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In this blog last week, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions focused on employers payday loans huntsville al and why they should hire Veterans. Some Veterans never had a job before going into the military and others may have forgotten how the civilian world thinks.

With that being said, today, we are going to offer some advice, suggestions and tips for Veterans on how to interview in civilian terms. We’ll talk about how Veterans can turn their military experience around so that the hiring manager you’re talking to can understand how your experience and skills will fit their needs.

The Components Of An Interview

Your resume must have had the right tone to it if you now find yourself with an interview schedule. Congratulations! Here are the parts of what your interview will be based around and on:

First Impression

The largest part of an interview is your appearance. This includes your outfit, including your briefcase, portfolio, purse, etc. Things like your personal hygiene, do you make eye contact and do you have a firm hand shake. Things like your confidence level, do you initiate questions and how well you speak are also gauged in an interview, including your body language.

Your Motivation 

Are you simply looking for a job simply for your own needs or do you have desires to be a part of the company success too?

Your Abilities 

The person or persons interviewing you are going to listen for how well you are understand not just the position you’re applying for, but how much you know about the company. What products or services do they offer? Who is their competition? Do you have the technical requirements this position requires? Will your credentials, experience and skill sets fit this job? Be prepared to have to test for the employer to know where your technical abilities are in relation to what they are looking for.

You Competency 

The Company is going to want the most competent employee possible for the job. They want to be able to trust to grab this new position pay day loans online no fax with authority and fix whatever problems may come. Interviewing, hiring and training can cost a company as much as $10,000 or more. Therefore, they want someone that is competent, serious and looking for a long-term relationship.

Your Education, Previous Employment and References 

It is critical to have solid references because the prospective employer is going to check your education, previous employment and some may even need personal references.

Convert Military To Corporate

  • Military protocol is to say “Sir” and “Ma’am” but in the civilian workforce, that may be too formal. Take the lead from the person interviewing you. If they enter the room and introduce themselves “Hi, I’m Joe,” or “Hello, I’m Ms. Jones” then you should refer to them likewise, “Joe”, “Ms. Jones”, etc.
  • Most companies do work on military time. Use language that civilians are use to, so instead of 14-hundred hours, use 3pm instead.
  • Military acronyms and military jargon should be avoided. Translation of military language to civilian language is a must. Such as saying, “I held the position of Strategic Planner, Strategic Planning & Policy Directorate of U.S. Pacific Command at Camp Smith,” should be worded more along the lines of “I held the position of Strategic Planner and Advisor to the CEO & VPs in regards to multinational issues as well as policy development.”
  • Leave the military uniform at home and men, grow your hair out a bit. In other words, dress appropriately for a civilian job in the civilian culture setting you’re in now. Have a professional way to carry your resume such as a briefcase or portfolio and use an everyday pen not a government pen.

Convert Military Credentials To Non-Military Language

  • Most non-military will not know what a “Battalion” is so provide an explanation in terminology they understand.
  • Instead of the term “commanded” or title of “Commander” to terms such as CEO, COO, CIO, Executive Vice President.
  • Instead of saying “I was Military Occupational Specialty”, low intrest loans convert to a career field term and title like “my field of expertise was Human Intelligence Collection Technician.”

Translate your military ranking in terminology civilian can relate to. Instead of Captain, use terms like senior officer or junior officer.

Create a Practice Script

Practice scripts will help you answer questions that could be uncomfortable for you. This is true even for civilians. Some of those questions may be:

What can you tell us about yourself?

Why should we hire you?

How much do you know about this company?

What pay or salary are you expecting?

What are your strong points and weak points?

How do you handle conflict?

What is your style in a leadership role?

What is your style in a management role?

What are your top three hard skills and top three soft skills?

Have A List Of References

Have a list of references prepared before the interview. This should include names, address, phone numbers and email address of your immediate supervisor (not commanding officer – notice the lingo difference?). Include their time zone and the best time and best way to contact them. Let those you list know they are listed, some may ask not to be listed, and stay in contact with those you list too and keep their information updated. They could be leaving the military as well.

At The End Of The Day

You have gained a lot of important experience, knowledge and skills while in the military. If you’ll apply those things in a civilian manner, you’ll be successful. You may not land a job on the first interview, most of us don’t. It is important to stay positive and learn from each interview what you can do differently.

Follow Clear Choice Staffing Solution’s blog for more advice, ideas, suggestions and tips. Along with other Americans, we appreciate your service to our country and want to help you become a success back at home.

One of the first things you think about when you know payday loans in baton rouge your Military discharge date is where you’ll live. The next thing you think about is finding a job. And at this point, you probably wonder how to you go about doing that.

First things first – you need a resume. You have this great military career, but no matter how decorated you are in the military, transforming yourself for a civilian position will take some creativeness. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has found some tips for you to create a resume that will take your military experience and make it so that it provides a high impact on hiring managers for that civilian job you want.

Your Objective

You need to define your civilian job objective in order to effectively sell yourself in the civilian workforce. It is common for x-military to create too general of a resume and thus, it is non-effective. Take the time to do some research, soul searching and pinpoint a career path. For help with this, contact the local transition office or a career coach. If you have multiple interest, create a resume that targets each one.

Meet The Employer’s Needs

Once you have your objective defined, it is time to create that resume that will win the job. Remember, the purpose of a resume is to answer the question every employer asks: “What can this candidate do for me?”

Start by thinking what the employers’ needs are for the job you’re targeting. Research company web sites and review the job postings. Determine what experience and skills employers are looking for and lowest rate payday loan determine how your background, experience and skills are relevant to those needs.

Deemphasize and eliminate information that doesn’t relate to your job goal. Military awards, distinctions and training that is unrelated rifle marksmanship doesn’t relate to a Sales Manager position. You’re proud of these things, and should be,  but if it doesn’t pertain to the job you’re applying for, then ask yourself, “Does this experience be something this potential employer would care or need to know?”.

De- Military Your Resume

Chances are, the hiring managers you will interview won’t have a military background. You don’t have to  leave out your military accomplishments, awards, duties and training and awards. You do need to put them in civilian terms that can be understood by non-military.  Look at job postings to help you substitute military terms into civilian keywords.

Tout Your Accomplishments

You benefited from excellent opportunities in your military career by way of training that was put to  practical experience and gave you advancement. Tout those things you have accomplished in a way that the average civilian can understand how important your achievements are and provide them the measurable outcome of those achievements.

One way to state a demilitarized an accomplishment:

Employee retention rate was increased by 16 percent from a focus on training, team building and employee recognition. I gained a reputation as being a strong part of an innovative and progressive and IT organization within the Navy’s communications and IT community.

Here is a way to payday loans 100 days incorporating your military award so that potential employers realize the value:

  • Recipient of Army Achievement Medal after completing 400+ medical evaluations and for utilizing MS Access to develop a patient database which improved reporting and tracking of patient appointments, demographics, medication, records and status.

Flaunt Your Military Background

You might have heard you need to develop a functional resume format to mask or downplay your military experience, but the opposite is true. Your military experience is an asset and should be marketed as such. Many employers realize the value of bringing veterans on board. Attributes honed in the military include dedication, leadership, teamwork, positive work ethic and cross-functional skills. If you fear a potential employer won’t realize the significance of your military experience, make sure your resume clearly communicates the value you bring to the table.

Omit Active Combat Details

While it is honorable defending your country, the majority of employers don’t want to know about the details and horrors of the combat you faced. Even more so, this experience won’t relate to your goal of being employed.

Give Your Resume A Test Drive

For anyone, developing a good resume takes time and for x-military, it can take a little more time. Have family and friends review your resume. As you send your resume out, keep track of what is working and not working by soliciting feedback from hiring managers. Listen to the suggestions you’re offer and modify the document accordingly.


The end of pay day loans wichita ks war is a good thing in many ways, one of which, the soldiers come home to their families and loved ones. The down side to this, it puts more people in the job market. And as the Veterans enter the workforce as x-military, they encounter hiring managers that have misguided assumptions about hiring a Veteran to fill a job.

Hiring Our Heroes” is an effort by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to get the men and women who are being discharged back to work. They are holding job fairs and workshops with a focus on military veterans. Several large companies such as J.P. Morgan Chase  have created the 100,000 Jobs Mission.

Still, there is a larger number of x-military out of work than the general public. Why? Experts say there are a number of reasons, and most is based off misguided assumptions. Here are three of the biggest reasons that Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has found:

Negative Stereotypes

Some employers have assumptions about members of the military and have stereotyped them. One of those assumptions is PTSD. It is all too common among non-military that anyone that was online loans no credit check instant approval military has some brain injury or other hidden disability. The fact is that only 7% of veterans from experience and to accommodate an injured Veteran averages a company $500 or less.

It is also believed by many employers that veterans aren’t able to take the initiative because they are accustomed to following orders. The fact is, the military teaches you to adapt to your situation and overcome any obstacles. A veteran is more likely to be a creative thinker that is able to solve the unusual problems that others find difficulty   in solving.

Skills Mismatched And Misunderstood

Resume’s that have a college degree or entry-level positions are understood by hiring managers. However a resume that has the position of Ordinance Specialist or Petty Officer aren’t as easily understood by non-military.

For the x-military job seeker, their resume needs to focus on the experience they have and how they will relate to the civilian job at hand. Their artillery experience isn’t of any use to companies and employers. However, the discipline, honor and sense of duty as well as character traits, lifesaving skills and any certification earned are get payday loan fast things that catch an employer’s attention. How to turn their military experience into relevant information that civilian employers can equate to is part of what the 100,000 Jobs Mission and Hiring Our Heroes programs help Veterans with.

The Future And Possible Deployments

It is the least of employer’s concerns when it comes to hiring a Veteran, but it is still a concern. Future deployments. If a Veteran gets called back to active, it can leave the company shorthanded. For the most part, when a Veteran is discharged, they are out of the service. However, if they are registered in the active reserves, they should inform a prospective employer.

With more and more Veterans coming home, the need for groups like the 100,000 Jobs Mission and Hiring Our Heroes programs  are going to become more and more needed. It is the mission of these groups and others like it that are going to make a difference in dispelling the assumptions that many employers have. We need to realize that the Veterans are good quality candidates and will be an asset to any company.

For years payday loans affiliate program now, we’ve all been in the mindset of saving paper to save trees. The initiative gets kicked back into high gear every April when Earth Day comes around. We find ways to use less paper (computers were suppose do that for us, remember?). Everyone is encouraged to not print unnecessary emails and to use the backs of pages instead of once and done.

But Is All That Effort Really Worthwhile?

Paper is relatively inexpensive and it is infinitely renewable. Paper companies around the globe have made it their goal to replace the trees that are harvested. So why should we still worry about be conservative and save trees?

Well it is the mature trees that provide the beauty we enjoy. It is the mature trees that provide the shade in the summer, filter the carbon dioxide, pollution and provide us with the oxygen we need. The fewer trees we cut down also cuts back the pollution that paper processing causes.

With all that being said, April 22, 2015, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions wants to share with our audience how trees are saved when we go paperless:

One: Copying and Printing

Just paycheck advance loans one person in an office setting can use as much as 10,000 pieces of paper annually which is 20 reams which is one entire tree. By stopping the need (or is it just habit?) to print every single document and making multitudes of copies, you alone could save one tree!

So how many trees do you think would be saved if at least half the office workers in the Western World go paperless?

Two: Junk Mail

Almost one-third of the mail in the world is considered junk mail. In America alone, over half of our mail is considered junk mail. With almost 7 million tons of mail each year, almost half of it is unopened and ends up our landfills. A ream of paper weighs 5 pounds on the average.  If you were to stack 1.6 million reams, you would have 50,000 miles of paper which is one-fifth of the way to the moon.

By requesting to be opted out of junk mail, one tree a year can be saved per household.

Three: Bills and Personal Communication

We probably payday loans 2000 don’t need to tell you that about half of your mail is bills with some personal communication included. This is where the age of the computer and electronic processing comes into play. Most of your bills can be sent to you electronically and paid online. The only thing that competes against junk mail in the average household is the bills and other paper communication.

Just by eliminating those paper bills you could save one treat a year.

Four: Packaging

The majority of packaging is made of cardboard or paper in some form. This is one aspect that most of us overlook. When you buy in bulk, you can minimize the amount of packaging waste as well as save you some money on the product itself. And that folks, can add up to a lot of trees saved.

Five: Books and Newspapers

How many Harry Potter books do you own? It took over 8 million trees to the seven books by J.K. Rowling. It may seem nobler to print books versus printing junk mail, but still, that was a lot of trees. For payday advance direct lender all the books printed in America in fact, it is said to take as many as 30 million trees to print them.

With 24 billion copies of newspapers printed annually and just 30% of those are recycled, imagine the number of trees that takes! Nobody has been able to come up with the exact number of trees, but we’re guessing there are millions. And with over 300 million magazines, that number has to be even more astronomical!

Six: Clear Choice Staffing Solutions

Yes, by using Clear Choice Staffing Solutions for your hiring needs and job searches, you’re doing your part to save the environment. How? We are completely on-line from applications and requisitions to payroll, vacation forms and W4 forms. You won’t find another staffing agency that is as green as we are here.

April 22nd – Can You Find Ways To Save Our Planet?

And there you have it folks – some surprising numbers don’t you think? Clear Choice Staffing Solutions hopes that these numbers are eye-openers and you’ll take a look at the next piece of paper you pick up or before you hit the print button save our planet.



As of August 2013, according to online loans same day payout the Department of Labor and the House Committee on Veteran’s Affairs, there were almost 1 million American Veterans unemployed.  That number was more than the national average then and it’s only grown since then. However, 90% of business start-ups that were growing and needed to add staff during this same time weren’t able to find quality candidates. 

Do You See The Irony There?

Doesn’t it seem odd that our American soldiers that are returning to civilian life after giving this country an extraordinary sacrifice aren’t able to find employment? While at the same time, start-up businesses aren’t able to find quality candidates? Our American soldiers are the recipients of the world’s most sophisticated training, which is second-to-none and have gained some the strongest leadership experience, but yet start-ups are overlooking this group of candidates.

So if you hire a Veteran, what can they bring to the table for your organization? Plenty and in ways you may not have even realized. While this piece is centered around start-ups, companies of all sizes can benefit from these examples of what a Veteran can bring:  

Leadership Ready

When it comes to the entrepreneurial environment, it is akin to the rock-n-roll music industry or professional sports. Your age or your time on the job is just numbers. What matters is what kind of quality you contribute and if you can take on a leadership role, regardless your age

For example, 18 year-olds are drafted for the MLB instant online loans no paperwork right out of high school. The lead guitarist of an up-an-coming rock group may only be 21. In the military, 18-year-olds are put in charge of classified equipment worth 5 million dollars. There are American soldier that are put in charge of an entire Middle Easter town while leadership was determined among the citizens there.

Composed and Creative

There is a lot of pressure working within a start-up. Even though military regulations of operating procedures are rigid, those who served are comfortable to make important decisions in numerous uncertain situations. A soldier gains learns the ability to solve problems creatively in unprecedented situations. This is quality that a start-up requires.

Big Picture With Attention To Detail

The term used in the military “Good enough for government work” to civilians often implies that it doesn’t take much to pass government approval.  However, it is just the opposite. Because of rigid regulations, soldiers are trained to understand the big picture but be watchful of every minute detail in achieving the big picture goal. For a start-up culture, the minimum viable product is centered on providing the right amount of detail from many sources of data and research, process it and create a seamless product on time.

Team Player Mentality

The military teaches soldiers leadership by first teaching them to follow. They rise through the ranks by developing their own style of management they have created by observing their superiors, good and bad. loans online payday It is the same process when working in any setting, big corporation or start-up. Effective leaders are able to mobilize and motivate their teams by setting good examples.

Integrity Uncompromised

When building relationships, one necessary ingredient is integrity. Relationships with clients, employees, investors and strategic partners can build or destroy a company singlehandedly. Therefore, employees with high integrity are the ones you want and that is what the military has taught Veterans. The military teaches integrity. The military teaches soldiers to do things right. They have learned to put the mission before themselves.

Goals Are A Habit

Veterans have learned to assess a situation, form a plan of action quickly and perform. They are accustomed to their team members identifying a strategy for improvement afterward. This is validated learning in the world of start-ups and is an important component for continued momentum.

Become A Part Of A New Direction And Hire A Veteran

Growing a business, start-up or otherwise, is akin to starting a revolution. You are in a battle to prove to anyone and everyone that you can succeed. It is a battle worth your effort and time, and regardless the grind, you are determined to come out a winner. This is exactly what our Veterans have done. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions salutes our Veterans and encourage our clients to look at that pool of resources for the quality candidates they need and want. 


The results from a recent survey lenders for bad credit personal loans conducted by AARP Public Policy Institute have some numbers that that may surprise you. Or maybe they won’t. They surveyed a group of 2,492 who fell into these two groups: 

1). They were 45 to 70 years old

2). They had been unemployed within the last 5 years

What did the survey find out? While most of the 2,492 were working again, almost 50% of them were making less money than they were before. Even worse, the longer they are unemployed, 6 months or more, they are making even less money than those who found a job in under 6 months.

This is the age group that is considered pre-retirement years. In days gone by, these are the years when you are supposed to be making the most money of your working years.  Many of those that were back to work are only part-time employed and others are in an occupation they didn’t expect or plan to be.

Half of those older workers that have been unemployed the last five years and are still unemployed are for one of two reasons:

1). They haven’t found work yet

2). They have given up

Those who are working again but in a different occupation are because they simply needed a job. However, some are in another payday advance florida career by choice. For another thing, many who have been rehired are in new occupations, generally not by choice. Over 10 percent of those surveyed said that their age was a factor in not being hired. Next reason stated for not getting hired was the length of time they had been unemployed.

How Do They Get Back To Work Again?

Of the 2492 that were reemployed, AARP asked them how they did it. Networking was the key factor. They cited several ways to network, among the most effective:   

  • Reach out to contacts
  • Reach out to family and friends
  • Reach out to employers directly
  • Sign on with a headhunter
  • Remain active in professional associations

Unlike the younger unemployed who do their job searches and with success, primarily online thosein the survey listed that further down the line. So while career experts recommend using social network to land a job, just over 12 percent of this group said that was an effective method for them. This could be because social networks are geared more towards those seeking management and professional positions. Those surveyed were looking for any type of work.

So what advise do experts have for the older unemployed job seeker? Five things:

1. Don’t put off the payday loans bad credit no upfront fees job search after being laid off. The longer you’re unemployed, the harder it will be to find a job.

2. Make your job search an aggressive one. Network and keep your ears and eyes open. The more aggressive you are, the quicker you’ll find employment.  

3. Volunteer while unemployed. When you have volunteer work on your resumé, it shows potential employers that you stay busy. It can also help you learn new skills and gain experience you wouldn’t have otherwise.

4. Take classes after researching what new skills could help you find employment. Those in the survey had mixed reviews on this subject and that is lends to what type of class is best for you.

5. Check out the community college near you. They have connections to the local job market and often a staff member that is set up to help jobs and advise what classes to take.  

So is this a new employment trend? If you are a person between the ages of 45 and 70 that is unemployed, should you be discouraged after reading this? Absolutely not! Use this information to your advantage and go after that new career! If you need any help, give us a call at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions and let Emily or Markell find you that next career. 

You were friendly and cash payday loan online professional. You are more than capable and qualified for the job. But you left there feeling like something was amiss. The interviewer seemed distracted and wasn’t really focused on the conversation. 

Here at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, we refer candidates to our clients that we believe are a good fit for not just the job, but the company too. However, they have the last word on whether the candidate is hired or not and that decision often is made during the interview. Often how you look when you arrive for the interview will make the employer’s decision. So maybe it was what you were wearing, or not wearing that botched the interview? 

Here we are going to review 8 things that can be an interview distraction:


Over gel, mouse, scrunched, sprayed or wet hair is not an interview look. This includes dandruff too. When there is too much going on with your hair, it’s distracting.


Your shoes often say it all. If they have mud stuck on them, the heels are chewed up online pay advances or they are unpolished, it tells the interviewer that details aren’t important to you. And ladies, never go higher than 3 inch heel and keep the color basic.


Even if you aren’t a makeup kind of gal, a bit of blush and a tad of lip gloss will say you took the time to make yourself presentable. Of course you don’t want to go too far the other way and overkill on the make-up. You want the interviewer to focus on what you’re saying, not how many shades of eye-shadow you have on or how bright red your lips are.

Facial Hair:

Women, you know this just isn’t an acceptable for you. And men, find out if the company has a “no facial hair” policy and follow suit for your interview. If you aren’t sure, make sure your beard and mustache are groomed.

Finger Nails: 

No ifs, ands or buts about this for men or women. You finger nails need to be impeccable. Men – your nails should be evenly short and clean. Women, a muted online pay day loans color of polish is all you need. Keep the artwork for your Saturday night out.  

Bling or Jewelry:

Those dangling earrings and over-sized necklaces are beautiful in the magazines and stores. But in the interview room, they are a distraction. Minimal amount of simple jewelry that matches your suit is all you need.

Clothes That Fit:

Your outfit should never have anything about it that is “too” little or “too” much. Slack and trousers should not be too long or too short, same with dresses and skirts. Nor should anything be too low cut or too tight.  


If you know it’s there then you can assume it will be noticed. Stained and torn clothing makes you appearance look disheveled. That tiny drip of ketchup or missing button will be the focus of the interviewer and that is not what you want. And with warmer months coming up, or if you are hot nature, make sure you don’t have perspiration stains under your arms!

Looking perfect for the interview isn’t online pay advance loan just to impress the interviewer though. When we look good, we feel good and we’re more confident. That confidence shows in an interview and there is no better time to be confident.

Get It Altogether Before The Interview

Try on several interview suits and have them cleaned and prepared. If you spilled coffee last time you wore that skirt or those black slacks are little long, get that taken care of now.

Keep an interview emergency kit in your briefcase, car or purse for interview day. Items like safety pins, small sewing kit, spot remover and wrinkle-releasing spray. Keep breath mints or travel-sized deodorant, mouthwash and ladies keep an extra lip gloss on hand too.

After you arrive for your interview, check yourself out in a mirror before walking in. Make sure your make isn’t smudged, your hair is tame and nothing is on your shirt, shoes or tie. Check your teeth and touch up the lip gloss if needed.

Then walk into that interview feeling confident because you know you look great!


Yes, this is a instant payday advance online blog for Clear Choice Staffing Solutions. The title to this one may have gave you a second look. Usually we have informative and interesting (or we hope we do anyway) pieces about looking for job, getting a job, moving up, how to hire, how to fire, how to manage, etc, etc, etc. Once in a while though, we like to throw something in a little different. Today, we’re going with a fun spin on things. We’re going to talk about penguins. They are adorable, cute and if you have ever seen the documentary “March of the Penguins”, then you may have found them to be an interesting creature too.

On April 25th, it is World Penguin Day. It is the day that penguins make their annual migration northward. These are flightless birds that can live on land or in water. Their wings have evolved overtime into flippers and they are found living in the southernmost part of the hemisphere.

Just as other creatures, including humans, there are different types of penguins. no credit cash loans The Emperor Penguin is the largest of them all, standing over 3 feet tall when full grown. The Little Blue Penguin is the smallest of them, maxing out at 16 inches when full grown. While it seems to the general observer, penguins live the same habits and patterns.

They get along, they work together, they survive together and they mourn together.  Penguins can teach us humans a few things in the workplace:

1. Penguins Take Joy With Themselves

They may all basically look alike and they all waddle – but they enjoy themselves for who they are.

2. Penguin Take Steps And Accomplish Much

Penguins don’t hold back because of doubt and fear. They have a large task ahead of them and they march fourth with small steps. In the documentary, it took them 20 days and 20 nights to find their mate, but they marched forward, in some of the harshest of weather, until they succeeded.

3. Penguins Have online payday advance Patience

Penguins do not get in a hurry. They don’t freak out about getting as much done as possible or keeping up with everyone else. They know their destination and that they will get there. Their patience keeps them in the groove and they take time to have fun.

4. Penguins Stay Focused

Penguins stay focused at the task in front of them. They focus on their current mission and do what is needed to complete the mission. They enjoy their journey for what it brings them for 20 days and 20 nights.

5. Penguins Huddle Together

Penguins work together to keep warm. They huddled up and then took turns, rotating toward the inside and back out so that everyone got a chance of being in the center and warm. They each took their turn to being on the outside and cold too.

6. Penguin Stay In The Moment

Penguins stay in the moment they are payday loans in fredericksburg va in, no matter how difficult it gets. Step by step, they don’t quit, even if when things are moving slow. They stay in the present and enjoy the moment.

7. Penguins Are Passionate

Penguins know that they all won’t survive their 20 day, 20 night march, but yet they repeat the ritual every year. They are passionate about their heritage and even knowing how it may end for some, they stay true.

8. Penguins Love With Abandonment

Penguins have to have a mate to keep going. That is all they have to live on is love. They don’t have to have a career, fame, money or power. They are happy with a mate and building a family.  

9. Penguins Have A Community

Penguins live in the community and make their journey a community effort. They know they need each other to survive and they support each other.

What can you learn from a penguin’s life and implement into your workplace? 

In 1993, it was the opinion of many that boys received payday loans by phone call more attention than girls when it came to guiding their focus for the future, helping them find a career. Thus, “Take Your Daughter To Work Day” was created. The intention of this day was to take your daughter to work and give her a ideas about her career and future, as well as build their self-esteem.

It quickly became popular and so off to work with moms, dads, aunts and uncles the girls went. Spending the day observing and in some cases taking part of the adult’s job. There were (and still are) limits as to the workplace environment and a child’s safety of course.

It was then that the need to give boys more insight to career possibilities was recognized. Thus, in 2003 the day was changed to “Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day”.  This activity is best for kids between the ages of 8 and 18 years of age. The participation has grown to over 35 million, with more and more participating each year. and now when you take a child to work on this one day, there is the opportunity for everyone to learn from it.

This year, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions would like to share some ways that will help those boys and girls that come to your workplace get the most out payday loans colorado springs of this day:

1. Plan The Day: Regardless who you take to work with you, daughter, son, niece, nephew, grandchild or maybe a neighbor, ask them what they are looking to get from the day and set you day up to highlight that interest. Including things about your job that they may not realize is a part of the job.

2. Swap Out Kids: If you took your daughter last year and your spouse took your son, switch it up this year. What may be a male dominate career doesn’t mean that girls couldn’t find an interest and vice versa.

3. Your Colleagues:  Ask your colleagues about experiences they have had in the past when they brought their daughter or son to work and what they would do differently.

4. Enjoyable Commute: Use the commute time to enjoy your child and let them see you as a human, not just a parent.

5. Structure: Inquire if your employer will have any special activities for the kids like a tour of the office, plant and warehouse. Will there be any inter-activity and presentations?

6. Let Them Work: During the work day, have something they can do that is payday loans in georgia online actually a part of your job.

7. Step Away: If your employer isn’t going to have an agenda for the kids, take the initiative and give your child a tour to the other departments. Even the break-room, copy room and mailroom will give them a view of your average day on the job

8. Introduce Your Kids:  Take your kids around and introduce them to your colleagues and initiate a conversation about what their job is within the company. Encourage your child to shake hands and ask questions.

9. Have Them Take Notes: Encourage your child to take notes so they can report back to their teachers what they learned and how it affected their view of a career possibility.

10Recap The Day:  On your way home, ask your protégé what they thought about the day, your job and those of your colleague. Answer their questions.

Use the day to learn about your child and your career from their eyes and mind. This is a day for them to see a career possibility. It should also be a day for you to see your career from a different perspective.


It has been 46 years ago payday loans in ny since mankind experienced the first moon walk. Those famous steps of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong of the Apollo 11 made history. Even today, the audio and imagery of that day are still just as exciting and spine chilling as they were on July 20, 1969.

Here at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, we appreciate the amount of information those astronauts brought back. We appreciate the amount of determination for all of NASA to keep at it until they were successful.  It took several attempts before those two men would succeed and they did because there was not only a great supportive team behind them, but there were many that failed for Aldrin and Armstrong to learn from.

There are several pieces of historical anecdotes, some known, some not known, that may just change your memory of man’s first step onto the moon. The things we’re going to cover here came from the famous moonwalk that can provide us lessons to be used in today’s workplace as well.

10. “In the Event of Moon Disaster” 

The hopes were high and the plans were for the crew of Apollo 11 to make the trip to the moon safely. Then walk around collect samples of dirt and rock, then leave an American flag behind. But everyone involved knew there was some element of danger for the crew. There was always the chance that something could go wrong and President Richard Nixon was prepared with a speech. Instead of the famous words of lowest rate personal loan Neil Armstrong, the words that could have gone down in history could have been quite different: “Fate has ordained that men who went to the moon to explore in peace will stay on the moon to rest in peace.”

Lesson: Have plan and a back-up plan because things may not go as originally planned.

9. The Famous Quote 

Neil Armstrong’s first step onto the moon was paired with what is now a famous quote. There is some debate because the words were heard a little different here on earth. But what has gone down in history is what we recognize today: “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Lesson: Choose your words carefully because once they are spoken, they are history.

8. Or Maybe The First Words Were

While all the credit for speaking the first words on the moon is given to Neil Armstrong, it was actually Buzz Aldrin that said the first words – they just didn’t ring as “cool” sounding.  The first words actually uttered were “OK, engines stop” by Aldrin when the lunar landed.

Lesson: Give credit where credit is due and your credit will come.

7. More Like A First Leap

Have you ever been told you were too good at your job? Neil Armstrong has been. NASA’s scientist designed the lander so that when it landed, the legs would crumple. However, Armstrong landed the Eagle too soft and the legs didn’t crumple, leaving the door payday advance utah of the lander higher up than originally planned. So their embarking onto the moon was more of a leap than step.

Lesson: Go with the flow and adapt.

6. Potty Break  

He may have been the first human to put a foot on the moon, but Armstrong wasn’t the first human to relieve himself on the moon. Aldrin gets that title, thanks to Armstrong being too good at his job. Because the exit to the lander was higher than planned, when Aldrin leaped out, his urine collector broke inside his spacesuit. So when he relieved himself, it leaked and filled up his boot. Aldrin kept this to himself, feeling that it wasn’t something to be put out there for the public.

Lesson: There’s no need to let all your problems out in public.

5. What Is That Smell?

After their walk on the mood, as Aldrin and Armstrong returned to the lander, they were quoted as saying that the moon smelled like damp ashes and gunpowder. It was feared by some that with the pressurized cabin, their return into the Earth’s atmosphere, there could be problems. Fortunately, nothing happened.

Lesson: We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Go for it, whatever  your it may be.

4. An HD Broadcast

The 1969 iconic video that we’ve all seen over and over wasn’t very clear by today’s standards. However, it was crystal clear instant payday loans bad credit for NASA, even back then.  The high quality video from NASA was changed to a format for commercial television and thus, lost much of its integrity.

Lesson: Things aren’t always as they seem. They are often better.

3. A Mother’s Worry

The worries a mother of an astronaut are many but for Neil Armstrong’s mom, her main concern was if the moon could hold her son’s weight.

Lesson: We all have different worries and they are all just as important.

2. Souvenirs Left Behind

The crew of Apollo 11 returned safely and they brought back moon dust and moon rocks. They also have left many things on the moon too. In addition to the American flag being placed, they have also left a golden olive branch, Apollo 1 patch and even a moon memorial disk. But we’ve left some junk too like a camera, a hammer, television cables, tongs and even substance from the astronauts relieving themselves.  There is actually an inventory at NASA of the things left behind.

Lesson: Keep track of where you put stuff because you never know who’s going to ask about it.

1. Try, Try and Try Again

The first time Aldrin submitted his application as an astronaut, NASA declined. But he went right back and applied again and was accepted in the third group.

Lesson: Never give up when you have a goal in sight.