your top three hard skills and top three soft skills?

Have A List Of References

Have a list of references prepared before the interview. This should include names, address, phone numbers and email address of your immediate supervisor (not commanding officer – notice the lingo difference?). Include their time zone and the best time and best way to contact them. Let those you list know they are listed, some may ask not to be listed, and stay in contact with those you list too and keep their information updated. They could be leaving the military as well.

At The End Of The Day

You have gained a lot of important experience, knowledge and skills while in the military. If you’ll apply those things in a civilian manner, you’ll be successful. You may not land a job on the first interview, most of us don’t. It is important to stay positive and learn from each interview what you can do differently.

Follow Clear Choice Staffing Solution’s blog for more advice, ideas, suggestions and tips. Along with other Americans, we appreciate your service to our country and want to help you become a success back at home.

One of the first things you think about when you know payday loans in baton rouge your Military discharge date is where you’ll live. The next thing you think about is finding a job. And at this point, you probably wonder how to you go about doing that.

First things first – you need a resume. You have this great military career, but no matter how decorated you are in the military, transforming yourself for a civilian position will take some creativeness. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has found some tips for you to create a resume that will take your military experience and make it so that it provides a high impact on hiring managers for that civilian job you want.

Your Objective

You need to define your civilian job objective in order to effectively sell yourself in the civilian workforce. It is common for x-military to create too general of a resume and thus, it is non-effective. Take the time to do some research, soul searching and pinpoint a career path. For help with this, contact the local transition office or a career coach. If you have multiple interest, create a resume that targets each one.

Meet The Employer’s Needs

Once you have your objective defined, it is time to create that resume that will win the job. Remember, the purpose of a resume is to answer the question every employer asks: “What can this candidate do for me?”

Start by thinking what the employers’ needs are for the job you’re targeting. Research company web sites and review the job postings. Determine what experience and skills employers are looking for and lowest rate payday loan determine how your background, experience and skills are relevant to those needs.

Deemphasize and eliminate information that doesn’t relate to your job goal. Military awards, distinctions and training that is unrelated rifle marksmanship doesn’t relate to a Sales Manager position. You’re proud of these things, and should be,  but if it doesn’t pertain to the job you’re applying for, then ask yourself, “Does this experience be something this potential employer would care or need to know?”.

De- Military Your Resume

Chances are, the hiring managers you will interview won’t have a military background. You don’t have to  leave out your military accomplishments, awards, duties and training and awards. You do need to put them in civilian terms that can be understood by non-military.  Look at job postings to help you substitute military terms into civilian keywords.

Tout Your Accomplishments

You benefited from excellent opportunities in your military career by way of training that was put to  practical experience and gave you advancement. Tout those things you have accomplished in a way that the average civilian can understand how important your achievements are and provide them the measurable outcome of those achievements.

One way to state a demilitarized an accomplishment:

Employee retention rate was increased by 16 percent from a focus on training, team building and employee recognition. I gained a reputation as being a strong part of an innovative and progressive and IT organization within the Navy’s communications and IT community.

Here is a way to payday loans 100 days incorporating your military award so that potential employers realize the value:

  • Recipient of Army Achievement Medal after completing 400+ medical evaluations and for utilizing MS Access to develop a patient database which improved reporting and tracking of patient appointments, demographics, medication, records and status.

Flaunt Your Military Background

You might have heard you need to develop a functional resume format to mask or downplay your military experience, but the opposite is true. Your military experience is an asset and should be marketed as such. Many employers realize the value of bringing veterans on board. Attributes honed in the military include dedication, leadership, teamwork, positive work ethic and cross-functional skills. If you fear a potential employer won’t realize the significance of your military experience, make sure your resume clearly communicates the value you bring to the table.

Omit Active Combat Details

While it is honorable defending your country, the majority of employers don’t want to know about the details and horrors of the combat you faced. Even more so, this experience won’t relate to your goal of being employed.

Give Your Resume A Test Drive

For anyone, developing a good resume takes time and for x-military, it can take a little more time. Have family and friends review your resume. As you send your resume out, keep track of what is working and not working by soliciting feedback from hiring managers. Listen to the suggestions you’re offer and modify the document accordingly.


The end of pay day loans wichita ks war is a good thing in many ways, one of which, the soldiers come home to their families and loved ones. The down side to this, it puts more people in the job market. And as the Veterans enter the workforce as x-military, they encounter hiring managers that have misguided assumptions about hiring a Veteran to fill a job.

Hiring Our Heroes” is an effort by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to get the men and women who are being discharged back to work. They are holding job fairs and workshops with a focus on military veterans. Several large companies such as J.P. Morgan Chase  have created the 100,000 Jobs Mission.

Still, there is a larger number of x-military out of work than the general public. Why? Experts say there are a number of reasons, and most is based off misguided assumptions. Here are three of the biggest reasons that Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has found:

Negative Stereotypes

Some employers have assumptions about members of the military and have stereotyped them. One of those assumptions is PTSD. It is all too common among non-military that anyone that was online loans no credit check instant approval military has some brain injury or other hidden disability. The fact is that only 7% of veterans from experience and to accommodate an injured Veteran averages a company $500 or less.

It is also believed by many employers that veterans aren’t able to take the initiative because they are accustomed to following orders. The fact is, the military teaches you to adapt to your situation and overcome any obstacles. A veteran is more likely to be a creative thinker that is able to solve the unusual problems that others find difficulty   in solving.

Skills Mismatched And Misunderstood

Resume’s that have a college degree or entry-level positions are understood by hiring managers. However a resume that has the position of Ordinance Specialist or Petty Officer aren’t as easily understood by non-military.

For the x-military job seeker, their resume needs to focus on the experience they have and how they will relate to the civilian job at hand. Their artillery experience isn’t of any use to companies and employers. However, the discipline, honor and sense of duty as well as character traits, lifesaving skills and any certification earned are get payday loan fast things that catch an employer’s attention. How to turn their military experience into relevant information that civilian employers can equate to is part of what the 100,000 Jobs Mission and Hiring Our Heroes programs help Veterans with.

The Future And Possible Deployments

It is the least of employer’s concerns when it comes to hiring a Veteran, but it is still a concern. Future deployments. If a Veteran gets called back to active, it can leave the company shorthanded. For the most part, when a Veteran is discharged, they are out of the service. However, if they are registered in the active reserves, they should inform a prospective employer.

With more and more Veterans coming home, the need for groups like the 100,000 Jobs Mission and Hiring Our Heroes programs  are going to become more and more needed. It is the mission of these groups and others like it that are going to make a difference in dispelling the assumptions that many employers have. We need to realize that the Veterans are good quality candidates and will be an asset to any company.