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In August 2010, Bob Herbert, a New York Times Columnist wrote a column how payday loans co the rate for high school graduates was less than 50 percent for the black male. He was quoted as saying: “The astronomical jobless rates for black men in inner-city neighborhoods are both mind-boggling and heartbreaking. There are many areas where virtually no one has a legitimate job.”

So, the question that Clear Choice Staffing Solutions and many others ask is: Without a diploma, what happens? Well according to the report that Mr. Herbert got his information from 5 years ago holds true still today:  Young black men without a high school diploma are more likely to be found in a cell than in the workplace.

This isn’t just about young black men either. All men of all races between the ages of 20 to 34 are affected when they don’t have that high school diploma. The numbers are larger according to the report “Collateral Costs: Incarceration’s Effect on Economic Mobility”, for black male. For them it is 1 in 3 and for Hispanic males the numbers are 1 in 14. For the white men the numbers are 1 in 8.

When this report was released, there were over 2 million Americans incarcerated.  That may not seem high considering the overall population, but the number behind bars in 1980 was 500,000. America 100 guaranteed online loans has more people behind bars than 35 of the top European countries. For this blog, we don’t have the number for 2015, but it has most likely grown since 2010 and regardless the numbers, it is too many.

No doubt that state budgets are strained with the number of housing incarcerated people. The lasting impact on economic progress goes beyond state capitals though. The consequences are tremendous for the former inmates and their families too. How? By not being able to earn decent wages and move up the economic ladder to pursue the American Dream.

Not only do those who have been former incarcerated have difficulty finding a job and earn less, but studies have shown their children will struggle as well. Over 20 percent of those children are most likely to be expelled or suspended and when they aren’t in school, they’re more likely to be doing things they shouldn’t. And so the chain of reaction goes on and on.

What can be done to stop this ongoing trend? What can be done to turn things around? Experts recommend the following 5 actions:

ONE: Proactively connect x-inmates with the labor market by way of education and training. Assistance with job search and provide follow-up services to help them keep those jobs. 
loan on line
TWO: Enhance x-inmates’ financial conditions by putting a cap on the deductions such as court-ordered fees and fines. Expand the EIC (Earned Income Tax Credit) so that non-custodial, low-income parents are included. 

THREE: Use screening process to sort x-inmates by the level of risk they pose, allowing lower-risk offenders the opportunity for community-based, high-quality mandatory supervision programs. 

FOUR: Allow inmates to use earned-time credits, educational, vocational and rehab program participation toward making a successful reentry into the community and the job market. 

FIVE: Use other sanctions besides prison for lesser crimes such as weekend incarceration which will allow them to keep working.

It’s not anything new that those with a high school diplomas or higher will earn better wages from legitimate work. This alone reduces the assumed need to commit crimes. That itself will eliminate the stigma that comes with being incarcerated, for both the criminal and their families.

At the end of the day though, the best thing that these young men (and women) can do is stay out of jail. Don’t do the crime and they won’t have to do the time. Society needs to take the steps necessary to ensure everyone gets the education they are entitled to in this country.

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions loves our clients and online payday loan company the employees that we match with them. There is nothing we like to see more than a successful relationship. We know that when the matches we make are good, then the results are good too. But when things aren’t going good, we step in to see what we can do to help, even if it means working side-by-side with the employees.

It is what we call the WOW approach. The “Watch Our Work” approach is what sets Clear Choice Staffing Solutions above our competition. We do more than just place quality employees with quality employers. We become a partner with our clients and engage the employees to give the best and most productivity they can.

This is exactly what we did recently for one of our distribution clients this past April. There were problems in the warehouse with online payday cash advances mis-picks and other shipping errors. Employee attendance and turn-over were not meeting expectations and team support in the ranks was lacking. The team objectives hadn’t taken root because of those things, making the inconsistencies in employees and poor performance key issues for our client.

Jasmin Espy, CEO of Clear Choice engaged the employees to seek their input on making improvements.  What we found out is there was an awesome crew in place, but there were missing some details that would help them understand the key metrics and how to team better.  Without key metrics in place, the company was experiencing poor employee attendance; lack of employee knowledge and a lack of real team work.  So what did we do?

We put on our jeans and sneakers and joined in with the Clear Choice Staffing Solutions employees we had placed. payday advance loan washington We worked the line, elbow-to-elbow, with the crew and unloaded more than 3000 boxes with the team. What the management of our client saw was a team that was there all along and an error rate went from over 600 errors to an average of 10 a day.

Having better knowledge of how the work was performed took the edge off so that any defensive or job protection mindset was eased. We turned the focus on teaming, offering a bonus campaign that focused on rewards for zero and stressed the importance of team work and offered rewards for those who stood out as a leader in work ethic. 

We communicated the importance of error reduction by setting new standards. We kept the team in the loop by providing them weekly updates on performance and who was leading the payday loans vancouver b c pack with the goals that were set.

We rewarded the team and enjoyed a catered lunch by Lew Cornish of “BBQ Lew’s Smoke House”. Thirty percent of the CCSS staff won $100 bonus for improved attendance. Award and recognition were given to “Best Team Player” and “Most Improved Employee” as well as “Best New Beginner” for their personal commitment, skills, and overall performance.

The key factor of this great success and turn-a-round is the employees. They had the desire and fortitude to be successful themselves and make the company a success too. The reached down inside and pulled out what was there all along and gave their absolute best. It is that determination that makes Clear Choice Staffing Solutions the agency of choice for our clients and makes us a success. And that is how we got to be the “A” team in staffing! 

The end of pay day loans wichita ks war is a good thing in many ways, one of which, the soldiers come home to their families and loved ones. The down side to this, it puts more people in the job market. And as the Veterans enter the workforce as x-military, they encounter hiring managers that have misguided assumptions about hiring a Veteran to fill a job.

Hiring Our Heroes” is an effort by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to get the men and women who are being discharged back to work. They are holding job fairs and workshops with a focus on military veterans. Several large companies such as J.P. Morgan Chase  have created the 100,000 Jobs Mission.

Still, there is a larger number of x-military out of work than the general public. Why? Experts say there are a number of reasons, and most is based off misguided assumptions. Here are three of the biggest reasons that Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has found:

Negative Stereotypes

Some employers have assumptions about members of the military and have stereotyped them. One of those assumptions is PTSD. It is all too common among non-military that anyone that was online loans no credit check instant approval military has some brain injury or other hidden disability. The fact is that only 7% of veterans from experience and to accommodate an injured Veteran averages a company $500 or less.

It is also believed by many employers that veterans aren’t able to take the initiative because they are accustomed to following orders. The fact is, the military teaches you to adapt to your situation and overcome any obstacles. A veteran is more likely to be a creative thinker that is able to solve the unusual problems that others find difficulty   in solving.

Skills Mismatched And Misunderstood

Resume’s that have a college degree or entry-level positions are understood by hiring managers. However a resume that has the position of Ordinance Specialist or Petty Officer aren’t as easily understood by non-military.

For the x-military job seeker, their resume needs to focus on the experience they have and how they will relate to the civilian job at hand. Their artillery experience isn’t of any use to companies and employers. However, the discipline, honor and sense of duty as well as character traits, lifesaving skills and any certification earned are get payday loan fast things that catch an employer’s attention. How to turn their military experience into relevant information that civilian employers can equate to is part of what the 100,000 Jobs Mission and Hiring Our Heroes programs help Veterans with.

The Future And Possible Deployments

It is the least of employer’s concerns when it comes to hiring a Veteran, but it is still a concern. Future deployments. If a Veteran gets called back to active, it can leave the company shorthanded. For the most part, when a Veteran is discharged, they are out of the service. However, if they are registered in the active reserves, they should inform a prospective employer.

With more and more Veterans coming home, the need for groups like the 100,000 Jobs Mission and Hiring Our Heroes programs  are going to become more and more needed. It is the mission of these groups and others like it that are going to make a difference in dispelling the assumptions that many employers have. We need to realize that the Veterans are good quality candidates and will be an asset to any company.

For years payday loans affiliate program now, we’ve all been in the mindset of saving paper to save trees. The initiative gets kicked back into high gear every April when Earth Day comes around. We find ways to use less paper (computers were suppose do that for us, remember?). Everyone is encouraged to not print unnecessary emails and to use the backs of pages instead of once and done.

But Is All That Effort Really Worthwhile?

Paper is relatively inexpensive and it is infinitely renewable. Paper companies around the globe have made it their goal to replace the trees that are harvested. So why should we still worry about be conservative and save trees?

Well it is the mature trees that provide the beauty we enjoy. It is the mature trees that provide the shade in the summer, filter the carbon dioxide, pollution and provide us with the oxygen we need. The fewer trees we cut down also cuts back the pollution that paper processing causes.

With all that being said, April 22, 2015, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions wants to share with our audience how trees are saved when we go paperless:

One: Copying and Printing

Just paycheck advance loans one person in an office setting can use as much as 10,000 pieces of paper annually which is 20 reams which is one entire tree. By stopping the need (or is it just habit?) to print every single document and making multitudes of copies, you alone could save one tree!

So how many trees do you think would be saved if at least half the office workers in the Western World go paperless?

Two: Junk Mail

Almost one-third of the mail in the world is considered junk mail. In America alone, over half of our mail is considered junk mail. With almost 7 million tons of mail each year, almost half of it is unopened and ends up our landfills. A ream of paper weighs 5 pounds on the average.  If you were to stack 1.6 million reams, you would have 50,000 miles of paper which is one-fifth of the way to the moon.

By requesting to be opted out of junk mail, one tree a year can be saved per household.

Three: Bills and Personal Communication

We probably payday loans 2000 don’t need to tell you that about half of your mail is bills with some personal communication included. This is where the age of the computer and electronic processing comes into play. Most of your bills can be sent to you electronically and paid online. The only thing that competes against junk mail in the average household is the bills and other paper communication.

Just by eliminating those paper bills you could save one treat a year.

Four: Packaging

The majority of packaging is made of cardboard or paper in some form. This is one aspect that most of us overlook. When you buy in bulk, you can minimize the amount of packaging waste as well as save you some money on the product itself. And that folks, can add up to a lot of trees saved.

Five: Books and Newspapers

How many Harry Potter books do you own? It took over 8 million trees to the seven books by J.K. Rowling. It may seem nobler to print books versus printing junk mail, but still, that was a lot of trees. For payday advance direct lender all the books printed in America in fact, it is said to take as many as 30 million trees to print them.

With 24 billion copies of newspapers printed annually and just 30% of those are recycled, imagine the number of trees that takes! Nobody has been able to come up with the exact number of trees, but we’re guessing there are millions. And with over 300 million magazines, that number has to be even more astronomical!

Six: Clear Choice Staffing Solutions

Yes, by using Clear Choice Staffing Solutions for your hiring needs and job searches, you’re doing your part to save the environment. How? We are completely on-line from applications and requisitions to payroll, vacation forms and W4 forms. You won’t find another staffing agency that is as green as we are here.

April 22nd – Can You Find Ways To Save Our Planet?

And there you have it folks – some surprising numbers don’t you think? Clear Choice Staffing Solutions hopes that these numbers are eye-openers and you’ll take a look at the next piece of paper you pick up or before you hit the print button save our planet.



As of August 2013, according to online loans same day payout the Department of Labor and the House Committee on Veteran’s Affairs, there were almost 1 million American Veterans unemployed.  That number was more than the national average then and it’s only grown since then. However, 90% of business start-ups that were growing and needed to add staff during this same time weren’t able to find quality candidates. 

Do You See The Irony There?

Doesn’t it seem odd that our American soldiers that are returning to civilian life after giving this country an extraordinary sacrifice aren’t able to find employment? While at the same time, start-up businesses aren’t able to find quality candidates? Our American soldiers are the recipients of the world’s most sophisticated training, which is second-to-none and have gained some the strongest leadership experience, but yet start-ups are overlooking this group of candidates.

So if you hire a Veteran, what can they bring to the table for your organization? Plenty and in ways you may not have even realized. While this piece is centered around start-ups, companies of all sizes can benefit from these examples of what a Veteran can bring:  

Leadership Ready

When it comes to the entrepreneurial environment, it is akin to the rock-n-roll music industry or professional sports. Your age or your time on the job is just numbers. What matters is what kind of quality you contribute and if you can take on a leadership role, regardless your age

For example, 18 year-olds are drafted for the MLB instant online loans no paperwork right out of high school. The lead guitarist of an up-an-coming rock group may only be 21. In the military, 18-year-olds are put in charge of classified equipment worth 5 million dollars. There are American soldier that are put in charge of an entire Middle Easter town while leadership was determined among the citizens there.

Composed and Creative

There is a lot of pressure working within a start-up. Even though military regulations of operating procedures are rigid, those who served are comfortable to make important decisions in numerous uncertain situations. A soldier gains learns the ability to solve problems creatively in unprecedented situations. This is quality that a start-up requires.

Big Picture With Attention To Detail

The term used in the military “Good enough for government work” to civilians often implies that it doesn’t take much to pass government approval.  However, it is just the opposite. Because of rigid regulations, soldiers are trained to understand the big picture but be watchful of every minute detail in achieving the big picture goal. For a start-up culture, the minimum viable product is centered on providing the right amount of detail from many sources of data and research, process it and create a seamless product on time.

Team Player Mentality

The military teaches soldiers leadership by first teaching them to follow. They rise through the ranks by developing their own style of management they have created by observing their superiors, good and bad. loans online payday It is the same process when working in any setting, big corporation or start-up. Effective leaders are able to mobilize and motivate their teams by setting good examples.

Integrity Uncompromised

When building relationships, one necessary ingredient is integrity. Relationships with clients, employees, investors and strategic partners can build or destroy a company singlehandedly. Therefore, employees with high integrity are the ones you want and that is what the military has taught Veterans. The military teaches integrity. The military teaches soldiers to do things right. They have learned to put the mission before themselves.

Goals Are A Habit

Veterans have learned to assess a situation, form a plan of action quickly and perform. They are accustomed to their team members identifying a strategy for improvement afterward. This is validated learning in the world of start-ups and is an important component for continued momentum.

Become A Part Of A New Direction And Hire A Veteran

Growing a business, start-up or otherwise, is akin to starting a revolution. You are in a battle to prove to anyone and everyone that you can succeed. It is a battle worth your effort and time, and regardless the grind, you are determined to come out a winner. This is exactly what our Veterans have done. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions salutes our Veterans and encourage our clients to look at that pool of resources for the quality candidates they need and want. 


In 1993, it was the opinion of many that boys received payday loans by phone call more attention than girls when it came to guiding their focus for the future, helping them find a career. Thus, “Take Your Daughter To Work Day” was created. The intention of this day was to take your daughter to work and give her a ideas about her career and future, as well as build their self-esteem.

It quickly became popular and so off to work with moms, dads, aunts and uncles the girls went. Spending the day observing and in some cases taking part of the adult’s job. There were (and still are) limits as to the workplace environment and a child’s safety of course.

It was then that the need to give boys more insight to career possibilities was recognized. Thus, in 2003 the day was changed to “Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day”.  This activity is best for kids between the ages of 8 and 18 years of age. The participation has grown to over 35 million, with more and more participating each year. and now when you take a child to work on this one day, there is the opportunity for everyone to learn from it.

This year, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions would like to share some ways that will help those boys and girls that come to your workplace get the most out payday loans colorado springs of this day:

1. Plan The Day: Regardless who you take to work with you, daughter, son, niece, nephew, grandchild or maybe a neighbor, ask them what they are looking to get from the day and set you day up to highlight that interest. Including things about your job that they may not realize is a part of the job.

2. Swap Out Kids: If you took your daughter last year and your spouse took your son, switch it up this year. What may be a male dominate career doesn’t mean that girls couldn’t find an interest and vice versa.

3. Your Colleagues:  Ask your colleagues about experiences they have had in the past when they brought their daughter or son to work and what they would do differently.

4. Enjoyable Commute: Use the commute time to enjoy your child and let them see you as a human, not just a parent.

5. Structure: Inquire if your employer will have any special activities for the kids like a tour of the office, plant and warehouse. Will there be any inter-activity and presentations?

6. Let Them Work: During the work day, have something they can do that is payday loans in georgia online actually a part of your job.

7. Step Away: If your employer isn’t going to have an agenda for the kids, take the initiative and give your child a tour to the other departments. Even the break-room, copy room and mailroom will give them a view of your average day on the job

8. Introduce Your Kids:  Take your kids around and introduce them to your colleagues and initiate a conversation about what their job is within the company. Encourage your child to shake hands and ask questions.

9. Have Them Take Notes: Encourage your child to take notes so they can report back to their teachers what they learned and how it affected their view of a career possibility.

10Recap The Day:  On your way home, ask your protégé what they thought about the day, your job and those of your colleague. Answer their questions.

Use the day to learn about your child and your career from their eyes and mind. This is a day for them to see a career possibility. It should also be a day for you to see your career from a different perspective.


Clear Choice Staffing Solutions is aware of it no credit check loans in houston as are many experts. There is an epidemic in the workplace today. Stress. It is said that 3 out of every 4 Americans are working jobs that are stressful. Study after study has come up with the same findings and that is that job stress has become the most prevalent problem for Americans over the last few decades. And it is getting worse.

Job stress levels increase when we perceive that we have little to no control while being under a lot of demand. This set up has led experts to believe that the number of heart attacks as increased as well as more people with hypertension and a variety of other disorders.  This correlation is seen more in larger cities like Los Angeles and New York, but it is a growing epidemic from coast to coast.

While occupations like physicians, police, teachers and other occupations are known to be high stress, there is no barrier. The occupation isn’t always the stress cause, but the person-to-environment fit can be a factor as well.  Some of us thrive in a pressure cooker environment with deadlines and multi-tasking. Others however, can’t handle such a workplace environment.

Why The Concern About Workplace Stress?

The effects of stress physically are most often emphasized but there is an economic side as well. The consequences of workplace stress is costing American employers as much as $200 billion annually from no credit check employee absenteeism, low production, employee turnover, medical insurance and workers’ compensation. With what reports and studies are telling us about the workplace stress level, there is most likely a thriving market in stress management for the 21st century.

Even outside of the workplace, we can’t get away from stress. However, stress levels have been rated recently and it is the workplace at the root of most stress. From lay-offs and firings, adjustments and changes in the company changes that result in responsibility changes. Conflicts with the boss or co-workers, the working conditions and for many of us, the commute to work is stressful.

The Purpose Of Stress Awareness Month

The more employers can realize that the stress level in their workplace is detrimental to their staff, the sooner they can do something to change things. The source of workplace stress will vary greatly employee to employee and workplace to workplace. For factory employees, stress is usually related to their work situation like the heavy equipment or uncomfortable environment. Office employees on the other hand are usually stressed over inter-personal relationships in the workplace. They have “people pressures” meaning there is little to no supervision and tension between team members.

Workplace stress isn’t just at work either. There are many jobs that are demanding on an employee and it affects their home life and this is a growing concern. Today, we work more than we did even 25 years ago. This is often due ach loans to companies downsizing in staff but workloads remain and even increase. The change in business is never ending, thus the change an employee must adapt to is never ending.

The Price Of Workplace Stress Is A Heavy Price

Heart attacks, strokes and ulcers are just the top of the list of physical effects caused by excessive stress.  And when stress continues, the immune system becomes affected and thus frequent colds or other illnesses are commonplace. Workers are experiencing more psychological problems because of stress too. Anxiety, depression and panic attacks are becoming more common place. As much as 60% of workdays are lost annually because of stress.

We Must Find A Way To Cope With Stress

More employees are seeking help with their stress and more employers are finding they need to respond. They are setting up support systems and offering flexible work schedules as well as telecommuting so that their employees can better balance their lives. Many companies are offering discount or paid for membership to health clubs and have in-house cafeterias that focus on healthy eating.

Some companies are bringing in a coach that teaches relaxation techniques and stress management courses. Self-awareness is another way to help employees reduce their stress. When you come to work feeling as if you’re going fail, then you are set up to do just that. When the employer and the employee can work together and find the means of the stress, they can work together in relieving the 

Here in America, it is said that approximately new hampshire cash advance 15 million full time employed people are what the NCADD consider to be heavy alcoholic drinkers. These employees can be a high expense for the companies that employ them, and not in regards to the product or services offered. But the amount of time missed, the possible health problems and the high risk they impose on not just themselves, but their co-workers.  

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions will be recognizing several different focuses this month in our blog and Alcohol Awareness is among those. Alcoholism has a major impact on four issues in the workplace:

  • Absenteeism
  • Production loss
  • Accidents resulting in injuries
  • Fatal accidents

2015 is the 28th year of NCADD Alcohol Awareness Month and many activities are to be expected to draw attention to the problems in our communities that are payday loans for bad credit same day alcohol-related. Alcoholism affects young and old and can have a pervasive impact on families, friends and ultimately, the workplace.

Other areas of problem from alcoholism affecting the workplace include poor decisions that lead to lack of efficiency. Studies have shown that that employee with alcohol addiction is almost 3 times more likely to have injury-related absences. More than 10% of those that died in workplace accidents were under the influence of alcohol and over 15% of those treated in emergency rooms were found to be under the influence. The numbers all lead to lack of production as well as a rise in health insurance and workman comp claims.

Clear Choice Staffing realizes that there isn’t one industry that isn’t affected by alcoholism; however, there are those industries that tend to have a higher percentage: are more prone to have cheap loans fast more

  • Construction
  • Excavation
  • Food service
  • Installation, maintenance and repair
  • Mining and Drilling

What Can Employers Learn From Alcohol Awareness Month?

Alcoholism in the workplace isn’t just the employees themselves. It is many times somebody in the employee’s home that has the disease that is affecting the employee.  It is the findings of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, (NCADD) that the workplace is one of the most ideal places for alcoholism to be addressed by way of an EAP, Employee Assistance Program. An EAP can provide referrals of help to the employees and their families be it community resources or private services. In this manner, employers are able to be a part of the solution and reduce the negative impact that alcoholism has in the workplace.

Did you online payday loan company know that there are over 50 million people in America and that just over 2 million of them have a BA or higher? Did you know that currently there are over 2 million more people with disabilities enrolled in college right now? And the numbers with vocational training are unknown.

Yes, just about one-fourth of the U.S. population has a disability and this includes those who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. How does this information fit into Clear Choice Staffing Solution’s blog? Well a large part of those with ASD are educated and able to contribute to society, meaning employment.

ASD affects 1 in every 150 of us. Those diagnosed with ASD have deficits in communication and social skills while having a pattern of showing strong interest in a variety of things. Modern medicines has made advances that have allowed us to have better understanding  of those diagnosed and as such, we are better able to support those individuals. Thus, they are able to do things like the rest of the population, including instant personal loans no credit check attending college.  

Individuals diagnosed with ASD have the ability and the interest in computing, digitization, scientific research and software testing. At one time, they may have been passed over by employers but today, we know that those who have disabilities can be a contributing member of a team.

Why You Should Consider The Candidates With Disabilities

The candidates that come to you with disabilities have many things to bring to your organization. There are facts that not only support reasons to hire them, but denounce the reasons for not hiring them. Just a few examples are:

  1. Retention Increases: The turn-over rate of employees with disabilities is lower than employees with no disability. When you consider the costs of advertising, interviewing, training, etc, studies have shown that 85% of disabled employees are still in place after the first year. That alone is an ease on any organization’s budget.
  2. Equal Qualifications: Studies have shown that the performance of employees with disabilities is equal to the employees without disabilities. Disabled employees have given their loans rockford il supervisors higher rate of satisfaction when it comes to not only their performance, but their attendance too.
  3. Advantage Economically: Hiring the disabled gains a company the federal tax credit via the Workforce Opportunity Tax Credits. The tax credit for small business is even greater.
  4. A Great Value: Employers that pass over disabled candidates are missing out on a lucrative market segment. The disabled contribute over $2 trillion to the U.S economy, making the insights these employees can provide their employer valuable.
  5. Strong Characteristics: Those with ASD have proven to be more focused, reliable and do well with routine tasks in the workplace. They are more likely to focus on the job at hand and not become involved in office politics.
  6. Skill Sets: ASD employees are known to be accurate with a strong attention to detail. They are analytical with strong logic skills and have an astounding memory when it comes to facts.
  7. Diverse: The workplace will benefit from integrating ASD employees with others in multiple ways. They instant payday loans uk only are more likely to have creative ideas to solve problems and the reactions from customers are more often positive than not.
  8. Efficient: When ASD employees are provided clear written instructions and given both long-term and short-term goals, they can be just as efficient and productive as their counterparts without ASD.  The Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services is available to assist you in your efforts to ensure an inclusive work environment, including recruiting qualified candidates, hiring, training, and maintaining employees with disabilities. 

What Should You Learn From National Autism Month?

The candidates that come to you with ASD may require some accommodation that you may not have otherwise provided, but the dividends are endless. According to a study in 2010, workplace accommodations for those with ASD were a low cost that provided companies with a high impact. For example, over 55% of the accommodations have not cost involved. And just over 30% of any needed accommodations cost less than $600.

Follow Clear Choice Staffing Solutions blogs this month as we focus on a few of the awareness campaigns that April brings.


This is still loans shops March, but Clear Choice Staffing Solutions is going to get you ready for that one day of the year to show your Admin person just how much you appreciate them. Originally called “Secretary’s Day” when Secretary was title, but when Admin Assistants came into the picture, things changed.  So now, the Wednesday of April’s last full week is noted as Administrative Professionals Week and it is customary for bosses all over the United States to make some gesture to their Admins. 

This gesture is often, if not mostly, noted by giving him or her a gift. Some bosses have chosen to give bonuses or even cash, which is always appreciated. However, something a little more personal may have more significant payday loans for unemployed people on benefits meaning.  Here we offer you some suggestions that you can do yourself without having to ask your Administrative Assistant or Secretary.

April Flowers

A time honored and safe gift that is usually more appreciated by the female.  Your Administrative Assistant or Secretary can enjoy them and show them off to the office too. 

Junk Food Pleasure

This is only safe if you know your Administrative Assistant or Secretary’s likes, but male or female, the favorite snack food in nice packaging will be a gift that is enjoyed for a while.

Tea For Two

Or perhaps your Administrative Assistant or Secretary is more of a coffee lover. Either way there are some wonderful gift baskets that will have his or her favorite ca payday loans flavor with a mug and maybe some cookies to go with it.

Dining Pleasures

You could incorporate a nice lunch with just you and your Administrative Assistant or Secretary with one of these gifts we’ve mentioned. Of give them a gift card to their favorite place for them to enjoy with a friend, spouse or maybe a co-worker. You never know, they may invite you!

Appreciate Your Administrative Professional

No matter what you give as a gift, just the recognition can do a lot for your relationship with your Administrative Assistant or Secretary. If the budget is tight, then give them a day off without docking their paycheck or PTO. Any little gesture is better than nothing.