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If you’ve just recently graduated, you probably haven’t done this … yet … but you will. Trust us, we know. One day you’ll open your mouth to speak and your mother will come out. Yup, just out of the blue, you’ll speak words that your mother spoke. Should you become a parent later in life, you’re very likely to even turn into your mother, but that’s not for this blog to discuss. 

So how does your mother’s words of wisdom, or words of annoyance, correlate to job searches? Well her motherly advice becomes relevant as we get older in all areas on all subjects, even when it comes to the job search. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers the following typical Mother-Speak and how they apply to job searches.

063014 mother knows 11. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Don’t be judgmental or rude. This couldn’t be more accurate in the job search. Never talk bad about any one during an interview or while networking. When you do, the interviewer will wonder just what are you going to have to say about them or the company. If you’re going to make the wonder, make them wonder how good you’ll talk about them!

2.If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

This simple piece of advice will be one the best things you’ve heard and can apply to so many things other than job searching. It may be a month or more after graduation and you find yourself still unemployed, remember to stay positive and keep yourself going out there, trying again and again.

3.Eat your vegetables.”

This doesn’t mean to eat a plate full of Asparagus or Brussels Sprouts before you go on a job interview, however it does mean that sometimes we have to do something that we don’t particularly like, such as writing a cover letter for each job you apply for. Or updating your resume to fit the job you’re applying for. While both of these may seem redundant and worthless, they are actually one of the healthiest things you can do in the job search. Customizing your cover letter and resume to the job you are applying may seem like eating Brussels sprouts, but sometimes, we have to things we don’t want to do for our own good.

4.“Work hard and work smarter than others if you want to stand out.”

Don’t just spend your job search time looking at the classifieds and common job search engines like and Search for other job search engines and especially those that are in your field. Use FaceBook and LinkedIn for company websites in the industry your work to see if there are openings posted.063014 mother knows 2

5.“Don’t be embarrassed, ask for help.”

You may find it hard to ask for help at times while in the job search mode, maybe even embarrassed. Its uncomfortable to admit to ourselves or anyone else that we aren’t successful on our own. You have to get past that. Networking with others can lead you to some of the best jobs. Personal connections are how 40 percent of job seekers find their next job.

6.“If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?”

Our moms love us and they are always there to inspire us to do our best in everything we do. The job search is a arduous process, especially in today’s economy and as such, disappointment and negativity can easily take over. When that begins to happen, you need to dig down deep inside of yourself and believe in yourself so strong that others will believe in you too.

7.If you don’t try it you won’t know if you like it.”

Remember sitting at the table making a face at the new dish mom served and mom said “If you don’t try it, you won’t know if you like it.” Well that same philosophy applies to the job search too. If you don’t apply to that unknown start-up company, how do you know you won’t like what they have to offer?

8.When one door closes, another door opens.”

Life brings us disappointments, especially in our career or pursuit of our career. When disappointment slaps you in the face, remember to focus on the positives . Disappointment and difficulties are simply opportunities for change and growth.

063014 mother knows 39. “Listen to your heart.”

When you find yourself caught up in the things that make life go around, stop to appreciate what life is all about. Take the time to listen to what your heart wants instead of going through the logic of calculations and strategies. Maybe that list of pros and cons you have for your job search aren’t exactly what your heart, or you, want.

10.When you’re little, your problems are little. When you get bigger, your problems will too. Take the time to enjoy life.”

Don’t dwell too long on the past or worry too much about the past. The future will take care of itself and the past is the past. Enjoy each day and the gift it brings, even while in the job search. Enjoy the new opportunities life will bring you each day like meeting new people and doing new things. .


040614 references 2You got that diploma and started a new job – WOW! A busy summer already huh? So how did you end your week? Did you know that how you finish up your week will make an impact on not only the productivity of the following week but how well you enjoy your weekend too?

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has discovered that successful people have a routine on Fridays, or whatever their last day of their work week. So is it possible that is part of what makes them successful? Well, as simple as the following things are to do, won’t hurt to try, right? Here are 10 things that are done each Friday by successful people – see if they work for you.

1. Reflect The Week’s Accomplishments:Too often we look back on the week and see what we didn’t accomplish. The successful person does just the opposite. They look at what progress they made, no matter how small, and appreciate what they accomplished. This does 2 things:

Give your happiness a boost

Fuel your momentum

For a manager, replace the Monday morning team huddle to kick off the week with a Friday team huddle to kick off the weekend and have each team member share 3 things they accomplished for the week. You may be surprised how much more productive your team will be the following week.

2. Plan The Following Week’s Priorities: Most of us are too busy cleaning up our desk and putting away things Friday afternoon so we can get out. The successful person takes the time on Friday afternoon and reflects on both their personal and professional lives and set up 3 to 5 things they want to accomplish, a mini bucket list if you will.

3. Create A To-Do List For Next Week: By creating a to-do list for next week and giving each thing a deadline, you can start your Monday knowing what needs to be done and by when. When your Monday mornings are planned out, your week will go smoother which will make the following weekend more relaxed.

4. Set A Time For Downtime Next Week: It can be easy to fall into the workaholic trap and successful people know that which is why they make downtime a priority. A successful person knows that there has to be a balance between personal and work because if there isn’t, they won’t be as productive.

5. Get Organized: By taking 15 to 30 minutes on Friday afternoon to go through email files and paper work, throwing away what isn’t needed and organizing what they need to keep will get next week off to a clean start. This can be coordinated with number 3 above. Making this a physical ritual helps clear the mind for the weekend.

6. Make Your Weekend Accessibility For The Weekend Known: Technology is great but you need to set ground rules on whether you are available or not for work related stuff. Let it be known if you are answering calls or emails over the weekend then stick to it.

7. Make Your Weekend Plans: By Friday, if you don’t have plans for yourweekend, take the time to make some. Weather it is taking the kids to a park, trying a new restaurant or cleaning closets out and running some overdue errands – make plans for your weekend. Try to plan something you’ll enjoy, see number 4 above.

8. Plan Friday Fun: You need something fun to do on Fridays so that you’re kicking off the weekend. Maybe it is your one night of the week you eat out (try that new restaurant) or go see a movie. You need to have something that defines when the work week ‘officially’ ends and the weekend ‘officially’ starts. Whatever you determine to be your weekend kickoff ritual, make it something you will enjoy and reward you for your accomplishments the past week (see number 1 above).

9. Acknowledge The Accomplishment Of Others: Take a little time on Friday afternoon to let co-workers know you appreciate what they did for your week. This will not only make you feel good inside, but it will make them feel appreciated. When we feel appreciated, we’re happier and relaxed. This routine just may become contagious, so be ready to be complimented!

10.Say Goodbye To Co-Workers As You Leave: With just“have a good weekend” as you pass other cubicles and offices will go a long way in helping others end their week on a good note and kick off their weekend. A positive closure to the week never hurts.  

In today’s reeling economy, its always good news when you get a job offer. Just out of high school, college or just been in the job market for awhile, a job offer can give you the feel of accomplishment. However, are you simply settling for any position whether its the right job for you or not? 

Granted, there are times that we all have to take a job just because we need a paycheck. You just graduated high school and now you need a car which will need gas and insurance. Or you just graduated college and dad says you’re aren’t just going to hang around there doing nothing. Or the more common reason for needing a job, you’re an adult with a family. Your mortgage payment is behind, the car payment is behind and the electric company has ran out of patience. 

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions understands that sometimes you just need a job whether it is THE job or not. However, when there is no rush or stressful situation, is taking just any job wise? Or should you hold out for that job that is just right? So when is it wise to take “just” any job and when is it wise to pass up “just” any job? We offer you 8 reasons here that you should ponder that questionable job offer before you accept “just” any job: 

Is It A Dead-End Or A Detour?

Sometimes on the road to our career, we come across bridges out that send us on a detour and that’s okay. There have been many successful people who have a few colorful chapters while working their way up the ladder. Then there are the unfinished career roads where someone took “just” a job that wasn’t just a detour but a derailing.

Prevention:  Ask yourself two questions:

1). Will this make-do job allow you some progress in reaching your career destination?

2). Is this make-do job a road block to reaching your career destination?

A “make-do” job should still allow you to progress toward the career path you have in mind. It should give you experiences and skills that you can add to your CV or resume that will apply to your career and any position that you apply for down the road. If you see nothing but a black hole with no light at the end of the tunnel, then you probably need to pass on that job offer.

Are Future Opportunities The Price You’ll Pay?

Keep in mind that most employment opportunities today are not advertised. So that means that networking is crucial in getting to the next opportune pit stop on the road to your career. So if the make-do job offer is going to put you in a supply closet, you won’t have much opportunity to network which could give you the map leading to your career path. However, a make-do job in a restaurant or retail setting puts you out there where networking is possible.

Prevention: If the only make-do job you can get is in a supply closet, then do volunteer work in your community. The amount of contact you can make are numerous and just may be that extra gallon of fuel you need to get back on your career path.

Will Your Professional Reputation Be Damaged?

For a college or high-school graduate, building sandwiches or waiting tables is expected. However, if you are a seasoned worker that was on the path your career leads and got down-sized, having your next potential employer ordering a glass of Chardonnay from you may put a light on you that isn’t flattering.

Prevention: While honest day’s work for a honest day’s pay is all good and sometimes any work is better than no work, try to find a job that has some link to your career path. If your career direction is in the hospitality industry in a management position, waiting tables is a good angle. However, if your career direction is in IT, seek a job that is related to like web design.

Will It Kill Your Soul?

Will this make-do job kill your spirit and soul? Or are you tough and can ride it out for as long as it takes, keeping your eye on the big picture? Some people just don’t have the resilience to keep the faith and hope that it will take to get them through this make-do job time and stay focused on their career path. Maybe you aren’t that strong and you’re more like a balloon with a slow leak?

Prevention: You have to know yourself first. Remember a make-do job is simply to provide you the financial means to survive and possibly experiment in other careers. If the make-do job offer will grind our self-image, your soul and your spirit, then you probably should keep looking. While you need a job with a paycheck, you don’t need to lose your confidence and break your spirit.

Does It Match Your Morals & Values?

Never take a job that make you feel you are compromising your morals and values. Of course, illegal is illegal, that should be cut and dry. However, between black and white there is grey. For example, if you are a vegetarian then a make-do job as a meat-packer wouldn’t be right for you. Or if you are a person that believes we all should protect the environment and walk instead of drive, then a job as a receptionist for an oil company wouldn’t be a good match.

Prevention: Do not take a job that will make you personally miserable or ignores your core values. To do something that you personally disagree with that would rock your integrity should be passed over.

Is The Job At The Expense Of Your Family?

When a paycheck is taking you away from your family constantly, it could be a risk to keeping your family connected. You certainly have to do what is necessary to keep your mortgage payment paid and roof over your family’s head, but you need to be sure the family understands and accepts what your job will require if this the make-do job you take.

Prevention: Ask your self just “temporary” is this make-do job. Are you sure you don’t have other options  available that will give you better balance between family and finances? Any indefinite length of strain on your relationship with your family, which is your support system, needs to be approached with caution. Do you want to work to live or live to work? Keep in mind, there has never been a moving van following a Hurst and your last words probably won’t be “I wished had worked more hours”

061414 jobs are scarce 4Is The Money Good Enough?

Okay, we know that sometimes taking a make-do job is just for the money. That mortgage payment looms over your head and you’ve been out of work for a while. So when a make-do job is offered but it isn’t helping the finances all that much, maybe costing you more than you’re making, you’d be wise to pass on it.

Prevention: Be clear and hones about the pay and what it will cost you to get work. This is most true for a commission-based job. The job description “temporary” may not describe the details of the job and it those details that matter. If you are replacing your job search time with a paycheck, make sure it is an exchange that is worthwhile.

The Money Is TOO Good?

So you get a make-do job offer to hold you over until the right job comes along. It has a good healthy paycheck and you end up staying just a little longer. Then a little longer. Then before you know it, that healthy paycheck has hooked you and you’re celebrating your 10th anniversary with the company. You look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “What was it I wanted to do when I graduated?”.

Prevention:  If your goal is to work until you retire, then this make-do job may be right for you. However your goal is reach a level of professional achievement, be cautious of the well paying make-do job .. it could suspend your career goals.

The End Prize

While you may have to take just any job to get by, you don’t have to take a make-do job. Be cautious of any job that may hamstring your career permanently. Rarely is a career path a straight. So when an offer to take a side street is offered, approach with caution as you make that turn. 

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has some not-so-good news for you. Recent studies have shown that the resume you poured your heart and soul over, fine tuning it and getting it “just right”, recruiters are spending an average of 6 seconds reading it. What?!

That’s right …. all the articles and blogs you have read about creating the best resume ever is only reviewed for 6 seconds on the average by most recruiters. They will make their decision if you are good fit or not a good fit in those few seconds.

Now most recruiters will tell you differently, and for the most part, they are telling you the truth. They do study your resume and work to find the perfect fit for you as well as find the perfect fitting candidate for their clients. However, the scientific technique used for this recent study tells different.

For ten weeks 30 professional recruiters were part of this study tracked their eye movement. They were able to analyze how long and what part of a resume that the recruiters looked at a resume. What they found was that the information they most concentrated on was your name, current employer and your title, your start and end dates. Next was your previous employer and title as well as start and end dates and your education.

061314 six seconds 1This scientific study worked using a heat map that tracked the recruiters’ eye movements. The resume that was reviewed more thorough was the one with a clear and concise format. Now once they have found the key information they are scanning for, they go back and review a little deeper.

So does this mean disregard and scrap everything you’ve read about creating a great resume? Not at all. What it does mean is that knowing that the time your resume is being reviewed is short which means it is critical that you have your pertinent information easily found and clear to read. Avoid any distracting visuals because they actually minimize a recruiters analytical capability and hampers their decision-making process. 

Have you missed out on yet another promotion? Are you starting to feel that even though you are doing all the right things, you stuck in the same the place? Clear Choice Staffing Solutions know of 5 possible bad habits you have that could be holding you back:

061314 promotions 1Relationships

Are you one of those that keeps your head down and gets your job done, thinking that’s all you need to do? Well performance isn’t the only that will get you noticed and promoted. You need to pay attention to the relationship you have with co-workers. Interpersonal relationships are just as important.


First impressions are everything and that doesn’t just mean when you come for an interview. You need to be concise of your appearance every day. From your clothing and hair to your accessories are and advertisement for you and your employer. Show that you take care of the smallest details with yourself and you’ll show that you can take care of the smallest details in your profession too.

Blurry Lines

When you’re going for that promotion, there is no need to tell management how this will help you personally – that’s pretty obvious. You need to stress how in the position you will be able to help the company.

Money Versus Opportunity

It can be hard sometimes, but remember money isn’t everything when it comes to new opportunities. Ask yourself if this new opportunity will make you happy because you’ll be more fulfilled inside andgenerally happier. If you let money become more important than the opportunity itself, a career setback could be the results because you may not be all that happy in that new role.

061314 promotions 2Lack of Initiative

If you wait for things to happen instead of making things happen, you’ll never be seen as one that can set a cornerstone of advancement and progression. Stay proactive in your present career and you’ll be noticed. On the same hand, if you just sit and wait around for things, that’s noticed too.

Hard work and perfect attendance aren’t all you need to get a raise. They don’t hurt, but they aren’t any type of guarantee that you’ll be making more money this year. Company profit isn’t as big of a part of getting a raise either.

061314 asking raise 1Feel defeated before you even get started? Well no need because Clear Choice Staffing Solutions is going to give you some tips that will help you get that pay increase you deserve, need and want:

Know the Going Rate

Do some research for your position and the industry you’re in before you ever approach your boss about a raise. You need some ammunition because they certainly aren’t going to hand out a pay increase just to be nice. Find out what people in position similar to your are earning and where you are in that mix is the ammunition you need.

So how do you find out what others are making? Take a look on, an online compensation survey. Complete the survey about your own self and you will find information about other people in the same position such as who they are working for and what they are earning. This is an anonymous service that can provide you the information you need to support your request for a raise.060814 internship 2

Know Your Value

In addition to knowing the labor market value for your position, you need to be sure what it is specifically that you offer your employer. To do this, answer the following questions:

  • Are you an important part of the team?
  • Would things fall apart if you leave?
  • Would it be hard for anyone to learn what you do?
  • Would it cost the company in effort and time to train somebody to replace you?

review character shows reviewing evaluate and reviewsJustify The Raise

You must be able to present what advantage the company will get by raising your salary. Instead of giving them a list of your accomplishments, just simply talk about why you need this pay increase. Remember, you have to believe in your quest to make others believe in your request.

Have You Asked?

Sometimes just simply asking for a raise is enough in itself. Unless you were hired on a contract that specifically spells out raises, your employer probably isn’t just going to give you raise. Keep in mind that business being business, so there is a chance you won’t get a raise. So be prepared to sit down with your boss and find out specifically what you need to do to get a raise in the future. Maybe you’ve been status quo in your work, so they figure you’re satisfied the way things are. Work with your boss to form a time line with deliverables and a time frame to meet the goals set. 061314 asking raise 2

Take notes as you’re talking with your boss and afterward, put all those notes together in a document or email and provide it to your boss. This will show them your serious about an advance and how you’re going to go about meeting those goals discussed. Ask your boss for assistance in meeting those goals and make sure you update your boss on your progress on a regular basis.

0608014 workplace 4How many times have you heard someone say “You have to play the game to get ahead”? It is believed by employment experts that over half of all employees in all sectors believe to get ahead in the workplace, you have to engage in workplace politics. Tell me it isn’t so! 

Workplace politics are common today and this could be contributed to the fact the experiences, goals, personalities and values of the individuals that make up the workplace are so different today. There is proof that some employees have more authority and power than others simply because they are more visible to upper management. With more visibility, they have a better chance of being promoted.

Have you noticed if the break room at work has “cliques” and you’re not sure how (or if you can) fit in with the “band geeks” or “jocks”? Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers you the following tips that can help you navigate the workplace politics:


You know how when you were elementary and dad would give you a pep talk when you were picked on at school? Giving you the encouragement to stand up to the bully? Well in the workplace and as an adult, you simply need to give yourself that pep talk every morning while getting dressed. When you carry yourself with confidence, you’ll be unflappable in the workplace politics.110913_learn_to_fire 1


When friendship and co-worker relationships collide, remember that professionalism comes first. When a co-worker that happens to be a personal friend is having trouble at work, don’t contribute to the situation by becoming a negative force in the workplace. You can give your friend positive feedback but no need to get in the middle of things.

Respect Is Something You Give If You Want It

Remember when mom you told you that you won’t like everyone you meet, nor do you have to, but you do need to be nice and learn how to get along? Well, its no different in the workplace as adults. This is a simple message that can be applied to most of the stressful or uncomfortable situations you may have in the workplace. You may not like all of your co-workers, but you need to make the best effort you can to get along with them. No matter your personal feelings about somebody, we all deserve respect in the workplace.

Find A Coalition

When you and your co-workers don’t find yourselves eye-to-eye on something, say a budget, it is normal for negativity to arise. While it is natural for there to be competitive tendencies in the the business world, you need to approach it systematically. Be the one to seek help on priorities so that discord won’t be a distraction. A quick chat with management or your co-worker could be all it takes to fix things. Make friends and get along.

0608014 workplace 3If Needed, Escalate Things

A calm, diplomatic, pleasant approach is always best, so if you feel you are being bullied or harassed, don’t keep quiet. Approach your immediate manager or HR department and discuss the matter with them … calm, diplomatically and pleasantly.

You may have had fun in high school, but let us all be honest … who wants to go back to that stressful part of our lives again? We’ve survived it once and now that we are out in the workforce, let’s get rid of the cliquey ways of the high school cafeteria and be adults.

As you young ladies that walk across the stage to receive your hard earned diploma, you will find some truth in the Britney Spears song, “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman”. In this song, Ms. Spears admits realized that while she has seen plenty as a girl to no long be considered a girl, she is also still not yet considered a woman. How so you ask?

060814 female workers 2Well, you’ve completed college and received your diploma that indicates you passed your courses and therefore know the bases of the industry to which you have chosen to enter. However, when it comes to your professional life as a female employee, you will come to notice that there. in itself worker, are unique challenges. You may have been working your way through college in your desired field, so you are no longer a “new professional”. However, you have not been in the workforce long enough to be “an experienced executive” either.

With that being said Clear Choice Staffing Solutions would like to share some insights from those who have been your position. There is some very helpful tips that can help you navigate your way through the rest of your unfinished journey in this book we call Life.060814 female workers 1

Do Not Get Categorized Where You Do Not Want To Be

Meaning, if your career goal is to be a marketing director, don’t settle for an admin position. It can be almost impossible, definitely difficult, to break out of the admin role once you ‘settle’ for such a position. Not that admin positions are lesser value to a company, because they certainly are an important piece to the puzzle, however, you should upfront and open about your ambitions.

Do Not Be “That Girl”

Sheryl Sandberg, author of “Lean In” and social site FaceBook’s COO, always tells young women “never be that girl”. Meaning those company activities or events that may have alcohol served, keep your wits about yourself. The damage that is done from even the smallest personal indiscretion will stick with you forever. You have to have the greater control over your colleagues in any work type of work setting.

060814 female workers 3Be Leary Of Male Colleagues Intentions

For young females just starting out in the workforce, there is a minefield waiting for you in the workplace. Being naive and young can be detrimental unless you stay alert and aware. Almost 50 percent of the women in today’s workforce are said to have been sexually harassed at work. Now don’t avoid interacting with your male co-workers and think that any kind gesture can have an ulterior motive. You will have the opportunity to make great friends with your male co-workers and there can be some great mentors among them too. Just be mindful of the male co-worker that is trying to be closer than just a co-worker. Listen to your gut instincts and if you feel uncomfortable with what feels like unprofessional behavior, speak up.060814 female workers 4

Do Not Allow Your Self To Be Outnumbered

In the world of business, even still today, the number of males outweigh the number of females. It is not unusual to the only female in a business group and thus, not invited to do “guy things” like a game of golf. Whether you enjoy golf or not, suck it up and join in. Many a business deals have been made on the golf course. By finding common ground with your male co-workers, you will create a support system and support systems are great when you need a pal that has your back. 

060814 internship 1For college students, and those who have been in the workforce but are changing gears, one of the best ways to develop your career skills and learn the industry and occupation that you are aiming for is to be awarded an internship. Some internships are paid and others are not. 

Because there has been conflict in the area of interns doing work they shouldn’t have and not been paid accordingly, the U.S. Supreme Court stepped in and set up guidelines of when an internship should be paid or not paid. With that being stated, it is to your best interest to know the law pertaining to unpaid internships. Here, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions provides a guideline of those laws: 

1. An internship should be a training process in an educational environment even if it is inside an actual operating facility of an employer. Meaning, for your internship to be unpaid, the training you’re receive on the job should be equal to what you receive in school. For example, the medical field. If an intern is getting hands-on training by a doctor that is in relationship to earning their degree, unpaid is acceptable. 

2. The experience you receive in your internship should be beneficial to you. If you can walk away from your internship with experience and knowledge that you can use in your future career, an unpaid internship is acceptable. 060814 internship 2

3. If you are working close with co-workers but taking the place of existing workers, the unpaid internship is acceptable. Other staff members should not experience job loss because of your internship. If your position as an intern is replacing an employee, then this should be a paid internship.

4. An internship should benefit the intern, not the co-worker training them or the company profit. The employer you intern for should not have any direct increase in revenue from the work you are assigned.

5. An internship should be nothing more than a training period and should not guarantee you a job when completed. Today, internships are often approached as a way to test the waters, so to speak. It can help you determine if the company fits your plans and you fit their needs. If there is an understanding between you and the employer that you will have a job waiting for you when the internship is complete then it should be a paid internship.

6. You and the employer should have a complete understanding whether or not there is compensation to be paid during the internship. If the employer indicates that you’ll be paid, then you should be paid.

060814 internship 3An internship is a great avenue for moving ahead with the career you’ve chosen. Take the time to discuss the pending internship and be certain that you and the employer are on the same page. If your internship doesn’t meet fit the guidelines above for to be unpaid, you should receive at least minimum wage. A paid internship should not be compensated by food, housing or transportation. 

Are you about to graduate soon? Or are you recently back in the job market? Spring is here, summer is on the way. The days are getting warmer and dressing for a job interview can be a challenge this time of the year. The job you seek may be a 100% coat and tie type or company uniform or maybe even jeans and t-shirt kind of work.

060414 summer interview 1Regardless the industry or position, you need to look clean, fresh and professional when you walk in for that interview. So how can you do that when the humidity and temperature or the number number? Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offer the following strategies to help you keep cool and comfortable while going on interviews in hot weather:

Know The Prospective Workplace Culture

Knowing as much as possible about the company where you’ll be interviewing is the first thing you need to. The interview dress code is influenced by many factors such as the geography, the industry and the work place culture. If you are seeking a job in finance or law, the dress code is usually conservative. If your career is in the creative industry like advertising or entertainment, even technology , the workplace culture is more flexible. A general rule of thumb though is to dress a step above as it is better to err in overdressed. This lets the prospective employer know that you are conscientious in the smallest details and a serious candidate.

For the job in a conservative industry, you can dress well but not be weighted down in a wool suit. There is more leeway in the creative industries which doesn’t mean anything goes, but it does allow you to dress more comfortable. Wear suits that are made of materials that breath and light weight yet hold their shape. Cotton, linen, Lycra, silk and wool blends are excellent materials.060414 summer interview 2

Women should avoid slinky fabric and spaghetti straps. If you are going sleeveless, wear a light weight blazer and keep your hemlines at or below the knee. Pantyhose-free is acceptable these days, but if you’re more comfortable wearing hosiery, by all means, go ahead. Being comfortable and confident is important.

Every workplace, regardless the industry, has a level of propriety. Don’t dress too bold or reveal too much skin and remember cleanliness is a must no matter. Don’t arrive shabby, stained, sweaty and wrinkled.

Keep Cool

In most businesses, you’ll interview in air conditioning, but getting there could be a different story. Don’t put on your blazer or jacket until just before you walk in. If you are taking public transportation, you can’t lay it on the seat next to you for sure, but you can fold it loose and neat, draped over your arm. Stay hydrated by carrying a bottle of water with you and have a handkerchief to blot any sweating.

060414 summer interview 3Arrive early so that you can cool down and get comfortable. When you wait till the last minute to leave, you’ll be rushed and that will only make you sweat and uncomfortable. Go to the restroom before walking in so that you can freshen up and cool down. Use your waiting time in the reception area to gather your thoughts.

Remember to make this interview the one you score, you not only need to look great on paper, you need to look great in person too and feel great!