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052614 new benefit pkg 1Imagine being able to take a three-week trip with some friends for a dream vacation and not have to worry about getting approved for the time off at work. Wow! That would be like a dream come true itself, right?!

Well, there is a new trend among companies, especially start-up companies, that allows their employees to take time off without requesting PTO, sick days, vacation days, whatever you want to call it. It is unlimited or untracked PTO and works as a trust-based system or honor system. It is getting paid for taking off when you need or want to by handling your own schedule.

When start-ups, primarily in Silicon Valley, were the in place to work, many of those companies would offer employees this unlimited PTO as an incentive to come to work for them. Today, we are seeing more and more companies going to this type of benefit because they find that it has lowered employee stress and minimized disruptive turnovers within the company.Benefits Concept

With the cost of health insurance and the complications from the new AHA mandate, companies are trying to create or find other benefits for their employees. They have also realized that the standard way of offering limited, paid vacation isn’t much of a benefit now. The younger generations coming into the workforce are feeling like the company is trying to control their lives with that type of PTO. 

Currently it is estimated that only 3% of companies, but they are learning by giving employees a free rein with their schedules is actually helping productivity. This new management philosophy, aka Results-Only Work Environment, is where employers evaluate their staff’s output and not the number of hours they work. 

These companies feel that unlimited PTO not only helps them recruit top talent, but keep them too. Employees of companies that have the traditional PTO method are a little leery about this new way of doing things and those companies have noticed less vacation time being taken. After all, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, right?

021614 Employee Benefits 1So to get this new unlimited PTO policy going, one company gave their employees another incentive … they handed them a $1000 check to take a trip with their unlimited PTO. They found that their employees felt better after that vacation and came back relaxed and more productive, thus making them more useful to the organization.

Because for many jobs it is possible to work remote, so with the old way of PTO, it was difficult for companies and their employees to specify time off. Employees often called in to conference calls while in the mountains or on the beach and weren’t really getting that paid time off.

So whether an employee was taking longer lunches several times a week to complete personal errands or take a full week off to travel with friends, with the new wave of unlimited PTO, there really isn’t a need to nitpick that time away from work, as long as the work is done.


Seems like it was just a few years ago that unlimited paid time off, or PTO as it referred to, was something that only the cool and hip employers offered, like those in the Silicon Valley. You know, those companies on the “cutting edge”.052614 unlimited pto - 1

Today though, as many as 3 percent of the employers surveyed now offer unlimited PTO or untracked PTO is normal. Why? Well Clear Choice Staffing Solutions and other experts have found that companies are offering this benefit for 2 main reasons, both being financial:

092913_careers_future 11. When an employer “gives” Paid Time Off to their employees, this “gift” is a liability that must be left on the books until the employee departs. Then the unused PTO is paid to the their current pay rate. However, when the employer makes has unrestricted PTO, it isn’t a quantified benefit and there is no balance accumulated that has to be paid should an employee leave the company.

2. Unlimited Paid Time Off gives an employer a competitive edge that draws and retains top talent without any cost to the employer.

Not Everyone Likes This New Trend

While there is no question that unlimited or untracked PTO is a nice perk, many employees will admit they prefer to “bank” their vacation time plus there is no paid vacation time anymore either. And from the standpoint of the employer, most will agree that this new trend is good, but does have a few drawbacks, one being that PTO isn’t linked to compensation that is accrued and paid accordingly.

Cynics of having unlimited or untracked PTO policies say that work won’t get completed because the policy will be abused by employees. Pros of this type of benefit argue that if an employee is abusing the policy, chances are that it is most likely reflected in their performance and their value to the company should be measured from that aspect anyway.033014 millenials 3

Measurement Of Work Is Needed

Experts suggest that those employers that offer this unlimited or untracked PTO caveat have a process that measures employees work. Perhaps start by creating small teams within the company and if a company is large enough, within each department, so that tracking their employee’s performance is possible.

Pros of this trend say that in the majority of companies offering this type of benefit won’t see any abuse of the policy because everyone has a stake in the company’s success. Those unsure of this policy aren’t so convinced though, especially in large corporations where the bottom line isn’t visible to every single employee.

It has been determined that most companies have an important misunderstanding in how to measure their employees work, not only in regards to the amount of PTO that an onsite employee takes, but employees that work remote and distributed teams. It has been proven that the majority of managers do not receive any formal training in setting up and measuring the goals of their teams but are still expected to evaluate the achievements of each team member on what is often vague and un-measurable goals.

040614 patience 2Management Needs Meaningful Measurements

Companies that are going to offer unlimited or untracked PTO must set up a way to measure individual employees achievements in reaching goals. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has found some tips to offer in doing just that:

1. Define Your Goals
To know if you and your employees are reaching your goals, you first must define them and then share those goals to with your employees. To get the best results, don’t copy your competitor’s goals though. Instead create goals that will make you stand out above the competition.

2. Quantity or Quality
Whether it is better that you should judge your employees on the quality or the quantity of their work can be argued. Regardless which way you go, keep in mind that an effective evaluation is how you will know when an employee needs to reach for better quality or more quantity then have a way in place where you can measure the outcome appropriately.

3. Constant Communication Is A Must
It isn’t just enough to have the annual reviews anymore, especially when you offer unlimited or untracked PTO. You need to implement a policy that feedback will be active and ongoing. This feedback may should be established so that you can not only evaluate your employees progress of reaching certain goals but also provide 360-degree feedback so that other managers as well as the employees peers and subordinates is provided too. This will give the employee and you a wider view of their accomplishments.052614 unlimited pto - 2

There is no question that in addition to flex-time and telecommuting, unlimited and untracked PTO are definite draws for good talent to your company. However, you need to realize that it will require your management team to be more active in understanding how to evaluate their team member’s performance. The results of this trending benefit on unlimited or untracked PTO can bring good news to your company because as your management team improves in setting goals and quantifying those goals as well as the outcome, you whole business will benefit and can better define the road to success.

After being discharged, Veterans often have trouble fitting back into society. From being back home with the family and the day-to-day activities to finding and landing gainful non-military employment. There are groups and organizations that help them and their families make those adjustments, but the employment problems haven’t been a focus until the past few years. 

052614 military 1The experience, knowledge and skills that a Veteran has to offer are many and can be valuable to any company. A Vet can offer just as much, maybe even more, than other candidates for any position in any industry. Many Veterans have received their college degree while serving our country and their military time is a stepping-stone to non-military careers. When it comes to job searching, Veterans aren’t really much different than the rest of us. They need to find a job that meets their requirements of benefits, commute and salary as well as future grow, personal satisfaction and professional satisfaction.

Many employers are too easy to see a Veteran as having been out of the workplace and have a hard time fitting in when the truth is, they have jobs in the military too. They have a much more regimented routine, but they use cutting edge technology and are held to a high workplace conduct. A Veteran probably has the best workplace practices, can follow or lead in any business environment.

It can be easy for those who have never been in the Military to develop biases in regards to those who have been. A common assumption is that most Veterans suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Some employers have even gone so far as to ask a Veteran during their interview if they have PTSD or if they ever killed anyone.052614 military 2

What employers need to focus on when interviewing a Veteran is what knowledge and skills do they have that can be transferred and used in the position they have applied for or within the company elsewhere. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers the following four questions that are more appropriate to ask a Veteran during an interview:

** Is there a situation where you had to make a decision that affected your troop? What was the results? Were there times that you disagreed with instructions you were given? How did you handle that? This question can answer the bias opinion that x-Military can’t be in a leadership position because they only know how to take orders.

** Did you ever experience a time that the members of your troop had various opinions on a situation and had to come to a common solution? What was your part in this? Many feel that x-Military are too rigid and have no ability to be flexible with others. The answer to this question can debunk that belief.]

** What OTJ training did you receive in the Military? What skills did you acquire in the Military? The general thought of many is that those in the military weren’t intelligent enough for a job and joined the Military as a last effort. Once you have the answers from these questions, you will find out just how much education the Veteran you’re interview received while serving or how educated he or she was prior to joining the Military.

** Are you able to work the days and hour required of this job? Are you able to meet the travel requirements of this job? This question is one you would ask any candidate and will give the Veteran an opportunity to advise you if he or she has PTSD and if it affects their reliability.

052614 military 3You can be sure that Veterans have undergone some of the most stringent disciplining and rigorous training that can be a significant value to your company. As we celebrate Memorial Day with cookouts, relaxing and swimming, return to the office tomorrow with a different viewpoint on the next application or resume you receive from a Veteran. 

111613_two_week_notice 2You would think that when there are multiple candidates vying for the same job, the winner would be the most qualified candidate, right? You feel certain that you have been that most qualified candidate and yet …. you’re still unemployed. Why? Yeah, that’s their bad luck, you’ll get them next time and all that positive stuff.

Then again, maybe you didn’t get one of those jobs that you were so perfect for because it takes more than just education, experience or skills these days. Sometimes the candidate that is chosen has less experienced candidate and for several good reasons, reasons you may not even have thought about.

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers the following pointers that if you aren’t doing them, you may want to revamp yourself and see what happens:

You Lack Social Media Savvy

Social Media is much more than just socializing today. It is a window that lets unforeseen audiences look at you, sometimes, you may even have the door wide open. You may have your privacy settings set, but those you share your private stuff with on Social Media may be copying and re-posting to their page and they may not have their settings as strict.112713_facebook_beer_party 1

Today, Social Media sites are a tool that more and more employers are using and over 40% employers have admitted that the things they see on Social Media sites affects their hiring decisions. Keep this mind as you start to post pictures of yourself, or your friends, at parties drinking from a keg or at the beach sans the bottoms to your swimsuit.

Your Attitude Is Wrong

When you enter an interview and start complaining about your previous boss or coworkers, it doesn’t tell the prospective employer you’re ready to make a change. It tells them that you are a complainer, a whiner. Nor do you want to come off as if you are royalty or superior over the person interviewing you.

You may be Ronald Edward Robertson the Third, but prospective employers really aren’t interested in your family ancestry. Leave the ranking of your moniker off the resume and by the way, no need to introduce yourself as such either.

101113 temp or not 1You Didn’t Do Any Research

Do your research after you have landed an interview appointment. Visit the company’s website, search the internet about the industry and where they fit in. What are the challenges this company faces and be prepared to talk about how you can help contribute to overcome those challenges. When your first question is “What does your company do?”, you can be pretty certain you won’t be asked back for a second interview.

You Stink

If you smell like cigarette smoke, or any other kind of smoke, going into an interview, it can be offensive to a non-smoker. Find another way to calm your nerves before going in like chew gum (be sure to spit it out before walking in the room though!). Go easy on the cologne too, man or woman. If the interviewer has allergies or they are odor sensitive, you’ve lost the opportunity to impress them before you have a chance.

You Are A Slob

Resumes that have grammar and spelling errors are a sure way NOT to get the job. Proofread not just your resume, but cover letter and references for misused words, spelling errors and typos. Attention to detail is a must! review character shows reviewing evaluate and reviews

You Seem Weirdo On Your Resume

You may have a strong resume when it comes to your education, experience, knowledge and skills but your personal info like hobbies could be the deal breaker. Your resume should be only about things related to employment. Keep your personal information like member of a hunting club or your personal hobbies and interests off your resume. If you’re not sure that it would be relevant to the position, leave it off. You can always add things verbally during the interview if the subject comes up.

Careful with your objective statement too. Statements like “Seeking position with a company that highly values diversity and sustainability.” can make it look like you could be a PITA (Pain In The Ass) to work with. Your resume is meant to let a prospective employer know why they should hire you not what you demand and expect from an employer. Don’t close your cover letter with a demand either like “Given my obvious qualifications, if I am not chosen, I expect to be informed of why.”

You Appear Desperate

So your mortgage is late and electric bill is due. You want to be enthusiastic about the position, but you don’t want to be desperate. Stay calm, cool and above all, professional. However, you want to be confident, not cocky either.

You Lack References

If you don’t have any references that will have something good to say about your work and professionalism, then don’t offer a list of references. Don’t provide fake letters of references either. The references you do give, make sure you tell the person that you have listed them as a reference. There is nothing more unprofessional than a hiring manager calling somebody for a reference and catching them flat-footed. If you can’t list your previous supervisor with confidence they will have good things to say about you, then perhaps a former co-worker would be a better choice.

beautiful womanYou Don’t Look Right For The Position

Remember, you aren’t going to a fashion show. You want to be clean and groomed with an air of profession and respect. You may want to turn it up a not but you don’t want look like the most important part of the interview is how you look. This also means, come dressed for an interview and not like you just came in from a day at the beach or heading to happy hour afterward.

Keep a Realistic Salary Expectation

Keep your benefit and salary expectations realistic. If you have been in the industry awhile, you should know what is possible and what isn’t. Being too demanding or inflexible will turn prospective employers off. So if you are new to the industry you are applying, do some research on the benefits and salary range for that industry and be flexible.

Competition in the job market can be fierce and make it difficult to land a job these days. So if you have been getting nothing but letters that start off “We’re sorry to inform you …. “, review your cover letter, your resume and yourself with a critical eye. You could be your own worse enemy.

051614 finding candidates 2 Have you noticed that it is getting harder and harder to find good candidates and even harder to find one that is available when you’re ready to make an offer? Well blame it on the unemployment rate! Yes, the unemployment rate has dropped and that could mean one of two things:

1. Companies Are Hiring Again
2. More People Have Dropped Out Of The Job Market

The terms “evaporated employee sources” or “labor wasteland” are becoming more and more common. They describe the staffing shortage American employers are experiencing. Not just certain industries or certain size companies either. Companies in all industries and all sizes are having a difficult time when it comes to finding qualified candidates today and experts are expecting the situation to get worse.

Even though employers are raising the bar on qualifications and prospective candidates are lacking even basic skill sets, America is at the lowest rate of unemployment since 2008. At the rate the unemployment rate is dropping, we’ll be at what is said to be “full employment” before long.

The ability to recruit and hire is affected when unemployment changes because, as the economy improves, companies are hiring. This means that the pool of candidates is shrinking which will makes it harder to fill jobs. What you should be looking into now is if your competitors are hiring those good candidates.

If you find out that they are, then you need to find out what they are doing to recruit these good candidates that you aren’t doing. Is your hiring process taking too long? We’ve covered that recently in this blog, so maybe you should read it if you haven’t already. Our team at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offered some great advise there that could help you out. If you’re taking too long to make a decision, you can’t expect that perfect candidate to wait around. They are most likely being courted by other companies, maybe even your competitor.050414 taking too long 1

Or maybe it is what your company is offering, or not offering, prospective candidates? Is the pay your offering competitive within your industry? Are your benefits up with the current times in regards to PTO, tuition reimbursement and other company policies? How frequent are raises and reviews? If your company’s employment package was set up 10 years ago, it is probably time to revamp it.

112713_facebook_beer_party 1Maybe you aren’t using all the resources and tools that are available to recruit today? Does your company have a FaceBook page or Linkedin account? Do you post things are following other postings on Twitter about what’s going on in your company and in your industry? Good chance your competitors are using all of these avenues as well as a professional staffing agency like Clear Choice Staffing Solutions.

When it comes to recreating, hiring and retaining qualified candidates, you have to get creative. You have to put on your gloves, so some digging and climb outside of your box of standard policy and procedures. Why? Well those top candidates had to do that the past 7-8 years to beat out other top candidates, so reason would stand, you need to do the same. Right?

030114 dating and job search 2Here at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, we know that there is so much stress when applying for jobs. All the Q&A that takes place during the interview process is nerve wracking. The employer’s questions about your experience, work history, about your personal and professional goals and how you plan to tackle the position should you be the lucky one hired.

Then they advise you that among the testing they require, a drug test is included. You can practice for a keyboard / typing test. You can even brush up and study for any specific professional tests. The one test you can’t study for though, is the dreaded hair or pee test. So the question is:

Can You Pass A Drug Test?

Like there isn’t enough stress during an interview, adding the possibility you may be required to take drug test, whether you are a regular pot smoker or just occasionally partake at a party, the whole process of a job search can be out-and-out unbearable. Even if you have approved medical use, it can make you nervous, because no matter your frequency or your reasoning, you are going to flunk that test.

While Amendment 20 and Amendment 64 legalized the use of marijuana in the state of Colorado, it is still illegal by Federal government laws. Those employers that had a no-drug policy in place prior to those Amendments becoming law are protected by Federal law and do not have to change their no-drug policies. 051614 no drug policy 2

As such, many employers are telling Clear Choice Staffing Solutions that many candidates are being rejected because they failed the drug testing. The candidate that is perfect in every sense of the description from education to experience to personality has been rejected or even dismissed after they have started the job. A pre-employment drug screening can take place at the first interview, after the first interview or even after you have been employed during probation period.

Which Is Worse: Alcohol Or Marijuana?

Marijuana is limited legal in many states and in Colorado, the recently passed A64 is causing a lot of debate to say the lest. So who needs to give on this subject? Do employers need to revamp their no-drug policy to accommodate A64? Or do job prospects need to adjust their personal activities? Let’s look at this from both sides of a person that drinks alcoholic beverages and a person that smokes marijuana:

Joe goes home and has a bourbon and coke every evening and Sue has a glass or two of wine. It helps them unwind and relax. Bob goes home every evening and smokes a joint to relax. Depending on body size and amount consumed, any of these can show up in a blood test the next day, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that Bob, Joe or Sue are unable to perform their duties efficiently and safely.

However, what kind of world would we be living in if every company allowed their employees to drink a beer or smoke a joint on the job?! If you think customer service suffers now and quality of craftsmanship is sub-par now, what would it be like if we were allowed to be “lit” from any kind of substance?

090713_wrong_employee 2What Should Employers Do?

Well at this time, Amendment 64 says that employers are still allowed to have no-drug policy and they do not have to accommodate or permit the use of marijuana. They are totally within their rights to reject a candidate or fire an employee that breaks any established no-drug policy.

So it is recommended that employers that haven’t already, redistribute and reiterate their policies and make it clear that the use of alcohol or marijuana are prohibited on company property. If their policy includes random drug testing that can result in being fired, that needs to be clearly stated as well.

What Should Job Seekers Do? 

Since employers have their rights to not hire you for failing a drug test, your best bet is to avoid any consumption of controlled substance if you are anticipating pre-employment testing, ie, going on an interview. Each of us are the only ones that can control this situation. If you have difficulty in controlling yourself, there are many companies out there today that can assist you and there are products on the market to “clean” your system. 

If you are hired to start work and not required to take a drug test first, read the material that HR gives you and make sure you understand the company’s drug policies. Using discretion, ask co-workers what the policy is and if there is a process. Until you are 100%, be cautious with your substance intake.

Most companies have applicants sign documentation that acknowledges drug testing is possible either before or during employment. This doesn’t mean you’ll be asked to pee in a cup. It is simply letting you know they reserve the right and you agree to be tested if asked. 040614 references 3

Will The No-Drug Policy Ever Be An Illegal Policy?

Maybe. Maybe not. Until now, it has always been up to the company to offer health insurance to their employees. Now, under the current Administration, it is law that companies of certain size are required to provide health insurance or pay a hefty fine. But for now, marijuana use is still not a “lawful activity,” whether you are on or off the job. Period.


040614 references 3It has been well documented over the years that beauty, gender and race are strong biases when it comes to hiring. As a professional, you follow the laws to make sure you don’t fall into those biases but do you realize that you have other prejudices too? 

It is perfectly normal, so need to apologize or be insulted and shocked. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions wants to bring a few prejudice biases to your attention that fairly predictable patterns that many of us in hiring positions unconsciously follow. We believe that we are using our intuition to navigate our hiring decisions, but what we may be doing is short-changing prospective candidates with shortsightedness.

The Anchor: Do you rely heavily on a piece of information about an candidate? Such as the person that has been unemployed awhile – do you look more at that then their qualifications, no matter how solid those qualifications?

The Bandwagon: Simply because your mentor and others in your industry and position believe something, do you follow suit? Perhaps you’ve interviewed a candidate that you believe is right for the position, but others don’t agree. Are you easily swayed by the group’s opinion instead of following your own instincts and judgment?

The Confirmation: Do you have the tendency to establish that your assumptions about the universe are right by using preconceived notions in place of verifying those assumptions? For example, as you interview a candidate that graduated a prestigious university, do you just go with the notion that if they were good enough for that school, they must be right for the company instead of checking their work history if they made a good employee?

Unreal Correlation: Do you let a relationship between two events give you false impression? Say a candidate has been employed with 2 or more companies that went out of business. Do you assume that the applicant was at fault and skip over them?

Social Comparison: Do you have a tendency to favor the candidate that won’t be your competition? Are a sales manager that is known for you humor, so you pass over the candidate that has a similar sense of humor so they won’t steal your spotlight?

041314 job review 1Take a moment to step back and examine your prejudices in a logical manner, be honest with yourself. It can be hard to eliminate these prejudices because they are usually unconscious prejudices. However, once you have discovered them, take the steps needed to correct them:

1. Know why you are hiring somebody: It can be easy to overly precise with a job description, but precise you are, the more you have limited your options.

2. Understand that you are hiring humans: People are individuals and we are all worth more than that piece of paper we call our resume. Those who built the tech boom that we all live with today wouldn’t be hired by the companies they founded and own today. Why? Most of them did not attend college. Many of them were not good students in high school. And most of all, most of them had no work references. Today, they are billionaires.

3. Know your decisions are impacted by you prejudices: So do not use a check list and hire with more than one candidate.

4. Understand that checklists reduce your options: Instead of the checklists, ask yourself “Why is this person right for the job?” instead of looking for reasons to eliminate an applicant.

051114 prejudices5. Look for surprises in the candidates you interview: Go into the interview expecting the candidate to be the perfectly wrong candidate only to find they are perfect for the job.

6. Understand that the company is a system: You are looking at candidates you can plug into the company, so behonest about how employees are treated by the company. What does the company do to motivate the staff so that they are always creating, looking to improve and are innovative? The determine if the candidate you’re interview will survive in the company’s culture and maybe make it better.



012514 minimum wage 2Whether or not minimum wage should be increased isn’t a new debate. Advocates say it would improve the standard of living for many Americans, thus improve the economy. Cynics say that companies will have to lay off, quit hiring and raise prices which will hurt the American economy. Both sides have points that support their claim and both sides have points of the repercussions either way.

It doesn’t take much to see that income inequality is growing in the U.S. Minimum wage was last increased by Congress in 2007. With that being said, two things for certain: We can’t infinitely stay put with stagnation in wages nor can we expect an increase in wages and not pay for it down the road. 051114 min wage 3

We all to get that “cost of living” increase, even if it means Uncle Sam gets more of the increase than we do when it is all said and done. In 1996 when the minimum wage was $4.75 and today with a minimum wage of $7.25, due to general rise in inflation, we were actually making more money in 1996 than we are currently. What these numbers prove is that the U.S. is great at creating wealth, but we really stink when it comes to distributing it.

If the health insurance law has already have businesses laying off or cutting back hours so they don’t have to offer health insurance, what would a minimum wage mandate do? It is apparent that American businesses can’t reduce that inequality we spoke of earlier by the plain working of the unchained free market.

102813_top_trends_2013 2It stands to reason that it will take money to reduce inequality so with a minimum wage mandate. That money has to come from somewhere. So we have to expect a accompaniment increase in cost of goods and services. Or if that money were to come from Government subsidies, we can expect higher taxes which will reduce the paychecks more.



040614 hire graduatesWhether you are a recent high school or college graduate or you have been in the job market for awhile, you may be hitting the proverbial brick wall when it comes to finding full time work. Experts and the Government are telling us that the economy has improved and there are jobs for every American out there, but still the unemployment rate is still higher than ever.

If you fall into one of those categories mentioned and haven’t found that full time job that is waiting for you, there are many temp jobs that are out there right now. Maybe temp isn’t what you’re looking for, but if you get in the door with a temp position, you’ll be there when the company is ready to hire full time!

And for those that are new to the work force, such as recent grads, temp work is not only a way to get your foot in the door, but it is an excellent way to get your feet wet in the “real workforce”. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions would like to suggest the following Hot Temp Jobs of 2014. Note the salaries listed are averaged across the country and may vary in different cities:

Administrative Assistants
Between 2013 to present, there has been a 3% growth for this position at a salary average of $15/hour.040614 employee gossip 5

Accounting, Auditor Clerks and Bookkeeping
Between 2013 and present has seen an increase of 3% added to the workforce at an average of $16/hour.

Construction Laborers
With over 75,000 people employed between 2013 and now at a salary of $14/hour.

CSR – Customer Service Representatives
From 2013 to present, this position with the average salary of $14/hour.

Computer User Support Specialists
Almost 18,000 were employed in this position between 2013 and now at a pay rate of $22/hour average.

Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers
Over 24,000 employed between 2013 and present at an average rate of $18/hour.

Human Resources Specialists
Just over 64,0oo were added in this position since 2013, a 4% increase, at the rate of $26/hour.

Inspectors, Samplers, Sorters, Testers and Weighers
Over 28,000 were added in this position between 2013 and now at an average rate of $16/hour.

022514 recruiter specialized 2Machinists
Between 2013 and now, 23,182 have been added to the workforce at a rate of $18/hour average.

Maintenance and Repair Workers
At an average pay of $16/hour, over 30,000 were added between 2013 and 2014, a 3% growth.

Registered Nurses
58,000 were employed at average of $31/hour between 2013 and now.

Sales Representatives, Services, All Other
Almost 24,000 were added to the workforce between 2013 and now at an average pay of $24/hour.092913_careers_future 1

There was a time when temporary employment was not as valued as it is today. More and more companies are going the way of temp workers for several reasons. One being the economy. They need the extra hands but maybe profit just isn’t big enough yet for full time hires. Another reason is the new health care law … they aren’t required to offer health insurance for workers under 30 hours.

What the unemployed need to realize is that as the economy keeps recovering, albeit slow, temp jobs are the opportunities that will lead them to permanent positions in the industry they have always been in or the opportunity to try a new industry. Job seekers should also be aware that temp-to-perm conversion rate is increasing.

Nothing can damage your company like being slow to hire once you have opened that door. This is Part 2 of our 2 Part series from Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, offering you 6 negative impacts on your company when you are slow hiring decisions:

Young businesswoman isolated on white7. Slow hiring decision loses battles for the top candidates: When you want to hire the top candidate that will give your company a competitive advantage, it often puts you in head-to-head battle with your competitors. Top candidates are usually decisive candidates that know what they want. Put all that together and those top candidates will go with the first offer that meets their demands, meaning, you’ve lost the battle. Losing that battle can cost your company because your competitor just got a leg up on you in innovation and productivity.

8. Lengthy hiring reduces excitement: When you take too long to hire, the excitement of that project is lost and becomes boring for the hiring manager, they become indifferent. When your hiring manager has put out the effort and priority to interview then it doesn’t happen, they feel like they have wasted their time. Speed up the process of hiring so that the results of the interview process are seen before they are forgotten.

9. Slow hiring causes negative impact on customers and employees: Shortsightedness to the effects of a slow hiring process is a common problem. You must look outside the box and see how this empty position and the indecisiveness is affecting other employees as well as customers. Empty positions in customer service are noticed by customers right away. Slower customer service will begin to affect your sales and growth. Employees will be asked to pick up slack and put in overtime, which usually impacts morale and retention rates.

10. Passive prospects slow the hiring process: By thinking that all top candidates are happily employed and choosing to recruit the passive prospects instead will actually slow your process down even more. If the passive prospects are employed, they usually take longer in deciding to leave their current position. However, once your competitors get wind that the passive prospect is looking around, they will jump on them quick and take them out of the pool of possibilities. Once somebody enters the job search pool, it is the employer with the quick decision that wins.

020714 obamacare11. Extended hiring processes have hidden hiring costs: When your hiring process requires an exuberant number of interviews, four or more, the cost of hiring increases as each person in the interview chain spends time with each candidate. When the interview time is longer than necessary, it costing the company even more. By eliminating unnecessary elements in your hiring process, you can reduce the hiring time and cut costs too. 

12. Standard hiring metrics hide slow hiring problem: The companies that just measure the average amount of days to hire aren’t getting the real cost of hiring. The fact that the average hire time may be good but the hire time for in top prospects and for positions that are mission critical or revenue generating are probably not good. Those in top position of the company need to realize that each day you don’t hire, the quality of hire drops.

Think of hiring like going to your high school prom. Once the prom date is announce, most kids ask their dates right away so that they get the most desirable cheerleader or football player. If they were to wait 47 days (the average decision time for companies to choose a candidate), they could very well end up going to their prom with the less desirable.