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Did you online payday loan company know that there are over 50 million people in America and that just over 2 million of them have a BA or higher? Did you know that currently there are over 2 million more people with disabilities enrolled in college right now? And the numbers with vocational training are unknown.

Yes, just about one-fourth of the U.S. population has a disability and this includes those who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. How does this information fit into Clear Choice Staffing Solution’s blog? Well a large part of those with ASD are educated and able to contribute to society, meaning employment.

ASD affects 1 in every 150 of us. Those diagnosed with ASD have deficits in communication and social skills while having a pattern of showing strong interest in a variety of things. Modern medicines has made advances that have allowed us to have better understanding  of those diagnosed and as such, we are better able to support those individuals. Thus, they are able to do things like the rest of the population, including instant personal loans no credit check attending college.  

Individuals diagnosed with ASD have the ability and the interest in computing, digitization, scientific research and software testing. At one time, they may have been passed over by employers but today, we know that those who have disabilities can be a contributing member of a team.

Why You Should Consider The Candidates With Disabilities

The candidates that come to you with disabilities have many things to bring to your organization. There are facts that not only support reasons to hire them, but denounce the reasons for not hiring them. Just a few examples are:

  1. Retention Increases: The turn-over rate of employees with disabilities is lower than employees with no disability. When you consider the costs of advertising, interviewing, training, etc, studies have shown that 85% of disabled employees are still in place after the first year. That alone is an ease on any organization’s budget.
  2. Equal Qualifications: Studies have shown that the performance of employees with disabilities is equal to the employees without disabilities. Disabled employees have given their loans rockford il supervisors higher rate of satisfaction when it comes to not only their performance, but their attendance too.
  3. Advantage Economically: Hiring the disabled gains a company the federal tax credit via the Workforce Opportunity Tax Credits. The tax credit for small business is even greater.
  4. A Great Value: Employers that pass over disabled candidates are missing out on a lucrative market segment. The disabled contribute over $2 trillion to the U.S economy, making the insights these employees can provide their employer valuable.
  5. Strong Characteristics: Those with ASD have proven to be more focused, reliable and do well with routine tasks in the workplace. They are more likely to focus on the job at hand and not become involved in office politics.
  6. Skill Sets: ASD employees are known to be accurate with a strong attention to detail. They are analytical with strong logic skills and have an astounding memory when it comes to facts.
  7. Diverse: The workplace will benefit from integrating ASD employees with others in multiple ways. They instant payday loans uk only are more likely to have creative ideas to solve problems and the reactions from customers are more often positive than not.
  8. Efficient: When ASD employees are provided clear written instructions and given both long-term and short-term goals, they can be just as efficient and productive as their counterparts without ASD.  The Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services is available to assist you in your efforts to ensure an inclusive work environment, including recruiting qualified candidates, hiring, training, and maintaining employees with disabilities. 

What Should You Learn From National Autism Month?

The candidates that come to you with ASD may require some accommodation that you may not have otherwise provided, but the dividends are endless. According to a study in 2010, workplace accommodations for those with ASD were a low cost that provided companies with a high impact. For example, over 55% of the accommodations have not cost involved. And just over 30% of any needed accommodations cost less than $600.

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This is still loans shops March, but Clear Choice Staffing Solutions is going to get you ready for that one day of the year to show your Admin person just how much you appreciate them. Originally called “Secretary’s Day” when Secretary was title, but when Admin Assistants came into the picture, things changed.  So now, the Wednesday of April’s last full week is noted as Administrative Professionals Week and it is customary for bosses all over the United States to make some gesture to their Admins. 

This gesture is often, if not mostly, noted by giving him or her a gift. Some bosses have chosen to give bonuses or even cash, which is always appreciated. However, something a little more personal may have more significant payday loans for unemployed people on benefits meaning.  Here we offer you some suggestions that you can do yourself without having to ask your Administrative Assistant or Secretary.

April Flowers

A time honored and safe gift that is usually more appreciated by the female.  Your Administrative Assistant or Secretary can enjoy them and show them off to the office too. 

Junk Food Pleasure

This is only safe if you know your Administrative Assistant or Secretary’s likes, but male or female, the favorite snack food in nice packaging will be a gift that is enjoyed for a while.

Tea For Two

Or perhaps your Administrative Assistant or Secretary is more of a coffee lover. Either way there are some wonderful gift baskets that will have his or her favorite ca payday loans flavor with a mug and maybe some cookies to go with it.

Dining Pleasures

You could incorporate a nice lunch with just you and your Administrative Assistant or Secretary with one of these gifts we’ve mentioned. Of give them a gift card to their favorite place for them to enjoy with a friend, spouse or maybe a co-worker. You never know, they may invite you!

Appreciate Your Administrative Professional

No matter what you give as a gift, just the recognition can do a lot for your relationship with your Administrative Assistant or Secretary. If the budget is tight, then give them a day off without docking their paycheck or PTO. Any little gesture is better than nothing.



As Clear Choice Staffing Solutions focuses on Administrative Assistants this month, both in online payday loans in va our blogs and in our March Madness promotion, we’ve addressed several issues. Our last blog was explaining the difference between an Administrative Assistant and a Clerical.  It was very apparent that the two had similarities but are really nothing alike either.

Today, we’re going to examine the difference between an Administrative Assistant and a Secretary. In years past, the Secretary was much like today’s Administrative Assistant in many ways. But as how business is conducted changed, so have the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary and thus …. the position of an Administrative Assistant was create.

Administrative Assistant Or Secretary

In the past, the Secretary would have taken short hand and then typed the letter. Today, instant text loans a Secretary’s tasks will usually include drafting letters and emails along with scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements and processing expense reports.

However, from our blogs so far this month, we have learned that an Administrative Assistant may do some of the same things. So where is the difference? Well, the Secretary position will usually have a job requirement of typing a minimum of 50wpm, sometimes faster. Today, both positions are required to have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office, but a Secretary will be expected to be not only proficient, but speedy too. The Administrative Assistant may be expected to be proficient but not necessarily speedy in Microsoft Office.

Both positions are expected to instant text loans no credit check assist and support a company’s top official they have been assigned to. A secretary will have more of the clerical duties and less authority in making decisions.  The Administrative Assistant will have duties and responsibilities that go beyond that of a Secretary. They are also authorized to decisions for their boss because they have a knowledge of their preferences in business matters.

Who’s The Boss?

When it comes to projects that may be long term, a manager will usually turn the responsibility over to their Administrative Assistant. A Secretary may be requested to help with the project, but getting the project completed will fall on the AA.

Subordinates in a department are often payday loans in sc supervised by the Administrative Assistant, including the secretaries. The Administrative Assistants will also oversee setting up conferences and meetings, review any correspondence the Secretary has prepared such as letter and memos. The AA will also pull together information for reports and may be asked to compile the report.

Both the Administrative Assistant and the Secretary are expected to have a High School Diploma. The AA will often have a business degree as well. Administrative Assistant salary ranges from between $23,000 and $62,000 while a Secretary’s salary range varies based on the industry. Such as legal Secretaries are well paid for the long days they are often required to work. 

Many, if not most, think that Administrative Assistant or Clerical are the payday advance lender same thing. While they may have some similarities and even cross over each other, they are not the same. This month we have focused this on the Administrative Assistant. Today, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers an explanation of both positions which should clarify the difference.

The first difference Clerical position is an entry-level position. The Administrative Assistant position is filled with those that have either been trained to be an Admin Assist or have held a secretarial position for some time.  But there are more differences between the two positions which we take a look at today:

Educational Background

  • A Clerical position does not require any level of formal education. This position is usually filled by a person with a GED or High School diploma. Some companies may require applicants to have a one-year office technology payday loans gainesville fl certificate or will reimburse the right employee to obtain one. 
  • Administrative Assistants have assignments that are more demanding than the rudimentary basics duties of a Clerical. This position usually requires more than a GED or high school diploma, such as either a one-year certificate or a two-year administrative degree. The higher up executive this position is assigned to, the higher level of education that is required. Some companies may require a bachelor’s degree for this position.


  • The unskilled person in a Clerical position is at the bottom of the pay scale for this type of office work. The more formal education a candidate has, such as the one-year office technology certificate, can earn more. According to the U.S. Labor Department, depending on geographical areas payday cash loan and the industry which the Clerical position is, salary range is between approximately $17,000 and $44,000.
  • The Administrative Assistant position is dependent upon the geographical area and industry field as well as the educational and training background too. The U.S. Labor Department reports that the salary of this position can range anywhere between $23,000 and $62,000. 


Even though the U.S. Department of Labor combines Administrative Assistants, Clerical and Secretaries into one group in regards to stats, the U.S. Office of Personnel distinguishes between the positions when it comes to experience and salary.

  • Clerical positions are a one-grade level advancement position that has work guide-lines that have been predetermined. The duties and functions are repetitive such as collecting paperwork, computer entry and filing. There isn’t any requirement of special expertise for Clerical positions and is usually closely no credit check loans lenders only supervised by others. 
  • Administrative Assistant is a two-grade level advancement position that requires the candidate to have specialized experience in many areas. The duties of this position include, but are not limited to assimilation, data collection, graphing and reporting. The person in this position isn’t supervised. They have the ability to use their time effectively, use good judgment and have the ability to plan in advance while being flexible. 

The Administrative Assistant Focus Continues

In our next blog, we continue our month long series examining the difference between Administrative Assistants and Secretaries. Just as with the Clerical, the position of a Secretary has different expectations from the Administrative Assistant. Overall, all of these positions are important to a company’s function and should be respected in their own right.

As the Administrative Assistant, you are expected to do it all, know it all and more. You wear many hats and can change direction and tone in the flip of a paperclip. And this all is based on working around your boss. Depending on what type of boss you have, that alone can establish other challenges for you.  There is the Chatty Boss, the Micromanage Boss and the Incompetent Boss.

How to handle each of these bosses is a talent all in its own. And each of these is a blog all on their own. Today though, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions wants to offer you tips on how to handle the Incompetent Boss.  And if you are a boss that is reading this – you can learn from it.

Incompetent Boss / Administrative Assistant Conflict

The first thing you need to do is determine if there is a conflict of personalities between the two of you. Does your boss let work stack up that he or she intended to get to but never did? Then pile it all on you when it’s down to the deadline and they’re overwhelmed? Why isn’t he or she delegating more work to you to start with? Is there a lack of confidence or trust? It may be time to request a one-on-one meeting and chat about this. If you do determine it is confidence or trust issue, ask what you can do to fix that.

The Boss’ Strengths / Weaknesses

Your boss evidently has some skills or they wouldn’t have been promoted to where they are now. But that doesn’t mean they are good at every aspect of their job. So once you realize they aren’t an idiot, they just aren’t good with “that” or “this”, it will help you to interact with him or her. Understanding they have limits and what those limits are, you can work ahead of them or around them to and make future projects go smoother.

Communicate Your Needs

Determine what it is you need from her or him and communicate these needs. Do so in a way they will understand.  If you need more time before a deadline so that you can do a better job, tell them. If you wish they would give you more feedback so that you can improve, tell them.  If you don’t speak up for yourself, then who will? After all, you are the Administrative Assistant. You are the go-to person for the company.  

The Administrative Assistant Log  

As things come up that give you aggravation or concern, write it down. Include the date and the concern, what or who was involved, what happened, how it was handled and any suggestion you may to prevent it again or make it smoother when it does. Then schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss them. Make it an effort to have a meeting on a regular basis and have your log with you each time.  This will not only show you want to team up with your boss, but that you are taking initiatives toward a common goal.

You’re the busy executive and you have been assigned an Administrative Assistant. Not everyone warrants that privilege. Yes, we said privilege. An Administrative Assistant is like having your personal stash of raw gold. They are a special breed and the really good ones usually aren’t available.

So if you have been assigned on and he or she turns out to be exceptional at their job, meaning they do many jobs, treat them with respect. You don’t have to treat them with kid-gloves, they’re resilient and tough. And that is exactly why you need to them the respect they deserve.

To help you out, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions is going to offer you some tips on what is acceptable to ask of your Administrative Assistant and what’s not acceptable.

Acceptable To Ask Your Administrative Assistant

1) Data Entry / Expense Reports / Time Sheets

These are standard duties for Administrative Assistants. If you are sharing one with several others, this may be the limit of what is required.

2) Copying / Faxing/ Mailing / Scanning / Typing

These are basic office operations that many Administrative Assistants are asked to do. Especially if there are things that can’t be OCR’d and proofreading things that are OCR’d.

3) Liaison / Scheduling

These are things where an Administrative Assistant is often the most useful for the busy executive. They can be your liaison between clients, colleagues and other parties. With online calendar access, they can schedule your appointments, conference calls, meetings, etc.

4) Filtering / Screening

Administrative Assistants can filter your emails, screen your calls and weed through your mail and RSS feeds.  Giving you on the things that your position depends on and what you need to do what you do.

5) Dictating /Transcription

Dictation is a lost art and today’s Administrative Assistants may not know it much less master it. Instead, today’s Administrative Assistant is more likely to be trained in transcribing from a speech-recognition program

6) Research / Travel Arrangements

When you have a presentation to do, your Administrative Assistant can research the information for which you need to work from. They can pull from their own resources, and they will have many, to pull together things you need. The AA today will have contacts for getting you the best travel arrangements and restaurant reservations for you.

7) Show Your Appreciation

If you are fortunate enough to have one of the best Administrative Assistants that handles anything you need and everything you give him or her without an issue, show your appreciation. Allow them space to talk about their side of their job. What they hate, what they like and any changes they may have to offer. Accommodate on one or two things will go a long ways.

Not Acceptable To Ask Your Administrative Assistant

1). Your Personal Things

They are your Administrative Assistant not your Personal Assistant. If it doesn’t relate to the company business, then you shouldn’t ask. This makes it clear and simple. Booking your family’s vacation flight or picking up personal items need to be your own task, not theirs. If they offer, be sure you show your appreciation.

2) Your Job

Your Administrative Assistant may do the research and pull the information you need to compile your analysis, presentation or report for a meeting, but you should create your own analysis, presentation or report.

It’s pretty simple actually. Give your Administrative Assistant the respect they deserve and you’ll get more mileage out of your relationship. And if you have been given permission to hire an Administrative Assistant, give us a call at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions. We have quality candidates you need to make a clear choice. 

Continuing our month long focus on Administrative Assistants, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers you 10 steps to be the most successful Administrative Assistant possible.

Theodore Roosevelt said it. Steve Jobs said it. Do what you love. Apparently both knew what they were saying because both were successful in their lives. And to be the successful Administrative Assistant, you have to love what you do. And you will do many things, at the same, all day, every day.

You must love supporting others unabashedly and unapologetically. You are more than “just an assistant” and you know it. It takes a special person, male or female, to be an Administrative Assistant and be successful at it. They may have had a different title, but you can probably bet that Theodore Roosevelt and Steve Jobs both had a successful Administrative Assistant supporting them.

So just what does an Administrative Assistant do to be successful?

Be Relentless, Be Adaptable: The job of Administrative Assistant never has 2 exact days in a row and you have to not only have to be able to change hats without a warning, but you have to love that you have to do that.                      

Accept Challenges, Conquer Challenges: The word “No” is not in your vocabulary and cannot be an option. Where others say something can’t be done, your job is to get it done and make it look easy.

Know Your Power: Never let others know just how powerful you are and never forget how powerful you are. You are your boss’ ear, eyes and have tremendous influence in all matters related to her or him. Never underestimate your power.

Happy To Serve:  The success Administrative Assistant goes above and beyond their boss’ expectation and don’t mind doing it. They are eager to please their boss and have many tricks in their bag to do just that.

Mind Reader:  The success Administrative Assistant can read their boss’ face, mind and mood and act accordingly. They know when to approach their boss about things and most of all, they know when NOT to approach their boss about things.

Chaos Is Nothing: The Administrative Assistant is person everyone goes to with any crisis. It could be equipment failure in a presentation or the fire alarm going off for no reason.

Ability To Juggle:  Administrative Assistants can juggle many bowling pins, never drop any while balancing a ball on their nose, fixing the copier and preparing the next meeting all at the same time.

Always Learning: Administrative Assistants know it all but are always willing to learn more. There is never anything they can learn more about.

Have Connections:  One of the best things any Administrative Assistant can have is a network of endless resources.  One of their magic powers is getting things done now and they have the resources to do it.

Desire To Make A Difference:  An Administrative Assistant enjoys being their boss’ enabler. You do all the planning, all the implementing and then watch others bask in the success of it all.

At the end of the day, as the Administrative Assistant, you’ll know you were successful when all ended well and you never dropped the ball, never broke a sweat and nobody is the wiser of it. You will be your boss’ secret weapon that makes the company a success.


Assertive yet friendly. Detailed yet multi-tasked. Organized yet flexible. Does this describe you? If you are applying for the position of an Administrative Assistant, these are the traits that you need to offer. There are many others that prospective employers seek when filling this position, but those 6 traits are the ones that will stand out the most.

The administrative assistant will wear multiple hats in most companies. You’re expected to be the guru with office software, online research, scheduling and more. You need to be assertive with a smile. Detailed while you multi-task. Organized but flexible at the drop of a …. well, a hat. You need to mesh with the rank and file yet have a professional presence about you as you interact with “the suits”.

So how do you create a resume that shows you can do all this and yet, not be too long? You want to showcase your experience, knowledge, skills and talent, but do you want to brag? First, choose a resume format that fits your background and aims for the position.

The Resume Format

Traditional resume format is chronological where the employment history is listed with the recent employment first and goes back to the beginning. However, if you have recently graduated, you most likely won’t have much employment history. So you’ll need to make the resume more about you as a person.  Focus on your strong points as they relate to the position.  Or create a functional resume listing your achievements and skills.

Another option is combining those two resumes. Start by listing your experience and skills first with your employment history to follow in chronological order. By using this format, you can highlight your achievements and qualifications as they relate to the position. Then your work history will be supporting evidence of your achievements and qualifications.

Provide Simple Examples

The online application and job boards don’t allow you to be creative or add support. The Internet-friendly resume format is always the wise choice with embedded links that show your work samples.  You can add some pizazz to your resume and not be too long winded in this manner. It also shows one trait that employers want in an Administrative Assistant – you are tech savvy. But again, don’t go overboard, keep it simple.

A Strong Start Is A Must

Begin with an overview that is well-crafted about your qualifications that are the most impressive.  qualifications at the top of the page. This will summarize your professional background that the rest of the resume provides in more detail. It is the forward to your book, so to speak. And it needs to be full of the keywords that the prospective employer is going to scan for.

Personalize Your Administrative Assistant Background

The exact same cover letter and the exact same resume are not going to work. Customize them both to fit the company and the industry where the position is located. Highlight your strong points for the specifics the ad has listed. If you are awesome at PowerPoint and the job description states PowerPoint a must, make sure it is well seen within your resume.

Following these tips will help you create a resume that will get the attention you deserve in the stack of all the other “great” Administrative Assistants. Keep your focus on the goal and let them know you are “THE” one.

This month, the Clear Choice Staffing Solutions blog is all about the position everyone is aware of but not all understand how important it is to the company. Administrative Assistants are often the most depended-upon position in the company. They are the wizard that keeps things running in the office. They are the ones that support every facet of the business. While nobody in the company may know what the Administrative Assistant job is, chances are the Administrative Assistant knows what everyone else’s job is. 

The Administrative Assistant is the company’s ears and eyes. They not only handle the daily activities that keep the company going, they have a unique overview of not only the company and the industry. The old saying that every man is as strong as the woman behind him would hold true in that a company is as strong as the Administrative Assistants within.

What Values Do Administrative Assistants Offer?

 This list of values that Administrative Assistants provide the company may seem basic:

  • Ability to cope with pressure 
  • Communication skills 
  • Honesty and discretion
  • Initiative 
  • Organized approach 
  • PC literacy
  • Personable phone manner 
  • Professionalism
  • Team ethic 
  • Time management 

However, in addition to these basics, the role of Administrative Assistant has its own specific elements. A key skill (or is it a talent?) is to be able think on their feet while multi-tasking any number of those basics. The role of this position is demanding.

An Administrative Assistant isn’t just a support position – they are a value-add position. The position is filled by a person that is dependable, resilient and stable in person and on their resume. Their resume will show they get their career refreshed every 2 to 3 years so that they can be a master of their domain. The Administrative Assistant is critical to the company’s success. 

The exceptional Administrative Assistant has these 5 qualities at the very least:  

1. Industry Knowledge
Every industry has these three T’s and the value-add Administrative Assistant has them:

  • Terminology – Having and understanding the industry’s language so that they can participate in in conversations.
  • Trends – Stays on top of the latest trends of the industry and be proactive within the company using those trends.
  • Technology – Not only knows about the latest technology but can implement it and stays current on technology changes with training.

2. Technical Prowess
Today’s Administrative Assistant needs to now more than just using Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word. They need to know how to use them extensively. They need to be well versed in organizing and running virtual meetings. Employers see it as a plus when the Administrative Assistant can do payroll and knows how to work social media too.

3. Power Of Articulation
One of the most crucial skills an Administrative Assistant can have is good communication skills. This position is the first point of contact between their boss and clients, customers and vendors. This position is often the company go-to person. Clear and concise communication is a must verbally and written.

4. Bottom Line Focus
An Administrative Assistant is conscious of the company’s bottom dollar. They are always looking for the company to be more efficient and save money with the daily operations, shopping vendors and negotiate the best contract possible.

5. The Box With No Walls
The Administrative Assistant is able to think on their feet, on the run and in any and every situation that could possibly arise. They can make quick decisions and act pm them immediately.  

Stay tune to Clear Choice Staffing Solutions blogs as we discuss the Administrative Assistant position from different angels this month. We’ll be discussing how to create the position winning resume for Administrative Assistant jobs and how to work with the difficult boss. We’ll also cover on what you shouldn’t ask you Administrative Assistant do as well as suggestions for the right Administrative Assistant gift for next month. 

 Yes, this is still March, so don’t worry. The calendar pictured doesn’t mean that the time change jumped a whole month. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has a March Madness special for our Clients in need of Admin or Clerical hires. As such, we are going to dedicate the blogs this month with a focus on those positions. Why the April calendar for lead picture? Read on and you’ll find out why. 

Your workplace may have a different title for this position, but the position of the Administrative Assistant is an important one. You may not realize how important until they aren’t there one day. They perform tasks that seem easy and routine to the unknowing person. However, they take more knowledge, skills and talent than you may realize. 

Will a business shut down without an Administrative Assistant? No, certainly not. But without a person that has the knowledge, training and skills required to perform the duties they do, the workplace would definitely be unorganized.

The Duties Of An Administrative Assistant

Each workplace may assign different tasks and have different degrees of expectations for the Administrative Assistant. Just like a doctor, they have the same basic duties, but to what degree of activity and involvement could change hour by hour, day by day. Their typical duties are usually as follows:

1. Maintain records, both electronic and physical

2. Distribute mail and packages

3. Respond to basic company correspondence and phone calls

4. Check grammar and spelling of outgoing correspondence

5. Performs basic maintenance and operation all office equipment

6. Complete and submit forms following company guidelines

7. Oversee the logistics and operations of the office

8. Coordinates with managers and others within the company

The Administrative Assistant in some companies will also create presentations, reports and spread sheets, prepare meeting rooms, maintain the company database. Some companies put the responsibility of dealing with job applicants and vendors and determine if they will be put in touch with the decision maker, i.e., the “Gate Keeper”. They also may be in charge of office supplies. Their specific job duties are dependent on their experience, specialty and what the company needs.

So is an Administrative Assistant in a higher position than a Clerical or Secretary? Yes, usually, in most cases, an Administrative Assistant will oversee the persons in Clerical and Secretarial positions, but that again can be dependent on how the company structures that position. But we’ll cover this in further detail throughout the month and by April 22nd, perhaps you’ll understand why there is a dedicated “Administrative Professionals Day” each year.