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Some say the economy is improving and getting stronger every day, companies are hiring again and thus the reason for the unemployment numbers going down. Others say that the economy is still stagnant and the reason for lower unemployment numbers is because many job seekers have simply quit looking for jobs. Then there are a few that say the reason employers can’t find suitable candidates is because, well, there aren’t any. Where did all the job seekers from 6 years ago go?

As stated earlier, it could be that many job seekers have quit looking. Or it could be that the gap has widened because of job seeker’s attitudes. That is the reason that The Career Advisory Board has found anyway. The gap between the hiring managers and job seekers in this country has widened and much of that gap is because of hiring manager’s attitudes versus job seeker’s attitudes .

More than half of the job seekers surveyed say they know what hiring managers are looking for in a candidate. Over 70 percent of the job seekers surveyed say they know how to present their experience and skills during an interview. That is a stark comparison to the results of the hiring managers surveyed. Just 15 percent of those hiring managers said that the candidates interviewed has the skills and traits they were looking for. 

Message Employers Have For Job Seekers: “Get a Mentor!”

With those numbers, it would appear that job seekers may be over-confident and therefore, do not see the need to take the steps suggested that would lead to employment. Like finding a mentor. Almost 75% of the hiring managers say that having a mentor is essential in today’s job market. By having a career counselor or career coach to mentor you on the skills needed for the job you want can give you an edge above other candidates. However, only 40 percent of job seekers say they have this type of resource.

Experts say that job seekers are only hurting themselves by not seeking and heeding the advise and guidance that a mentor’s insight can provide. Building a relationship with someone who has experience in the industry you desire employment can be a great help in the job search.

Job seekers are overconfident. Job seekers are quick to dismiss career advice of those who are in place and have the knowledge of the jobs that are out there. While hiring manager can see what a candidate is doing wrong, and they don’t mind sharing that tidbit of information, they don’t feel it is their place to offer such feedback and information. 

Know When To Ask For Help

Job seekers for the most part are in denial. Too many believe that asking for help is admitting something is wrong with them. When in fact, by asking for help or finding a career coach or a mentor actually shows you want to make an investment in your most valuable resource – You. 

There are approximately 80 million Millennials in this country right now. The generation that has been labeled “the new lost generation” by The Wallstreet Journal. Why? Well they are men and women in the age range of early 20s and to mid 30s who are trying to “find” themselves and almost 16 percent of them are unemployed. Why?

Well experts such as Dan Schawbel, will tell you it is because even though they may be well educated and have grown up in one of the most technological generations this country has ever seen, they are pretty lame when it comes to soft skills. What is the difference between “soft skills” and “hard skills”?

Soft skills are not technical. They are interpersonal talents that help you fit the corporate culture, form relationships with co-workers and have the ability to communicate. Soft skills are made of good work ethics, ability to manage time, have integrity, can accept criticism and learn from criticism.

Hard skills are what it takes to meet job descriptions. They are practical and technical skills such as project management. Hard skills are business writing and a knowledge about office software. Things you learn in a classroom or online.

Gen Y And Their Career Success

This generation is relying on their knowledge of technology too much and they are relying on technology itself too much. While those hard skills are important, without them, you won’t get a job. In addition to taking another software class, they should sign up for a class on public speaking so they can offer a presentation. Conferences and networking events are great ways to learn this soft skill. After you’ve given a presentation, ask your colleagues for feedback. This will help you know how well you did as well as what you need to work on.

For those Millenials that are still in school, take as many opportunities of internships as you can. The more work experience you’ll have on your resume after you get that diploma, the better candidate you’ll make. For those who are through with school, it’s not too late. Create your resume so that it is focused on your results. For example, don’t just list the company and the position you’ve interned for or worked, but what accomplishments you had in that position and the company benefited. 

Once you do land a job after graduation, it is important to keep the job for no less than one year, two years would be better. Staying a year here, six months there, doesn’t look good to future employers. Nobody wants to hire a kangaroo (somebody that hops from one job to another). What if you’re bored though? Suck it up!

Set up two Facebook profile. A personal one and make it private for just family and friends. A professional one that you will use to link with colleagues. Create a LinkedIn profile and work it. Use it to network, join groups that are related to the industry you want to work. Use your LinkedIn profile to promote yourself. 

While your parents are great role models that you should turn to for advise, when it comes to your career and future, they may not be the best person. If they are a CPA and your future is in the medical industry, then they really aren’t going to have much advise. Seek the career advise of somebody that can be a mentor. 

Writing a resume is a daunting process, especially if you never have had one. And when you’ve read that headhunters, hiring manager and recruiters on spend 6 seconds on the average reviewing a resume, you may wonder why bother. Just so you know, there really isn’t any firm rules on what should be on a resume and what shouldn’t be on a resume, so you pretty much have an blank canvas to work with. 

However, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers some basic, preliminary guidelines that should be followed. For starters, keep in mind your employment goal and the audience you’ll be presenting yourself to. As you create your resume, ask yourself if it tells about you like your education or experience. Will help them identify, within 30 seconds or less, where you would fit in their organization.

To give you a better idea of what we have found to make a good resume for the person with little experience, even without any experience. Keep in mind, you may need to use this simply as a guideline and fine tune it to the industry and position you are applying:

A Clean Layout

Your resume should be easy to read, using the same type style throughout. It should be in reverse chronological order by date, using the same format for everything. This makes it easy for the reader to scan it and find the items that are important to them. Center the headers to catch the readers eye as they scan over your resume.

Link Your Professional Profile

If you are a recent high school or college graduate, you probably have a FaceBook, Instagram and other social media accounts. Chances are you have things posted about your boyfriend, girlfriend, parties, fun stuff and maybe some drama too. Take the time to set up professional accounts and keep them clean of that stuff then include the link to your professional accounts on your resume. Start practicing good habits with your social media accounts and your fun accounts, set the security settings so that future employers don’t stumble across them.

Your Social Media Skills 

Speaking of your Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts, state your experience of using these on your resume. For a position in the area of advertising, journalism, marketing, public relations even customer service, these are valuable skills. The prospective employer may be able to utilize those skills that your competition didn’t list.

State Your Goals Clearly

Start your resume off with a professional title and summary that clearly indicates your the position you are interested in securing. The top line of your resume should tell the reader exactly what you are looking for.

Sell Yourself To Them

When looking for your first job, you won’t have the relevant work experience that some of your competitors do (other job seekers), so you’ll need to shifted the components of your resume around so that your coursework and strong suits are showcased. Lead off with any leadership activities you’ve had, your achievements in and out of school and put what work experience you may have at the bottom of your resume. Don’t leave off any work experience, anything is better than nothing, to show perspective employers your skills and work ethics.

High School Years

When pursuing your first job, it is alright to list some of your high school years. Things like awards, honors and scholarships as well as extra curricular activities. If you were Salutatorian or Valedictorian, held office on Student Council or was the officer of a club that is relevant to the job you’re applying, list it. These are the things that paint a picture of you for the reader to see who you are.

Do Not List References

Your resume is about you, not who knows you or works with you. There is no need to state that references are available upon request either. You don’t have a lot of work experience, so don’t waste the real estate of paper on that information. Do have a list on a separate piece of paper and read to offer if asked for references. 

As you create your resume, if your work experiences in the past have no relation to the job you are applying, focus on the skills you learned that do cross over. Normally, employers with entry-level and internship positions aren’t looking for somebody with a load of experience. They do want to see candidates that are active and have promise though. They want to see candidates that have a genuine interest in the company, industry and the position they are applying for.

Trump Tower 5th Ave ManhattanYour actions today could be what determines your personal wealth. A recent study by Thomas Corley, who wrote “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits Of Wealthy Individuals.” found that rich people have some of the same habits, even if they are performed differently. He regards these habits like snowflakes. When you have a build up of some habits, they become an avalanche of success. 

What does Mr. Corley consider to be rich? They have an annual income of at least $160,000 and a liquid net worth of over $3 million. Poor people have an annual income max of $35,000 and a liquid no more than $5,000. He studied the tendencies and created two segments: 

Rich Habits

Poverty Habits

Now Mr. Corley says we all have a few of both segments. These segments are defined as the tendencies of those who fit in each group. The difference is the rich have over 50% of the following “Rich Habits”:

Have Your Goals In Sight Every Day

Over 60% of the rich people studied agree that this is a must. The wealthy set annual goals and monthly goals. Almost 70% of their goals in writing. A goal is only a goal if it has two things:

1). It Can Be Achieved

2). It Takes Physical Effort

Have A Daily To Do List

Surprising over 80% of the rich people observed create a daily to-do list for themselves and over 65% of them will complete as much as 70% or the things on that to-do list.

Watch Little No Television

Almost 70% of the rich people studied watched less than one hour of television every day. This was a strong indication that rich people make better use of their time. In other words, television is the last thing they think about because they are busy working on the goals they set for themselves.

Read For Reading

Almost 90% of the rich people studied read because they like to read, especially non-fiction and self-improvement books. Over 25% of the poor people studied read only when required to and it was usually fiction or for fun. Over 60% of the rich people studied listen to audio books while commuting. They find audio books are good use of that time, especially self-improvement books.

Go Above And Beyond

Over 80% of the rich people studied do more than their job requires and almost 90% work 50 hours or more a week. And they are happy with their jobs!

Play The Lottery

Rich people do not put a lot of stock in hitting the jackpot. However, almost 80% of the poor people studied believe playing the lottery could pay off big. Most of the rich people are risk takers, but in the business sense with financial risks.

Watch Their Weight

Rich and thin! 57% of the rich people studied believe their health is a valuable thing. They exercise daily and watch what they eat.

Dental Hygiene

Over 60% of the rich people in Mr. Corely’s study floss every day. Less than 20% of the rich people studied bother.

So if you change your daily routines to include each of these things, will that automatically make you rich? Probably not. However, none of these area unobtainable and here at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, we believe that it certainly couldn’t hurt to try to incorporate at least some of them into your daily patterns! 

It is big news right now in the world of business, finance and most of all the job market … Microsoft has laid off 18,500 employees. Yes, they did just acquire Nokia and almost 70 percent of those being laid off are x-Nokia employees.

No, Microsoft isn’t the only company to layoff recently, so there is no intention to slight anyone here, but it is a big company that was thought to have nothing but growth from now till the end of time. Right? So does this mean the end of time has arrived?

No, but for anyone that is laid off, from Microsoft or anywhere, it may seem like the end of time. Economic times have been a strain all around the country the past 6 years and being laid off has been a huge part of that. For anyone that has never been laid off , you may have no idea how devastating that can be. It is a traumatic time. It is scary.

You still have bills, car payments and mortgage or rent. You are facing losing your health insurance and other benefits. Yes, those being laid off will have severance pay, but you don’t know how long that money is going to have last you. For those being laid off at Microsoft and other places, they have heard the horror stories of thousands, millions of people that are still unemployed after 2, 3, 4, 5 years or more. It is absolutely horrifying.

The person who is recently laid off may seem to be in shock, they’ll be distracted and even distant. There will be tears. There will be anger. There will even be some laughter from those who can’t believe this has just happened to them. For most of us, our automatic reflex be want to say something re assuring. 

Well as somebody that has been through more layoffs than I care to remember, I can tell you the cliché’ sayings such as “When one door closes, another door opens” or “This may be the best thing that could happen” are absolutely not the right thing to say. Those anecdotes that are meant to be encouraging and inspirational are really more irritating to somebody that has recently been laid off.

For the person that landed that dream job in a place like Microsoft and thought it was where they would be for the rest of their working years, they don’t want to hear about the greats that almost weren’t. Such as the kid that didn’t make his varsity basketball team in high school but ended up in the NBA (Michael Jordon). Or the man that filed bankruptcy multiple times and ended up being a millionaire (Sam Walton aka Wal-Mart).

For the person that just lost their job, tales of inspiration and triumph of the rich and famous really aren’t relevant. They need to know they can get back to work and get a paycheck coming in before their next mortgage payment is due. For the older worker, their shock will sting even more. They were most likely in a seniority position and now, if they find employment, will be at the bottom of the totem pole, again. The comments meant to be encouraging will sound more like you’re being patronizing and will possibly aggravate their state of mind even more than it is already.

To those who are still employed, and especially to those who have never experienced a layoff, give the recently laid off the same respect you would somebody that is in mourning. No, they didn’t lose a loved one, but it almost feels like it you have. This loss is very much like losing a close friend or a dear relative. Be and attentive and sympathetic listener. Just as when experiencing the death of a family member or friend, the less said by you, the better.

Congratulations Millennial …. You’ve just graduated and landed your first job! How exciting! That is no easy feat in today’s economy. After you’ve done celebrated and done the happy dance around your bedroom, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions would like to offer you a warning of some pitfalls that you’ll most likely fall into: 

No Boss Is Perfect

There could be a good chance your first boss won’t even be all that smart in some areas. Just like your parents, they are human and no matter how wonderful technology is, humans make mistakes. The great boss will be the encouraging boss that offers advise and guidance, but often you will find on this first job and jobs that follow, that is just wishful thinking.

You find the real guidance where you least expect it. Like from administrative assistants and colleagues. You’ll even find that you get more encouragement and guidance from managers that you don’t report to. You’ll find that some of the best encouragement and guidance will often come from relatives that are in the business world. Rarely will you have a direct boss that Mentors you.

Teach Yourself If You Want To Learn

In today’s economy, training budgets are pretty a thing of the past. Yet, employers are still setting goals and demanding results. So the best thing to do is learn as much as you can on your own. The more knowledge, skills and talents you can bring with you to the job, the further you’ll go today. You have to hit the door running today.

Pick up The Phone And Talk

Baby Boomers are the majority of management today, so there is a pretty good chance your boss will be a Baby Boomer. While Boomers are pretty much digitally savvy, they still believe in doing business the old school way and that includes using the phone to talk, not text. Millennials seem to have an aversion of picking up a telephone and talking much less leave a voice mail. Business runs on actual voice conversations not text conversations. If you don’t know any phone etiquette, do yourself a favor and take a class before you start work.

Bosses Don’t Have Time

Your parents may have coddled you and had unlimited amounts of patience for you. Most bosses today won’t coddle you and don’t have patience. They most likely have a boss over them that is demanding things from them and as they say … “it” rolls down hill. Meaning, you need to get the job done without needing a lot of explanations and motivation from your boss. For the person that can’t get things done on their own accord, that cord is quickly cut and there is probably a long line of people waiting for that job opening.

Overwhelmed And Underpaid

Your boss is going to pile on the work and have no mercy for you. If you took that diploma in your hand and thought you’d be starting off at least in the middle of the pay scale in your choice of profession, think again. More than likely, you will start at the lowest salary possible and then be expected to put in more time than you ever did cramming for finals. No matter whether they tell you you’re “paying dues” or “getting a foot in the door” the task before you is to learn as much as possible, as quick as possible if you want to move up, which could be at another company. Remember, this is just your first “real” job not a lifetime commitment.

Going to school is never a waste, whether its just the 12 years or you go on to college and get a degree. However, the academic lessons you get there are nothing compared to what you’ll get in the working world. Your first year in the work force is probably going to be very different than anything you may have imagined. 

The thought that the older generation is missing the dynamism, speed and technical skills that the younger applicants have is starting to diminish … finally. With more and more the workforce belonging to the Baby Boomer generation, they are healthier and more active than the generation before them at this same age, thus they are better able to keep working after hitting retirement age.

Employers have began to realize that the best experience is well, experience. Companies like Tofutti say that just under 1/3 of their workforce is over the age of fifty and there other companies that thing the best employees are their older employees. From AT&T to Google to MedLife and KMPG, they believe that the older employees give their company more credibility when it comes to acquiring older clients.

The older employees tend to stay with one employer where the younger generations, those considered the Gen Y and the Millennials, have the thought that they will have a new job every 2 to 3 years. Even with loyalty a bonus from hiring the older worker, they still have the highest number of long-term unemployment of all age groups.

So when you find yourself in the group of older workers, is finding a job going to be more difficult than for the younger groups? Sadly, there are too many companies that are still overlooking the older applicants. Even though studies have shown that the older worker often works circles around the younger workers, hiring managers still have the mindset that older applicants will have more accidents and absenteeism. They fear the older worker will have a lower job performance because they won’t be able to “catch on” to the new technology or adapt to the changes that are forever ongoing in business today.

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions totally believes in the older worker bringing more to the table than the younger applicants in many areas. Younger people have skills and training that the older people don’t have. Its very much a catch 22 with both having things to offer and both lacking certain things. So just as we have covered how the young person with no experience should write their resume, we offer these tips for the older worker.

Minimal Is Best

In the past, your resume would cover your entire career. Today, prospective employers are only interested in the most recent employment you’ve had. The rule of thumb today is to go back no more than the last 10 years, 15 at the most. Only if a position you had early on has bearing and merit to the job you are applying to would you go back any further.

Selective Dates

A resume has to have dates because that how potential employers are able to determine how long you worked. It also lets them know about any gaps between jobs. The dates you can leave off though is when you graduated high school or college.

Minimize Your Qualifications

If you aren’t looking to get back into full blown management or whatever your previous career was, there is no need to tell about it on your resume. The more experience you state on your resume, the more likely the employer is going to pass you over with the thought being you won’t be happy and satisfied. Or worse, you’ll come in and try to run the show. Tailor your resume to show your strengths without sound too experienced.

Show Your Technological Knowledge

The thought that the older work is mystified by computer and today’s technology is not accurate but still holds great strength among employers. Be sure to emphasize on your resume what computer programs you are familiar with and highlight any projects you have completed that would demonstrate your mastery of today’s technologies. Create a LinkedIn profile if you don’t have one already and be sure to complete the profile.

Keywords Are Winners

Most companies today use software to scan cover letters and resumes looking for keywords that tell them the candidate has potential for a position. With that being said, make sure your cover letter and your resume include keywords. You can find those keywords by looking at online postings and note the phrases and words used most.

Finding a job is challenging at any age today, but especially so for the older generation. However, there are great opportunities out there as well and our team at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions is here to help you locate those opportunities.  

Take a look at this video for some career ideas for the over 50 group! 

telling secretsWhen find yourself at an event for work, whether its a company party, industry networking event or dinner with a client, or maybe even a casual meeting with a perspective employer, should you have an alcoholic drink? Or is it better to stick with a soft drink or water? It may seem totally innocent to have a glass of beer or wine, even a mixed drink, but how are others seeing you?

That quick 2 minutes can make or break you in the view of others, no matter what you decide. If you order an alcoholic drink, will they see you as a drunk? Or if you choose to go with water, will they see you as a stick-in-the-mud teetotaler? Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has to warn you that those 2 minutes can be the decision makers that are mistake makers and can cost you your biggest client or your dream job.

What Happened?

Associating fun with success and virility via alcohol consumption are deeply implanted in today’s culture by way of the big screen, print media and television. We see Don Draper, a successful business man, drinking alcohol and living the high life. We watch the gals on Sex In The City partaking in alcohol to boost their confidence and spark their creativity with their colleagues and each other as well as build rapport with their bosses and clients. They each kept a professional decorum about them and survived.063014 alcohol 1

Unfortunately, in real life when we see someone holding an alcoholic beverage at a business event or on pictures posted on a social media site like FaceBook, it often reduces any assessment others have about you and your intelligence. Studies have shown that when we see somebody holding an alcoholic beverage, even if they are in fact stone-cold sober, their IQ drops 10-20 points in our eyes.

Is That A Fair Assessment?

No, probably not, but it is the association of alcohol with drunkenness or impairment what we have in our subconsciousness. So why are we so quick to judge those who consume alcohol? This “imbibing idiot bias” was documented in 2012 during a study at the University of Michigan in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania. What was found is that those were seen holding a glass of wine were thought to be less intelligent and therefore less appropriate for hiring. However, those who were seen holding a soft drink were thought to be more intelligent and hire-able.

In 2013, an Australian study took these findings and explored them even further. 100 business owners attending a network event during after work hours where 71% had a minimum of one alcoholic drink and just over 35% had at two. From those 100 attendees, 36 of them exchanged fewer business cards and received fewer qualified leads than the 29% that did drink alcoholic beverages.

The “imbibing idiot bias” is called “the priming effect” which occurs when there are actions and decisions that are hastened, influenced and predisposed in a special direction by the context, emotions, symbols or visuals presented.

Priming Is Very Effective – Why?

Priming can influence and persuade our choices because what drives our choices and decisions happen mainly below our consciousness and thought levels. Huh? Any of us, no matter if we are a business owner, company executive or a job candidates, are powerfully influenced by impalpable factors that mostly go undetected by the logical parts of our mind. At home, at work and in the media, the evidence of the priming effect is every where.

Regardless what you, your associates or friends may think, alcohol and business do not mix. No matter how much you want to say that you don’t think any less of somebody that partakes in an alcoholic beverage at a work function, subconsciously, you do. Alcohol is associated with cognitive impairment, we are all conditioned to think that way. Thus, anyone we see even holding an alcoholic beverage is seen as less intelligent and less able to conduct business with.

With the weak economy and jobs scarce to come by these days, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions advises against any consumption of alcoholic beverage while networking and definitely avoid posting pictures of events on your social media sites. When in doubt, do without.


Okay, I am going to be totally honest with you. This writer knows pretty much nothing about the Transformers or the movie franchise that has been created upon their existence. The only thing I know is that they are very small toys that my oldest son had back in the 80s and caused much pain when stepped on barefooted. OUCH!092913_robots_are_coming

However, I have noticed, that somehow in the world of animation, Optimus Prime turns into a some kind of truck, perhaps a Peterbilt of sorts. I have also figured out that Optimus Prime is the good guy and uses Autobots to protect Cybertron against the Decepticons.

So what does the characters of the movie Transformers: Age of Extinction, have to do with a staffing agency website? Well, what I have learned through my briefing of this summer’s hot movie is that there are leadership qualities Optimus Prime has that can be a benefit to all of us in a leadership position. How so you ask? Well he seems to have a knack to not only manage a team, but he is good at leading the team as well. Let’s take a look at 5 of the leadership qualities Mr. Optimus Prime shows and how we can incorporate them into the real world:

062914 transformer 2The Autobots Fate

Optimus rocks out as he defends the Autobots and all of humanity against the Decepticons. How? He has extraordinary vision that allows him to excel as a leader. His commitment to the cause is shown by his attempts to overcome any and every obstacle using a strategy that he has thought out thoroughly.

The Lesson Here: Make sure you know and understand the goals and priorities of your company and how they incorporate into the long term success of the company.

Strong Communication Skills

After you have a plan for the future, you need to be able to communicate those plans to your team, thus you need strong communication skills. One of Optimus Prime talents is how good he is with soft skills. His leadership qualities are just as effective as his energon axe and ion blaster. When the Decipticons indicate any threat to his Autobots, Optimus comes to the rescue. By doing this, they know he has their back. He speaks to them dircectly with honesty and this inspires those who follow him. Not only does he speak directly and honestly to them, he is always willing to listen to them and any feedback they have to offer.

The Lesson Here: To get the most productivity in the smoothest way possible, communication is a must with your team.110913_learn_to_fire 1


The difference between Optimus Prime and Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons, is the integrity that Optimus has. He values life in all forms, even Decepticon. He is able and willing to do anything that he ask his team to do and refuses to play dirty. Optimus has no fear. Optimus is never intimidated. His selfless devotion is what draws others to him.

The Lesson Here: Integrity is one of the most important leadership quality. By being forthright and honest with your team shows them your committed to the success of the team.

teamwork - 2Effective Collaboration

There is an abundance of talent on the Autobot team and Optimus Prime has the ability to see each team member’s strength and talent. He has the knack to collaborate with the strength and talent of each team member. From the weapon expertise of Ironhide or the healing skills of Ratchet, Optimus Prime uses those to his benefit for the team. Even Bumblebee’s loyalty and optimism or the hunting prowess that Arcee displays, Prime employs each of those skills to get the most productivity as efficiently as possible.

The Lesson Here: You have to know how to identify each team members talent and learn how to capitalize on those. You should bring out the best in each member, and find a way to use the strength each member has to offer.041314 job review 3


Optimus Prime knows that he can not directly handle every key project in his group and as such, he knows he must delegate some things to his team members. He gives the authority and the power to accomplish a given task and trust them to know what they need to do and how it must be done. He doesn’t baby sit them.

The Lesson Here: Don’t micromanage. Learn who you can trust and when but don’t be gullible.

So take a few tips from Optimus Prime and go forth to defeat the Decepticons with a strong team of Transformers backing you! 


one_page_two_page_resume 2The past few years have been really hard economically. A lot of people are out of jobs and as such, when you post an ad for even an entry level or junior position, there is an avalanche of resumes. There are qualified candidates and unqualified candidate as well as over-qualified responses. People have been applying for any job all in hopes of getting the attention of somebody that will hire them.

So as a business owner or hiring manager, how do you take advantage of this time and get the best candidate possible and not hire the wrong one? For staffing experts like Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, this question is more relevant than ever before for us and the companies we work with. We can’t offer an easy answer but we can offer suggestions to help you find the best path to the best candidate.

Determine what it is you expect and want from your employees. We suggest creating a list (yes, writing it down) of personality traits you prefer as well as any specific work experience The job requires. By listing these things first, it will benefit you and the prospective candidates. 041314 job review 2

Keep in mind that you should hire not just for today’s needs but for tomorrow’s vision too. So be certain that the candidate you are considering fits the immediate expectations and shows signs of bringing value to the company’s future and understands the company’s vision. If you don’t have a vision of the person sitting across from you being there in a year, they probably aren’t the one. Thank them for their time and keep on going.

There is a vast array of resources today when it comes to recruiting. Use them to the fullest advantage you can including background checks, employee assessment reports and a host of other tools that are at your reach via the internet. Staffing agencies like Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has the experience in recruiting that can make your job easier, allowing you to choose candidates more accurately.

041314 job review 1With so many resumes coming in, there is no need to settle on a candidate that “will do”. Take advantage of the luxury with a large amount of applicants to ensure that the candidate you find to be interesting actually meets your established requirements that you listed earlier. You want to choose a candidate that you feel will bring value to the company. ????????????????????

Avoid thee impulse to hire a candidate after one meeting. Ask them back for a second interview and if they still excite you and peak your enthusiasm, go home and sleep on it, digest the information from both interviews.

After you have determined what you are looking for in a top candidate and have attracted people that possibly meet your requirement, ask questions. When people can get a post-graduate degree via the internet, you need to verify the accuracy of the information they have provided. Check references with the goal of getting as much detailed information as possible about the candidate and their performance.

Give yourself time to process all of this thoroughly because making a fast hiring decision could very well be the worse thing you could do. Bad hiring decisions will only cost you money and time, not to mention burn you out quickly.