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Or maybe your body language is more like the Cowardly Lion or the Scarecrow on the Wizard of Oz? What do these fictional characters have to do with Clear Choice Staffing Solutions or hiring staff or interviewing for jobs? Well, your body language has a lot to do with those things. 

First Impressions

Even though we know we shouldn’t, we all are often to judge somebody by their body language. Usually in 10 seconds or less when we meet somebody, we’ve already sized them in our mind. Not just for job interview purposes but the salesperson at the car lot or in the store, a new neighbor, a co-worker. We have already got our mind set about what kind of person they are from whether or not we like them, we can trust them, are the going to be a success for the team or if they will be the weak link. 

As they say, “First impressions are everything”. That first impression you make when you walk in for an interview, no matter which side of the table you’re on, is big. Your body language is sending out a powerful message, albeit it non-verbal, it is a powerful message. 

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy, has covered this topic with a TEDTalk in her piece “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are.” She explains how other people use your non-verbal expressions to either see your power or see your weaknesses. Do you know what the three biggest mistakes are?

Crossing your ankles

Touching your face or neck

Folding your arms across your chest

What Ms. Cuddy does suggest is to learn and practice the “Power Pose”. When you envision Superman or Wonder Woman in their patriotic red, white, and blue attire, do you see them with their ankles crossed or their arms folded? No, you probably picture them with their hands on their hips and a look of authority. They enter the scene with a look that tells you “I’ve got this, no worry.”

Studies have shown that when you stand with your hands on your hips for 2 minutes, you will gain confidence. Your hormones change, your testosterone increases and your cortisol drops. Your stress diminishes and your power strengthens.

The Professional Setting

So how do you enter an interview with this body language without looking like a crazy person? It really isn’t that difficult to maneuver. First, prior to your next interview, get your self prepared mentally and physically. How? Take the superhero pose with both hands on your hips and stand there for 2 minutes. Leave your fear of looking like a crazy person outside in the car and turn your thoughts to the the possible questions and how you’ll answer.

Power Is Confidence

When we feel power, we have confidence. We can walk into that interview and know that this is the job for us and we are the candidate they need. Its common knowledge that we can improve our body with our mindset. What we need to realize according to Ms. Cuddy, is that we need let our body language improve our mental being. Ms. Cuddy’s words of wisdom aren’t “Fake it ’til you make it” but “Fake it till you become it.” This train of thought is not just good for interviewing either. Use this in any meeting or party. 

Wow! Monday came and you survived it. Maybe it was better because you read our blog earlier this week on how to make Monday better. Now it is already Friday. While we all look forward to Friday because it means the weekend is coming up, maybe we should use the last few hours of the day to get next week off to a better start.

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers you some tips to wind down your Friday so that you have a weekend free of work worries and maybe Monday will be even better than it was this week!

Connect With Exciting Contacts: Friday is a good day to set up some things for next week that you can look forward to doing. Take the afternoon and email some new prospects or reach out to some mentors you’ve had over the years, maybe schedule lunch with one Monday to give you something to look forward to (refer to Monday’s blog). Most people are already shutting down on Friday, so you may not hear from them today, but maybe you’ll have an answer Monday morning.

Get The Week Organized: Go through your calendar for next week and make your plans accordingly. Use the alarm features on your computer or smartphone calendar with any deadlines, meetings and to-dos you have. Create a task list with specific order of what needs to be done and your mind will be clear this weekend of any nagging feelings that maybe you “have something to do, but what?”.

Accomplish and Complete One Thing: While Friday is usually the day we kick back and take it easy, look at your pending projects and choose just one that you are going to complete today. Can’t get motivated? Think ahead to Monday and how good it will feel that you have this one thing completed and off your desk when you come in.

Change Your Routine: We talked about doing this on Mondays. Maybe your routine has got you in a rut and things are just stuck in neutral. Review your normal weekly routine then create a list of the things that typically distract you. What your habits and what stresses you out that gets your Monday off to a bad start. Maybe its that 30 minutes in the breakroom with co-workers talking about the weekend. Maybe its your routine of reading every piece of email that came in over the weekend, even the non-essential emails. Or do you spend Monday morning hiding from your boss or a certain colleague? Once you have created this list, create another one of what you will do in place. Make your new routine energizing and uplifting and have it sitting there where you’ll see it Monday morning. 

Plan Your Future: If you have hit the wall with the day and just can’t do another thing productive, find some music that will give you inspiration and just write down your thoughts about where you are with your current career and with life in general. Is where you are now just a stepping stone to your planned future? Do you have plans to be in another place, another position in five years? Write down some notes and then use the weekend to ponder them. Monday morning you’ll have more clarity on how to direct your week. Or maybe its time to look for new opportunity.

Give Yourself A Surprise: Hide a surprise or treat in a desk drawer. Maybe a chocolate bar, a cookie from the deli or a scented candle. Next week, it may be Monday, it may not be till Wednesday, you’ll open that drawer and be surprised.

End On A High Note: This doesn’t have to be all about you. Choose somebody in your workplace that you rely on every day, and extend an appreciating gesture of thanks. It doesn’t have to be much, just a handwritten thank-you. Or if they helped you get a deal closed and out the door on time, a flower or a gift card would do so much to make their day when you leave it on their desk Monday morning. Just think … they may play it forward and make somebody’s day next week.

Welcome to the career track recent graduates! Hopefully, you have a long and prosperous run on the career track and here at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, we wish you the best. Your attitude is everything at this point and all points going forward. A positive attitude on the career track is just like positive traction on the race track – they both get you further down the track faster. 

You will work with some great people in the future. You will work with not so great people too. There is a combination of core things you need to have to be successful on the career track. To help you avoid red lighting and keep it on the right road, we want to share some tips with you: 

Pride and Knowledge

Take pride in all you do going down the career track. Remember that everything you do will have your personal signature on it, so make it all something that you want your signature on. Anything assigned to you, do your best.

However, keep mind that too much pride equals arrogance. There is a danger zone when you have excessive pride but not the knowledge that is necessary. Find a balance between your pride and your knowledge.

Passion and Direction

Your passion in the work you do will be shown by your positive attitude. That passion will get you through the bad times at work, and there will be many. Keep that intense enthusiasm as you make your way around the career track, however, keep it balance with the direction you want to go with your career. Focus your enthusiasm on the objectives at hand and get the most out of your energy to reach the goals you have set for yourself.

Beliefs and Actions

When your personal beliefs are aligned to the company you join, the better your chances for a successful trip around the career track. You have to believe in yourself to fuel your enthusiasm and vigor. Then put your beliefs into action and watch your dreams become reality. 

How many of us look forward to the weekend only to end up almost dreading Sunday nights? For many of us, Sunday nights are dreadful because it means Monday is just around the corner. What seems like just a few blinks of shut-eye and BOOM!, we’re back in the saddle again, like it or not.

You may dread Mondays because you aren’t happy at your job. Or you may dread Mondays because they’re chaotic at best. There just isn’t enough coffee in the world to make Mondays a good thing in your book. Believe it or not, even the most successful people in the world have had a time that they dreaded their Mondays too.

So is there a secret to getting past that dread? A way to make Monday’s something you can maybe look forward to its arrival? Clear Choice Staffing Solutions feels your pain and understands where you’re coming from. As much as we love our job here, we have had those Monday Blues too. So we went out in search of some helpful ideas and tips on how to turn those Monday Blues into a Merry Monday, or at least more tolerable.

The Concept

While the Monday Blues may be a real thing, it has also simply became a common concept. Yes, that Monday Blues thing is pretty much all in your head. Something about your Monday morning routine comes to mind and that leads to something else about your Monday. Then before you know it, you’re sick at your stomach, you’ve got a headache or your in a bad mood. Or you may have all of the above.

Don’t think about it. That won’t make Monday go away, but why waste time thinking about the inevitable and making yourself miserable? Look at the Monday Blues the same as an itch you can’t scratch. When you think about the itch, it itches more, but you still can’t get to it to scratch it. Mondays are the same thing. You start fretting over it on Sunday but you can’t make it get here any faster to do anything about it, so don’t think about it.

Get A Dose Of Vitamin D

There is nothing better to make you feel good than getting out in the sunshine! Even if it is a cloudy, cold, wet Monday, getting outside and away from what causes your Monday Blues can help face those Monday Blues.

The Sunday List

Ok, you just can’t get Monday Blues out of your head, we get it. Still, it isn’t going to get here any faster simply because its on your mind, but you can go ahead and plan your attack. Sit down on Sunday evening and create a list of things you will need to do when you get to work Monday. List the things you need to in the order they need to be done, starting with getting up, shower, breakfast, packing lunches, dressing kids, stopping at the bank and then your things to do at work.

By preparing a list for your Monday the night before, you are putting yourself in control of your Monday. The Boy Scout’s motto “Always be prepared” has great meaning and it will make your Monday not so dreadful when you’ve thought it through.

Monday Music A Must

Some people will watch the news as they get ready in the mornings and others listen to news talk in the car on the way to work. If you do one or the other, or worse, both, stop it. Start your Monday with music you like instead. Why start your day with bad news?

Be The Early Bird

Your Monday morning dilemma may not be the Monday Blues at all. It may simply be you’re have a spell of laziness aka weekend leftovers. Meaning, sleeping late on Saturdays and Sundays could be making you lazy on Monday morning. A leisurely weekend is nice, but your body may not realize that Monday is not a leisure day, so when you keep hitting the snooze button Monday morning and have to jump in a rush after that 3rd or 4th hit, your body is fighting you, thus it is fighting Monday.

You had to rush through breakfast, or skip it altogether, you had to take the expressway to work instead of the slower way, you simply had to go from slow gear of the weekend to hyper gear on Monday.

Set the alarm 30 minutes earlier on Monday and then get up when the alarm goes off. Have time for a good breakfast, read the comics and not the world news, listen to your favorite music and see how different you Monday goes.

Food is Fuel

Have you ever got bad gas in your car? Remember how it spit and sputtered, the clattering it had going up hills? If you’re not eating right, your body is doing the same thing. Most likely, you didn’t eat right over the weekend and your body is clattering come Monday morning. Since you’re going to get up 30 minutes earlier Monday, this gives you time to have a good breakfast and get that good fuel in your body.

There are some people that aren’t a breakfast kind of person, but if Monday mornings are not good for you, maybe you need to try and change that theory. When your stomach has good fuel in it, your whole body, including your mind, will be better able to deal with what the day brings. If you just absolutely can not stomach food in the mornings, then plan an early, hearty lunch.

Dress Up On Mondays

Sometimes after a busy, full weekend, we tend to just slip on the most comfy thing we can Monday morning. Since you’re going to get up a little earlier Monday, put a little more effort into getting dressed. Get your “I’m ready to go to work” clothes on instead of your “I want to stay in bed” clothes on.

Mash Those Monday Meetings

Are your Monday’s filled with meetings every Monday? Maybe that sales meeting that is meant to be a “Kick off” for the week is doing just the opposite? If the meetings are in your control to reschedule, then reschedule them for Tuesdays. Give everyone a day to get back into the swing of things after the weekend. Let Monday be the day everyone uses to organize the upcoming week both business and professional.

Plan Your Monday Night

Have something planned Monday nights that you look forward to. Maybe dinner out with your spouse or friends. Maybe set your hair or nail appointment on Monday evening. Or maybe it’s just sandwiches and watching your favorite television show.

Look For The Good Things

No matter how bad Monday’s are, there are good things too, you just need to open your eyes and open your mind. Going to work earns a paycheck that pays for your home, your vehicle and your activities on the weekend. Maybe you’ve become good friends with one of your co-workers. There is something good about your job, you just need to be aware of those things. If you absolutely can not find something good about your job, then maybe you need to change jobs.

This To Shall Pass

That phrase can not be any more accurate and true than it is on Monday mornings. It came and it will pass. Remind yourself that Monday mornings can’t last forever, it is simply here for a short time and before long, Friday afternoon will here again. So don’t dwell on Monday morning and your dread. It just a few hours and lunch time will be here and the end of the day will be right behind that. 

The criminal background search for pre-employment purpose is a confusing and dizzying task. In fact, it is said that approximately 40 percent of companies that order a criminal background check really don’t understand the process.

Some of what causes this confusion is the multiple providers with multiple sources that can provide multiple kinds of criminal history information. Its not a uniform process. What can confuse the matter even further, the regulations and rules vary based on where the company is located, where the candidate is located and turnaround time is inconsistent based on the search’s geographic scope. Whew!

However, the largest confusion is that companies really do not have a sound understanding the risk tolerance for this subject. Often, the views of the individuals overseeing these searches are inconsistent. Some believe that it should be a “all in” criminal history screening process and yet others are just simply trying to pass any compliance requirements with the least amount of money and time spent. (So why do they even have a criminal background check as part of the process if they aren’t using it to its fullest?).

Idealistically, employers should have a unified plan when it comes to getting criminal background checks. Such as start by identifying the company’s risk tolerance and have an agreed upon consensus in the employment screening. Every company will have their own different issues dependent on the nature of their business, however, the critical questions are pretty common across the board:

1). Does this position call for unsupervised access to at-risk areas? Such as home health care with regards to children, the elderly or the sick.

2). Does this position have access to sensitive information? Such as customer or patient banking, credit, social security, etc.

3). Does this position have access to company information of a sensitive nature? Such as company financial records or personnel files.

4). Does this position have professional licensing that requires criminal screening? Such as the FDIC has guidelines established that employees are to be screened for prior criminal convictions as well as industry sanctions.

How your company answers these questions is indication how you should create screening packages that are job-specific. This will help the company be consistent in their hiring process because all applicants will be required to meet the the same requirements. Within these screening packages, there should be tiers of risk levels that the company is willing to take and absorb. The final review and decision should be made with your company’s legal counsel. 

In the world of recruiting, the Holy Grail has been the passive candidate, that is the person that is not looking for a job. So does that mean the employer that needs and wants them is out of luck? No, not really. What it does mean though, you’ll need to meet their demands instead of the other way around. 

A recent survey of full-time employees in all industries and over 20 countries provided some information that will tell you what you need to get that passive candidate over to your ball field. It wasn’t just money either, although, that is still a primary chess piece to play.

Numbers – Money and More

One out of every four full-time employee surveyed saw themselves as actively seeking another job more than once a week. What motivated these searches?

* Greater Growth Opportunity

* Better Compensation

* Better Benefits

* Challenging Work

However, 85 percent said they were passive in the job change but would probably talk to a recruiter just to see what was out there. There was a very small portion that said they were 100% satisfied with their job and had no interest at all in talking to a recruiter or seeing what else was out there.

There were two things in common of those surveyed was what they were interested in and would consider a job change:

1). Improved Job Title

2). Better Office Location

The Conclusion

The findings of this survey tell us that what most working people would change jobs for an opportunity, ie, better balance between work their lives with work and more money. Some though would change jobs at the same salary if there was the opportunity to grow

While overall, the job market has been weak for sometime now, but recent surveys have found that there is current business growth which has created a demand in the job market, giving it new breath. Ever so slight economic conditions have starting turning in a positive direction due to consumer demands growing, thus creating a “trickle-down effect” that has resulted in full-time job openings. 

So this has resulted in a decline in unemployment, or is it that qualified candidates have simply dropped out of the job scene? Either way, companies that are now hiring are facing challenges that are painful and real. Any business knows that it is expensive and time consuming when you need to hire qualified talent. Many have decided that letting somebody that has specialized expertise is the best way. Still, even in the best situation, it is challenging.

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has identified three obstacles that employers face today and how they can overcome those obstacles:

Inventory Shortage

There is a massive inventory shortage of qualified candidates. The gaps in talent have hamperedemployers being able to fill positions jobs and that is suppressing their growth. The areas most affected by this are those needing general labor and skilled workers. Did employers cause this problem themselves though?

At one time, labor was found to be cheaper offshore, but that has changed as the workers in those countries are demanding more money now. So with labor cost increasing offshore, manufacturers are coming back to American soil.

However, those experienced CNC machinists, forklift operators,general laborers, machine operators and welders have either learned new skills and moved on or have reached retirement age. With those jobs gone, the up and coming generations were told to get a formal education and seek a career in something besides those jobs.

Not everyone can afford a formal education though, and staffing agencies and recruiting firms can be a vital connection for an employer to find the skilled talent they need today. Agencies are in constant search of candidates that can fill these positions and create an inventory to fulfill an employer’s need.

Even better for an employer, staffing agencies offer them workforce solutions that are flexible, meaning, they can spot fill jobs on as-need basis, without the employer concerned about candidates that are looking for long-term commitment only.

Budget Constraints

The recent studies that tell us business is growing due to consumer demands growing which is making creating jobs, over 1/3 of those in the survey say they still have budget restrictions and cost of filling those jobs are is a big challenge.

By working with a staffing agency, a business can take advantage of the job seeker networks and recruiting technology that they offer. Selecting a staffing agency that has expertise in a specific industry can be more cost effective than running want-ads and processing potential candidates themselves.

With direct placement service, the hiring time is shortened and minimizes disruption to business. When you put all that together, the cost-per-hire is lowered on the average and with a satisfaction guarantee policy, the risk of bad hires are eliminated. Companies are able to meet deadlines, relieve stress on the staff and an employer can retain qualified employees until they are in a position to offer them a permanent position.

Lack Hiring Time

Almost 10 % of those surveyed stated that a challenge in filling jobs are the time constraints. Today it take more money and time both to fill job openings with the right candidate. From posting the job, reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, conducting interview, administering tests and doing the reference checks, it is exhausting and expensive.

A staffing agency offers employers valuable time because those recruiting things are eliminated for them, allowing them to make better use of their time with the more important tasks of running a business. Because a staffing agency maintains a candidate database, they have already made drastic reduction in the time a employer takes looking for the right candidate.

The bottom line of these surveys tell us that the hiring challenges employers face today can be circumvented by a staffing agency. It makes filling jobs less disruptive and more cost effective. When an employer takes the time to build a strong relationship with a staffing agency or recruiting firm, that will be time with a higher ROI in the long run than the time it takes hiring directly on their own. 

Even though the political conventions and elections are over, the political banter still hasn’t ended. Log onto your FaceBook account and you’ll see one political quip after another. Political discussions are heard everywhere from church to the grocery store to the gas station. The Presidential elections the past 20 years have probably been some of the most heated and stirred up many emotions for everyone, no matter which party you’re affiliated. 

Whether you vote “blue” or “red” or you’re in middle, its hard not to get fired up about the subject and want to discuss politics. However, when at work … beware. That is one subject that can lead to dismissal. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has read that one-forth of all employers have written policies about anything political, even restricting conversations in the workplace. However, on the other hand, there are some states that make it it illegal for private employers to discriminate against employees because of their politics.

Does your employer have any written or unwritten policies on this subject? Are you one of those who believes you have the right to talk about your stand on politics and that everyone is entitled to hear your opinion? You may want to take the time to find out where your employer stands on this subject. 

So what if your employer doesn’t have any specific policies about political based discussions? Does that make it okay to wear political buttons, t-shirts or hang your political party’s flag in your cubicle? Should you feel free to bring fund raising efforts to work for a candidate or political party? Like all things related to the workplace, if you aren’t sure and have to ask, the safe answer is no. If you don’t want to chance getting on the bad side of your co-workers, or worse yet, your boss or the owner, the safe answer is no.

Why Must You Keep Your Politics In Check?

The reasons seem apparently obvious to most, but if you’re new to the workforce, ie, recent graduate, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions provides you the following reasons: 

Freedom Of Speech

This does not necessarily protected in the workplace, especially if your political opinion could interfere with your co-workers right to work in a non-hostile work environment. It doesn’t matter if your opinions aren’t hostile either. Others may feel as if they are hostile and they could file a complaint to HR or even a grievance and they would be protected by the law. Employers don’t want trouble makers in the workplace, so you could be the one handed walking-papers.

It Isn’t Illegal

It is not against the law to discriminate against employees based on their political biases. Regardless what which political party direction the company seems to lean as a whole, that doesn’t mean there isn’t someone who may get annoyed or offended by political opinions. If you miss out on the next promotion or you’re one of those in the next batch of lay-offs, it could well be your political opinion offended someone in management.

Your Colleagues Find You Offensive

They may be there to cover your back and chip in to help you make a deadline, but that doesn’t mean they agree with you about everything. Sharing your political opinion isn’t the best way to build a circle of allies.

041314 Personalities 2Your Judgment Could Be Questionable

Your style of communicating and how you handle yourself, especially when agitated, are always observed in the workplace,by management and your co-workers. So if your are one who gets easily and quickly heated in a political discussion, others may wonder if you have the ability to handle issues that are important on the job, especially if you are in a position that requires you to negotiate or work with a diverse group.  

So how should you handle your political views at work? Keep them to yourself is the safest way. How should you handle the person who’s political views don’t agree with? Keep it to yourself is the safest way. Or you could pull them aside and one-on-one let them know that perhaps not everyone agrees with them and it may be best if they minimized their discussions. Of course, if all else fails, you can always to to your manager or HR with your concerns.

Here at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, in our last blog, we discussed how your name could be holding you back in your career. You could maybe call it ‘discrimination by name’ and while it isn’t “right”, it happens. Employers have been found to pass over a resume with an “ethnic” sounding name for a “white” sounding name through unofficial studies. 

With all the discrimination laws we have in place, there isn’t any to protect us from that type of discrimination. We want to share with you today, the other discriminating things that happen in the hiring process that are legal as well:


There is not any Federal law but there are a few municipalities or states that prohibit employers from discriminating because of an applicant’s appearance. It is common for women to be held to different appearance standards than men and in some case, vice versa, which is illegal discrimination. However, being discriminated against because you’re beautiful, well, that is most likely legal. Some municipalities and states have limits on discrimination for appearance or weight, however, for the person that is morbidly obese, they are probably going to be protected by disability discrimination laws.


According to Federal Bankruptcy Code, “No private employer may terminate the employment of, or discriminate with respect to employment against, an individual who is or has been a debtor under this title, a debtor or bankrupt under the Bankruptcy Act, or an individual associated with such debtor or bankrupt . . . .” The catch here though is that this law does not provide any protection if you are a potential candidate for a position, meaning you can lose out on that dream job if you have filed bankruptcy in the past.


If you have a bad credit history, an employer can pass over you in most states. There are some states that have established laws that poor credit history can not be considered in hiring decisions. The Federal law states that employers must follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act if they run credit checks. The EEOC is reviewing how credit reports are used in employment decisions, especially in how they often have a disparaging impact on minorities and women.

Favoritism or Nepotism

Does your boss play favorites? Contrary to what many think, favoritism isn’t illegal. This includes Nepotism. Hiring and favoring family members and friends is not illegal in the private sector and depending on the state you live in, it may not be an issue for government positions either. Every state has their own law in regards to conflict of interest and under Sarbanes-Oxley, possible conflict of interest by management has to be disclosed. So your boss can hire her niece or his best friend if you are a publicly-held companies but they have to disclose this connection to the shareholders.

Political Affiliation or Views

A candidate’s political affiliation can not be used in hiring decision in some states. However, employees can be dismissed from their job for exercising their right to free speech and expressing their political opinion. What about your First Amendment rights? That only applies to Government employees, with just one large exception: The National Labor Relations Act protects you from being fired for discussing your working conditions.


There are many employers that unemployment is a factor used to disqualify an applicant and in recent years, it has become rampant. And guess what? It is legal. There are a few states that have made it illegal and many states have attempted to pass laws to make it illegal and have failed. The American Jobs Act is in limbo, waiting to be voted on, that will prohibit employers from using unemployment as a deciding factor to hire or not hire a person.

So there are many types of discrimination which are legal and there are many that are illegal. Before you decide to make any accusations and take legal action against an employer or prospective employer, do your homework.

There are laws to protect us from being discriminated against because of race, religion or sex and yet, a recent study proved that discrimination is still evident in the job market. Now the discrimination wasn’t in these three categories, but the names of applicants. That’s right, a person’s name made a big difference in whether they were called for an interview.

Two professors, one from MIT and one from University of Chicago, conducted this study in Boston and Chicago with made-up job seeker’s resumes. These phantom resumes were sent to 1,300 ads found in local newspapers with random first and last names on the resumes that are common by race and sex and were chosen to represent the following categories:

* Black Women
* White Women
* Black Men
* White Men

Almost 5,000 applications in total were submitted over a one year period with typically 4 résumés submitted to each job opening from a pool of 160. These four created job seekers applied to the same pool of ads with résumés that were equal with no identical resumes sent to any one employer.

The names were randomly matched to the résumés so that an even mix of race and sex were applying. What did these two professors find? It may alarm you, then again, it may not.

* 10% of the white name applicants were called for an interview
* 6.7% of the black name applicants were called for an interview

So are we not making any progress when it comes to discrimination between blacks and whites? An individual did a study of his own, using only himself. A Hispanic male by the name of Jose applied for up to a 100 jobs a week and never received a phone call or email. When he dropped the “S” from his name and applied as Joe, he was swamped with interview request and email replies.
What both of these studies tells us,is that employers may still have some prejudices. Names that sound “white” are more prone to get those phone calls than an “ethinic” name. The Emilys, Gregs are 50% more likely to hear from their application than the Tamkias and Tyrones or even the Joses.

Even though these studies weren’t “official”, they speak clearly: Employment is still strongly affected by racial discrimination. in hiring is still a problem.