Employees Quitting Unexpectedly?

Here Are 8 Signals You Might Have Missed

Wow! One of your star employees just gave their 2 week notice (or maybe they called and left a voice mail, or just didn’t come in?). Regardless how they exited, you didn’t see it coming and were caught totally off-guard.

Dang, now you got to do that posting an ad, interviewing, background check and all that stuff that takes up valuable resources of both money and time. Studies have found that it can cost 150% of that employee’s salary for that whole process. Then there is the training too! Oh yeah … how long will it take to get the new employee up to speed and how much business will be effected, even lost, because of this? In some industries, some positions, as many as 30% of the companies interviewed, say it can take a year to get a new employee 100% at full potential.

Sad thing about this star employee’s parting is that there probably some signals it was about to happen. Management should be attuned and aware that there are team members looking over the fence at what may be greener pastures. A Gallup poll has found that 70% American employees are disengaged with their job.

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions is going to provide you some signals that will tell your bright employee star is on their way and how you can intervene and change those plans:

Missing Work / Taking Time Off

When the employee that has always had good attendance abruptly starts missing days or taking time off may be looking for another job. Address this head-on and upfront. Ask them if everything is good in the workplace. Do they have any issues or matters they would like to discuss, like maybe improving their own position on the team.


Your star, top employees are going to be engaged in their job. They speak up first and have ideas and suggestions about making things happen and work. When an employee is planning on a departure, they lose interest in the job itself and don’t bother to push themselves.

Delegate Their Responsibilities

Management is suppose to delegate duties and responsibilities. Non-management employees that are happy and proud of their job and will take on more duties and responsibilities. When a non-management employee starts delegating their own duties and responsibilities to other employees, it is most likely a transition.

Routine Or Schedule Changes

When a current employee abruptly changes their routine or schedule, they could be working in time for interviews. They may be dressing better and not participating in company activities like they always have. At this point, your best move is to to be proactive in finding their replacement or find out what will make them stay. This is usually when a counteroffer comes into play so be prepared.

Starting To Disengage

Of all the warning signs, when an employee starts to disengage, should be the main warning sign. When they no longer participate in discussions with the same vigor they always have, or get into a project or their daily work with the fire they always have, they probably aren’t content. Don’t ignore this sign – address it immediately and find out what’s going on.

Fellow Employees

When an employee is planning on departing, it is common for their co-workers to begin complaining about that employee’s performance. They often will hint that something is possibly underway. Use this as an indication that you need to have a chat with them. Maybe they are just simply burned out and need to do something different and new. Its better they find that happiness elsewhere than bring the unhappiness to your workplace.

Attitude Changes

A typical indication is a the attitude changes. Address this quickly with a one-on-one meeting and if you can fix things that will keep them, and they are valuable to you, make a counter offer that includes those changes, responsibilities and/or salary. However, if they are just ready to go, don’t fight it.

Soft Clues

When an employee is struggling with their work situation, most can not hide that conflict. You can see it in their body and their face. They don’t look you in the eye anymore. They don’t easily laugh and their smile isn’t genuine.


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