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For many families, going to college right after high school is just a given, even expected. They believe that if you are going to have any type of career with a future, college is a must-do. That college degree will open doors that won’t open otherwise, there is no argument about that. 

However, not every career requires that degree and they have just a good of a future as those who take that 4, 8 or 10 year college path first. In fact, those with the college degree will be giving these non-college degree jobs a visit on a regular basis: 


Today’s term is Mixologist, but whatever you want to call yourself, depending on where you’re located, the pay for this job can be one of the best, just in tips alone! This is a job for the cool headed person that can handle pressure, but the people you’ll meet are plenty.


A compassionate person that likes helping others can work with a RN for a year or so, bet certified and pull down $20k a year with flexible hours. The more certification classes you take and pass, the more money you can make.

Court Reporter

Can you think of a better job to get in on the gossip of what’s happening than a Court Reporter?! Seriously, this is probably one of the most interesting careers and spending your days in a courtroom can earn you up to $50k a year. Stenographers are often required to record depositions too.

Dental Hygienist

So while your best friend in high school is going on to college, then dental school, you can get an associates degree in 2 years or less and be pulling down around $70k a year by the time they are just getting their internship going. 

Electrical Technician

Start out as an apprentice and if your employer likes you, they’ll pay for you to take a 2 year certification course, that when you’re all done, you’ll be pulling in $38k a year or more. 

Fitness Instructor

With the healthcare insurance laws these days, the only thing we know for sure is that we need to be in good health. This is a job that if you are a health enthusiast, you can be making up to $38k a year or more in the position of a Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor or Yoga Instructor. No certification or college degree needed, simply get connected with an experienced instructor and learn hands-on. 

Helicopter Pilot

A college degree isn’t necessary, but you will need (and want) to get as much training as required and possible. After you’ve got all that training though, you’ll be bring in a nice $74k every year.


Any part of the country is going to need HVAC technicians. Us humans like to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter and that makes these folks in high demand. A college degree isn’t necessary but certification is, but starting out around $45k annually, its worth the investment of money and time.


You know those folks you see on the highways and roadways wearing day-glo green, orange or yellow vest and a hardhat, looking through a telescope thing? Those folks are puling in around $50k a year taking measurements and sticking little flags in the ground.

Tax Examiner

You don’t need a college degree, but there are classes that can help you get a leg up in this industry, however, just being a person that loves numbers, employment as a Tax Examiner can make as much as $50K a year or more.

Web Developer

There are very few businesses that do not have a website these days. While there are websites that you can do yourself, a web developer has the creative ability to create websites with pages that pull in the customers. While a college degree is a help to land this job, if you go to work on the ground level of a company to learn from an experienced web designer, you can learn the skills that are necessary and find a job making $49l a year or more

The salaries quoted in this blog aren’t right on the money, there is no guarantee that you’ll make that much. Every company that hires any of these positions may require certification or training. A college degree can often help you make more too, but for the most part, these positions do not require a degree. If college isn’t for you, they are definitely something you may want to consider.

Civil Rights have changed hiring practices since the inception of Civil Rights and how they fit into the workplace. A person’s creed, race, religion or sex can not be used to when determining to hire them. Now, another Civil Rights issue is at hand … a person’s Criminal Background.

A legislation is now in placed called “Ban the Box”. It is referring to the box on an application that asks if the applicant has ever been convicted of a crime. The intention of this legislation is to give x-convicts the opportunity at a job just any non x-convict. Those who support this legislation believe that a person shouldn’t be judged based on past convictions when they are being interviewed.

At this time, there are 12 states that have enacted this legislation for public employers and 5 states that have enacted it for private employers as well. Many says they believe this is a trend that is growing. Those who support this legislation say that this isn’t just a social issue, but a logical issue in the fact that many employers are missing out on prime candidates because of the box.

For companies that run background checks, why have that box? A candidate’s criminal history will come out then, so why let the interview be tainted because of the box being checked? The legislation doesn’t require employers to hire x-convicts nor does it say that employer can’t make a background check part of the hiring process. “Ban the Box” simply prevents the employer from asking about candidates background up front. By not knowing a candidate’s criminal background upfront, the candidate has the same opportunity to a successful interview as any candidate.

Legal experts say that for employer that doesn’t ban the box, they are making themselves vulnerable to legal risks. Any employer with a blanket policy of not hiring felonies could be named in a lawsuit by the EEOC. Not hiring a person that has a 25 year old marijuana conviction shouldn’t be barred form ever holding a job. The former convictions should be relevant to the position that the x-felon is applying for, not in general.

By banning the box, supporters say that it will get convicted criminals back to work and keep them out of trouble too. This is a plus in the fact that they will be contributing to society as well as adding to the tax funds. As a working individual, they are able to shop and contribute to the income of businesses and again, contributing to the tax funds by way of sales tax.

It is also recommended by the same legal experts that a business which implements “Ban the Box” be sure to have their bases covered as well. If an employer hires a x-convict and something happens, the employer could be sued for negligent hiring practices. This is only one issue that many small businesses have with this legislation.

Other concerns are the lack of time a small business has for interviewing and hiring. When they don’t have a dedicated person for HR purpose, it often falls on the owner or 2nd in command. They don’t have time to run background checks, thus they need to know up front if there is any issue about a candidate. This concern supports those against the legislation with the one size does not fit all theory.

Many that are against “Ban the Box” say that there is concern for jobs in places where children are, such as school districts and little league sports. Places such as government agencies, landlords and lenders should know upfront the background of applicants as well. Some are concerned about possible unintended consequences if “Ban the Box” goes too far.

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions knows that  it is pretty much agreed by all hiring managers that the most important question in your interview is “Up until this time of your career, what is the one most significant accomplishment?” Why? Well that question opens the interview door that allows the interviewer to dig deeper with more questions. Questions like the next most important question:

Why did you leave your last job?”

This question arms the interviewer with information that will help them determine if you are the right person for the job or add you to the list of rejected candidates. First though, it opens a door for the interviewer to ask more questions which help them get an understanding about you as a person. What kind of things motivate you, how you think, how easy you are to manage and if you get along with your co-workers well.

A typical interview may last on the average 30 minutes and it is in the first 10 to 15 minutes that drive the rest of the interview and provides the follow up questions that the interviewer needs. Your answers give them the insight to determine if you are the best candidate for the position. As you prepare for your next interview, give these questions some thought and how you would answer them: 

  • Why was that reason important to you to leave that job?
  • How did you try to deal with the matter and what were the results?
  • What did you like about that job and that employer?
  • When did your feelings for the position and/or the company change?
  • Is there anything could have kept you with the company?
  • Why is that important?
  • Describe your role in the company.
  • Describe the overall company culture and your co-workers there.
  • What was your manager’s style?
  • What were the things you liked the most about that manager?
  • What did you like the least?
  • Did you have any challenges between you and your manager?
  • How did you handle those challenges?

These are just a few questions that give the interviewer an insight about you and let’s them gauge how they think you may, or may not, fit into the company. Your answers tell them how poorly you worked with your manager there, or how well you worked with your manager. By rehearsing and preparing the answers you have to questions like these you can answer other questions that are just as important. Those are questions about the job you are applying for, such as: 

  • Why do you want to join our team?
  • Why do you want this position?
  • Do you feel that this position with our company is a good fit for you? Why?
  • Do you think you are a good fit for this position and do you see yourself fitting into our company culture?

Of course your education, experience, knowledge and skills have a big part in whether you are are hired for a job too. As we have covered in this blog before, how you present yourself and any shortcomings will make a difference in addition to how you answer these questions.

It is the all time Catch-22: You need experience to get the job but you need the job to get the experience. If you are just starting out in the workforce, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions can tell you that this will be the one challenge that will confront you throughout your working years, no matter the career path you choose. Experts call it the Permission Paradox. Job seekers call it frustrating. 

An obstacle that can be paralyzing, at the same time it can also be a prophecy that is self-fulfilling too. We can almost guarantee you that there is not one successful professional that has not every hit this roadblock at least once. What those successful people all have that got them around or over that roadblock is the distinguishing characteristic to find a access to enthralling opportunities, ie, somebody took a leap of faith or Lady Luck opened a door for them. 

Then they made good on that opportunity. That Ladies and Gentlemen is the secret key to overcome the Permission Paradox or beat that Catch 22. Here at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, we know that overcoming this problem is important to launch your career and thrive for the long haul. We also know that you will only gain confidence in your abilities to do a job if you are given the opportunity. And that in itself is the problem – Getting the opportunity that allows you to show them your stuff.

You should understand this paradox from a hiring manager’s position. They evaluate you on two dimensions and depending on the level of seniority the position you’ve applied for, these can each have a different weight in consideration:

Your Potential

Your Track Record

Early in your career, your potential is the greater of the two and it is made up of several components. Those components are your attitude, communication skills, curiosity to learn, enthusiasm, knowledge and work ethics. However, your potential and all that indicates your potential is not the only thing that decision makers and hiring managers look at though.

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers you 5 strategies that will help you overcome the great Permission Paradox in the beginning or your career.


Relevant credentials is probably the best and most logical way to gain entry to the Permission Paradox. Whether it is a specialized degree or training. This doesn’t necessarily require 4 or more years in school either. There aren’t many occupations today that don’t have some sort of program to get get a degree or trained in short time.


So what if you don’t have that degree or training? Get creative! Non-paid internships and volunteering are great ways to get that training and right at the source where you want to be too. Start-ups can always use a free hand and non-profits are always looking for help too. As an intern or volunteer you will get hands-on experience in a variety of things. This not only gets you some experience, it may also cement whether this is what you want to do or not.

Bottom Up

Simply because you do have a degree or have obtained a certificate doesn’t mean you are over qualified for an entry-level job. Well okay, you may be, but that’s not the point. To break through that Permission Paradox, you have start some place and that is usually going to be at the bottom. Accept that now and you’ll get further faster. It could very well be the least paid admin job, but you’ll have the opportunity to learn the business from the beginnings and what more could you ask for? What you learn at the bottom will be many things that you can use as you climb upward.


If you don’t have a job, you got time. Time is a precious asset and for the creative person, when you package that with energy, enthusiasm and initiative, you can exchange it for an opportunity to get past that Permission Paradox.


Maybe you have decided the general direction you want to go with your career and future. You have taken all the classes, all the steps and all the training to reach your targeted destination but it still isn’t happening. What you’ll probably find is that you simply do not have the desired experience for the position. It may be time to re-imagine your experience and pursue your targeted destination from a different angle. Take your experience and resume then find how you can spin it around to fit the requirements of the job you want.


Remember the days of directories that were nothing more than spam and all the banner advertising that just wouldn’t go away? You know, before the great search engine Google came along? Your company’s C-Suite probably uses Google every day and instructs you and the rest of the team to do the same, right? We do here at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions. Google is our friend. Google is a must for business today. 

Have they discovered and embraced Social Media yet? Probably not is our guess. In the opinion of many professionals, right after Google, the next best thing on the internet is Twitter. With LinkedIn and Google Plus following right behind. Of course FaceBook has its place in social media, but more on a socializing level and not so much on a professional business level. Although FaceBook is the place companies need to be to grab the attention of the public. But that’s for another blog another time. 

Social media is something that many people just don’t understand the whole concept. Perhaps they are a little scared of it. Or they see Social Media to be a distraction from business and the work that is needed to keep business going. Or they are so busy in their position and responsibility, they don’t even have Social Media on their radar.

And that my friends, is a problem. The C-Suite team, those senior executives in your company, aren’t easy to convince that Social Media is an investment that needs to be made. They see little to no benefit to this whole “passing fad” called Social Media.

While those in the C-Suite are in the position they are is because they are good at their job. Whether they are good Accountants, Engineers, Sales Leaders or any other focus, they have grown and worked into that position because they have a high-level understanding of the business at hand. No doubt about it, they have the company’s best interests at heart and in mind. So if they don’t see the immediate benefits of something,or the don’t understand the purpose of something, like Social Media, they aren’t willing to go forth with a decision to “do it”.

What this means to anyone that is trying to “sell” them on something, like Social Media, you must speak to them in a language they know and understand. Coming at a woman with an Engineering background and degree with the buzzwords and jargon of Social Media isn’t going to get you anywhere. That won’t work on the guy that has an Accounting background and degree either.

Social Media needs to be explained to them in the language they can comprehend. With that being stated, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers the following tips to help you get your knowledge of Social Media on their level:

Sales Minded

There isn’t any sales team that doesn’t neednew leads. The landscape that is Social Media is full of unharvested new leads. Determine the best way to demonstrate how the leads from Social Media can be identified and flipped into an opportunity at a minimal cost compared to the traditional lead channels.

Retain Customers

Social Media and Customer Service are a team in today’s world. By integrating Social Media and an organization’s contact center, issues can be identified before becoming problems. Social Media allows an organization to retain current customers and upsell them new products and services.

Mass Marketing

We all know that word-of-mouth is one of the best marketing tools and that is exactly what Social Media provide – Word-Of-Mouth marketing on steroids. The environment that Social Media offers is e perfect because it recruits virtual brand ambassadors that drive interests in your product or services which will build your company’s reputation and even better, generate sales.

Public Relations

With Social Media, the need for traditional broadcast and print marketing tools aren’t as important. You still want to have something that can be held in the hands of decision makers, but Social Media will to the talking for you. It talks directly to current customers and prospective customers. Journalists are no longer the gatekeepers of information and news. A company can own its media outlet now thanks to Social Media.

Search Engine Optimization

Anyone in the C-Suite that doesn’t understand how important SEO traffic is to the company, is most likely just there as a consultant with a title now. The most technophobic exec will have some level of understanding how important SEO is to drive more traffic to the company’s website. Still though, SEO is a mystery for the most common C-Suite executive and Social Media can do the same thing as SEO.

Analyze The Competition

Social Media allows your company to keep tabs on the competition. Social Media can alert your company of opportunities as well as threats. Social Media can give your company inspiration to go in new directions with product developments, industry trends and services offered.

After presenting these things to the C-Level team at your company, as them if they can afford not to be connected to the world via Social Media.

What if you could do away with your desktop, laptop and smart phone? How awesome would that be? Well Google has made that ‘dream’ a real thing with Google Glass. For a fairly heft price, you can have a something that is straight out of the 1960s cartoon “The Jetsons” or the television series “Star Trek”. You can have a battery, camera, display, microphone and touchpad built into the frames of glasses. These glasses will allow you have in your vision field a display of film and snap pictures, internet search and translate languages. How mind-blowing is that?!

If this doesn’t sound like something that was created for television that we only could imagine in our childhood, then I don’t know what does. Seriously, a computer you wear on your head. A pair of reality glasses. This is the ultimate in hands-free, wearable technology. With such an invention, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has to ask how could these affect the interviewing and hiring process. Well let’s take a look … on paper:

Interview Preparation

Prior to an interview, you do an interview rehearsal, review your notes from the research you’ve done about the company and maybe while sitting in the lobby, use your smart phone to get some last minute information about the company and perhaps the person you’ll be interviewing with via LinkedIn. With a pair of Google Glasses, this whole thing gets a lot easier. You could even go through those videos with interview tips.


If your car doesn’t have GPS installed, you probably use your smart phone’s map app to find where you’re going. Then just as you get on the freeway, your battery goes dead! With Google Glass, you wouldn’t have that problem because you can get the directions literately, right in front of your eyes! You can even ask your Google Glasses for the nearest drug store to run in and get a notepad and pen for your interview, make more copies of your resume or buy a new pair of panty hose since you just popped a runner in these!.

Get Psyched

Who doesn’t listen to their favorite tunes a motivational talk on the way to an interview to get pumped up so you’re ready to rock out that interview! With a pair of Google Glasses, you can get that musical or verbal motivation that makes your feel like you can conquer the world.

An Interactive Interview Process

Perhaps one member of the management team can’t make the interview, a live stream video conference is possible with Google Glass. Text messages can be sent with any specific questions that the rest of the team could see right in front of them. The job candidate would need to be made aware of this practice so that here aren’t any violations of privacy of course.


Just as a job candidate can do last minute fact checking while sitting in the lobby, a hiring manaager can check the achievements and information that the job candidate is talking about in regards to themselves. The interviewer can visit websites that the candidate mentions while interviewing them. Do they really have 15,000 plus followers on Twitter?

Conquer The First Day

Once you have been offered the job, the first day can be nerve wracking for anyone. Google Glass can make that first day so much easier! You can make notes of names and positions of those you meet, you can make notes on passwords and how to get to the deli that everyone has told you is the best. You can even make notes about your work schedule and procedures you’ll need to follow.

Gone Are The Paper And Pen

Google Glass will revolutionize both sides of the job interview, maybe. There are all sorts of privacy issues at hand for both the candidate and the company. Will Google Glass be a step in modernization for the job search and recruitment industry? 

Our thanks to Ms. Lauren Riley for her eye opening articles!

Some experts well tell you the economy has improved and the job scene is looking better. But those who are still unemployed, some for 2,3, 4 years or more, will have a different story. For anyone that has just lost their job, the feelings of fear and worry are well understood by those who have been out in the job market for awhile now.

The first few weeks, you’re anxious and hopeful as you send out resumes and sign up on job boards and networking boards. You may even get an interview or two. Then when those interviews don’t pan out and you don’t get any calls or emails, you’ll start to feel desperation and wonder if you’ll ever find a job. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions is aware of the things that lay ahead for you in the job market. We’ve worked with many that are in the same place you are and while nobody has the exact recipe to get back to work, we hope this blog gives you a little inspiration.

While you”re unemployed, some days are going to be very, very long and others will have flown by so fast, you’ll lose track. Some days will remain forever clear in your mind while many days will just blend in together. Chances are you aren’t prepared for finding a job when you lose your job by no fault of your own, ie company closing or downsizing.

Get Prepared

The first order of business is to get the resume out of hiding, dust it off and freshen it up. Get set up on professional job boards that are in your area of education, interest and training. Register and set up a professional profile on social sites like LinkedIn, If you are blessed with knowing more than one language, set a profile up in each one.

Reduce Expenses

This may be easier for some than others, but it a must-do for survival. Even though you may be the most competitive candidate in your area of expertise and industry, there is no guarantee just how long it will take you to find a job. Keep in mind that even after you do get a job, there will be a period of time before you get paid. So do away with any superfluous expenses such as cable television, home phone (keep that cell phone, you may need it while you’re out and about) and forgo those dinners out. Get in the habit of looking for things that are cheap, cheaper and free or don’t buy it or do it. We understand if you have kids at home, this isn’t as easy, but what better time to show them the value of a dollar than when you don’t have one?

Careful About Renegotiating Debts

As your unemployment rolls into months, it may seem like renegotiating your debts to lower payment and extend pay-off dates is wise. For the moment, it is helpful, but look at the bigger picture at what it may cost you in the end. Renegotiating debt could end up costing you an additional 50% more than the original debt.

Stay Busy

Keeping busy is paramount to save your sanity – spare time is not as attractive as it seems! When you are unemployed, being unoccupied leaves you time to think which leads you to worry about anything and everything that you need to do an can’t because you don’t have money. With that train of thought, you can become depressed and that is one more thing you don’t need right now.

Learn New Skills

One way to keep busy is to learn as much as you can for free. The internet is a wonderful source and you may learn something that can increase your chances for a job in a field that you hadn’t thought about before. Your public library is a wealth of information and many offer free courses as do community centers. Even a free course to brush up on your Excel or Power Point is better than sitting at home worrying.

Bond With Your Family

Use your free time to bond with your family. If there are other family members in the same boat with you, unemployed, who better to bond with? Build a force together to face this unemployed situation head on. There is not like family pulling together to beat anything.

Make New Friends

When you lose your job, you lose some friends too. Take the time to make new friends. They may be at the community classes or at the library. There is an old saying ‘Wealth attracts friends, but poverty weeds them out’ and nothing could be more true. Once you no longer have an income, you may be surprised that your dearest and oldest friends won’t be there when you need them most. However, new friends that you make that are in the same situation as you will be there to encourage you and cheer for you.

Plan Your Future

While you have the empty time, really think about what you want to do going forward. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years, 10 years? One thing you know for certain, life will always the unexpected waiting for you. If not, you wouldn’t be reading this, right? Learn to keep an open mind and set your goals.

For anyone reading this that has recently lost your job, not despair. Simply take a deep breath and things will fall into place as they are meant to. In time, your expenses will level out, your debts will ease and life will go on.

Remember the scene at a train station in the movie “A League of Their Own” where a father is trying to comfort and reassure his daughter about leaving him to play in all women baseball league? Dad sees the big picture that she doesn’t. He knows that his daughter has what it take to fit in that picture encourages her to take that leap of faith. Here at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, we want to put this movie scene to work in your real life. 

For young adults just graduating college, letting go of the known isn’t easy. Breaking away from everything you know to be is scary. But that is what being an adult is all about. This young adulthood time of your life is when you should test new identities and probe your boundaries. Learn what is pleasurable and learn what is possible. It is the time of your life to find those your aspirations and values while they accept and encourage you. This is when you need to pursue that a special where things just might happen for you.

After graduation, you will receive job offer. After a few years there, you will move up and out and during your time there, you’ll make new friends. Then you will meet the person you’ll want to spend the rest of our life with so you take your hard earned savings and buy a home together, maybe start a family. While all this is taking place, you will be honing your expertise, experience and skills and develop a reputation as well as a network. Those two things will become valuable commodities for you. In time, you will find yourself personally and professionally anchored while at the same time having the confidence to select what is convenient and turn down the things that are uncertain.

While this may be considered the natural order and process for everyone, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions asks “Did you settle in a location where things can happen?” Let us provide you some helpful tips and hints on choosing the right location to make this described ‘natural order’ of things happen:

Location, Location, Location

You probably have heard that term in relation to real estate, but it actually applies to many things in live. When it comes to making your life what you can and want it to be, ask yourself where do you want to live or even better, ask yourself“Where are the most opportunities at for me?”

A recent study of 25,000 company reviews between January 2011 to March 2014, found that employees measure their satisfaction based on the following things:

  • Their Manager and Coworkers
  • Encouragement and Rewards Received
  • Opportunities for Professional Growth
  • Company Culture and Environment
  • Work Flow
  • Day-to-Day Responsibilities

The experts doing this study took the data they received and cross-referenced it to the participant’s location so that they could identify the top locations. What they came up with fits the phrase “Go West, young man.”

So Where Are The Places You Need To Be?

It appears from this study that the most popular locations were in the West, with California at the top, primarily Silicon Valley. This really isn’t surprising though since this is where most of the big “in” employers are located now. Companies like Adobe, Apple, eBay, FaceBook, Google and many more are located in the Silicon Valley and they are “THE” companies for young professionals today. That is unless you are with a start-up.

The Bay Area of California is the hottest place to be for young professionals right now, especially through the San Francisco-Oakland corridor. The one time number one place, New York City, is now number 7, just ahead of Las Vegas. For recent graduates with a focus on cultural and finance, The Big Apple times as the Mecca has lost the imagination of blue bloods, Ivy League and Midwesterners. They’ve started heading west for that self-reinvention. Surprisingly, Austin Texas, where many young professionals wanted to be at one time, with its entrepreneur spirit and vibrant nightlife didn’t make the Top Ten list either.

If you have just graduated and not sure where to start your career, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers you the following list from this study: 

CA; San Jose Santa Clara, Sunnyvale

FL: Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Pompano Beach

CA: Long Beach, Los Angeles, Santa Ana

VA: Alexandria, Arlington, Washington, D.C.

CA: Carlsbad, San Diego, San Marcos

CA: Fremont, Oakland, San Francisco

NY: Long Island, New York City, Northern New Jersey

NV: Las Vegas, Paradise

MA: Boston, Cambridge, Quincy

VA: Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia Beach 

So graduates, your first post-college summer is drawing to an close. Now is the time to choose the place where “You Have To Go Where Things Happen”. Good luck and Gods speed!

The San Antonio Spurs have made headlines before by winning the NBA Championship this past June. Now they have made headlines again by hiring a woman as an assistant coach. Are you rereading this last sentence to make sure you read it right? Well you dd … the San Antonio Spurs just hired WNBA player Becky Hammon, as the Assistant Coach.

Many are questioning this decision, it is hard for most people to understand why would a NBA Champion team like the San Antonia Spurs do this? Well here at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions we believe that it is testimony to Ms. Hammon had work. We believe that is testimony to her qualifications to coach – men or women. We also believe it is a testimony has a process in their hiring that other organizations should follow.

So just what is their process that lead to a history making hire like this one?

Credentials – First and Foremost, when this NBA Championship team went looking for the right candidate, they were looking for the person that had basketball knowledge. Becky Hammon had those credentials with 16 years as a professional basketball player and has All-Star credentials. Her working knowledge of the game resonated on her resume, not her Gender.

Fit – It is apparent that with 5 NBA Championships, this team is all about basketball first mentality. As such, the owners of the San Antonio Spurs knows that any coach they were considering needed to have that same mentality. Becky Hammon has an unsurpassed passion for basketball has has mastered the fundamentals which indicates that this tradition will continue.

Success – The owners of the San Antonio Spurs knows that the coach they choose would need to complement the team. This person would need to have a professional and open attitude with the coaches and staff as well as the players.

Values – As a professional and team player, Becky Hammon showed that her values were in line with this NBA Championship team principles of team first. This proved she was a match that with her focus of basketball and her selflessness, it demonstrated that her values coincide with those of the San Antonio Spurs all the way across the board and from top to bottom.

Qualifications – Becky Hammon has qualifications that lent to her being considered for a coaching position with the NBA San Antonio spurs. There was nothing about her gender or race that reflected in the team’s decision to hire her. She was simply the right person for the position.

Timing – For Becky Hammon, the timing was right for the hiring. Just 10 years ago a hiring like this probably would have received resistance within any organization, including the San Antonio Spurs. But with hiring practices becoming more transparent, as well as the rise of WNBA’s being recognized for the high quality it has always had, the time was right for a female coach to be considered for the transition into the world of NBA.

Purpose – This hiring decision wasn’t made simply for the Spurs’ to make headlines – they are already there. Nor was it done for marketing purposes. This NBA team is THE most consistent of all the NBA franchise when it comes to professional conduct having a proper manner in which they operate. The coaches, owners and staff make sure that the players are accessible to the fans and they work even hard to show their quality product on the game floor at each game.

The only intention the San Antonio Spurs had in hiring Becky Hammons as the assistant coach was to hire the best candidate for the assistant coach position. They felt she was the best candidate to learn under Coach Greg Popovich and here at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, we believe they have succeeded.

A microwave, the sun and especially an X-ray machine are all sources of ionizing radiation, a form of energy. That radiation is strong enough to get rid of electrons that are orbiting around atoms. For today’s students, this is all learned in 8th grade science, if not sooner. 

As awesome as that sounds, as wonderful as those things that use ionizing radiation is in our lives, it also causes cancer. There are some jobs that use or are exposed to this radiation that actually puts those employees at risk. How much risk varies depending on the job and the how long and how much they were exposed to. As a worker is exposed to more and more doses of radiation, their risk of cancer, leukemia and other diseases increase. Over the years, these cancers have killed many and in the early years, we may not have known that what killed them was from radiation exposure on the job. 

Today though, we have OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), that was formed by the Federal government to find these things out set laws up to protect the American worker. There are many occupations that have exposure to ionizing radiation such as research institutes, nuclear reactors and the facilities that support them, nuclear weapons facilities, many manufacturing facilities and what may seem especially odd, healthcare facilities. These are just the top of the list and when these jobs and others are exposed to radiation sources that are not properly controlled as set in place by OSHA, serious health risks are possible.

While these following jobs are often admired from afar, and many children may dream of going with that career path, these are the top 7 occupations that are most susceptible to the dangers that ionizing radiation has:


What little boy, or girl, that grew up through the 50s, 60s and into the 70s didn’t dream of being an Astronaut? Where no man had gone then, man had found that the higher up in the atmosphere you go, the more radiation there is. In the United States we measure radiation exposure in terms of REM (Roentgen Equivalent Man). For the average American, we are exposed to under one REM dose a day. The standards set by OSHA, we should never be exposed to more than 3 REM within a 12 month period. 

Astronauts are exposed to much more. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), has capped the REM of those in space, or here on Earth working for NASA, at 50 REM annually. The occupational risk of Astronauts are lifetime, especially those that are assigned to long missions or to the space station.

Flight Attendants

Another dream job for little girls has been to work on those big silver birds in the sky as an Airline Stewardess, now referred to as a Flight Attendants. There is reason to believe that his occupation has a lifetime risk of cancer due to exposure to cosmic radiation, another type of ionizing radiation. A study of 11,000 flight attendants in 2006 showed a higher rate of breast cancer and melanoma. However, NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), has performed its own studies and they say that the job-related cosmic radiation is lower and the number of cancer death among flight attendants is fewer. NIOSH is still conducting their study, and under careful watch of those interested in this career path.

Radiology Technicians

The people in this career field up until 1950 had a great risk of cancer than those in this field today, however, if you work with X-rays on a daily basis, there is still some risk. Many states have put in regulations in place that have helped reduce the risk of cancers such as various blood cancers, breast cancer, skin cancer and thyroid cancer. Those regulations have improved the health standards in those environments such as limiting radiation exposure to 5 REM annually. 

Baggage Screeners

NIOSH has brought it to the attention of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) their staff that screens the baggage at airports lacks in sufficient training, thus increasing their risk from the X-ray machine they use every day. The screeners are exposed to more than the limit that is allowed by law currently. NIOSH believes that improvement in training for maintenance and safety standards, the risks would drop considerably.


The VA (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs) believes that there has been exposure to high amounts of ionizing radiation to those in the military, especially those who worked with nuclear weapons and in their facilities as well as those who worked in long-range navigation stations or nuclear power plants that are operated by the military. There are benefits and compensation for those vets that meet requirements through the special screening that is offer by the VA.


For as long as we’ve had miners, it has been know that the job has many dangers in the way of collapsing mines. Even as early as the 1940s, the large amount of miner in uranium were being diagnosed with lung cancer. The decay of radon and uranium when exposed around the mine workers, is full of radiation and now today, the safety standards put in place include stricter regulations, extensive testing and properly ventilated mines.

Nuclear Power Plant

Of all the high risk jobs exposed to radiation, this one is fairly safe in consideration of how much these workers are exposed. The average nuclear power plant worker is exposed to less than 1/5 of what a flight attendant is exposed to flying from New York to Tokyo.

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions doesn’t want to discourage anyone that may be considering one of these career paths. However, the more aware and educated you are in things other than benefits and salary, the better you’ll be.