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Are you one of those employers that discriminates against a long time unemployed candidate? You know those candidates that have been out of work for 6 months or longer? Many, if not most, employers are of the opinion that a person is more employable if they are currently employed. They all have varying reasons but studies have shown that not to be the case necessarily. 030914 include temps 2

This is especially true when it comes to judging candidates that are hourly employee. It has been shown in studies that the employment history of a hourly paid employee has no relation with the performance they offer or their previous tenure. Simply because a candidate ha been unemployed for a long period doesn’t mean they do not have as much to offer as the next candidate. 

The next job application or resume you review that has employment gaps, consider these things:

Employment Gaps vs Employment History

Employment history is important, however, be cautious in passing over a candidate because they have been unemployed a long time thinking they have less skills and are less desirable. They deserve at the very lest, a phone interview.

Help the Unemployed To Help Yourself

Unemployed candidates are more likely to be more appreciative of an opportunity you give them. It will also make your company stand out in their industry.

041314 Personalities 2You May Miss The Best Quality Candidates

When you use employment history to do your screening and pass over the long time unemployed, you are overlooking a large pool of talent.

As you look at resumes, read the cover letter with more interest. The cover letter often offers clues to the candidate’s experience. As you screen candidates, ask them about the activities they have had while out of work. Were they volunteering or taking classes? Or were they simply sitting around waiting for opportunity to magically knock on the door? A good candidate is one with initiative. 



032314 online shopping applictions 4With economics up and down the past few years, companies aren’t hiring like they once did and when they do, they are being very careful in who they hire. They are taking steps to make sure the candidate they choose is the right candidate, because they may only have one shot at this. So the next time your company needs to fill a position, consider the different employment relationships that are available today.

Non-Standard Employment

Today, we see a lot of non-standard work and there are advantages and disadvantages for both the employers and employees. For employers, you have more flexibility as well as wider range of specialized talent. It can save the company money by attracting and hiring contingent workers. However, there is a downside to this as well. You don’t have the employee engagement or loyalty that you get when you hire for the long run. For the employee, this type of employment relationship allows you more flexibility and still earn a paycheck. The downside for the employee is the lack of a steady paycheck.

Trends and Issues

The full-time employment sector has shrunk the past couple of decades. Thus we have seen the non-standard employment relationships grow. Employers are able to hire for particular projects that need specific skills with the non-standard employment way and only as needed. This has allowed them to do more with lest and maintain a level of business. Employees have learned to adjust their lifestyle so that this flexible income works, meaning they have cut back on expenses and in many cases, changed their lifestyles.

Types of Employment Relationships 

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers a look at different employment relationships. This is just a brief look at the pros and cons from both the employee perspective and the employer perspective:

Permanent Employment

This is defined as full time or part time employment for an open-ended time frame, not necessarily a job for life, but there is no set end of job date stated by either party.

Fixed Term Contract / Specified Purpose Contract

These are jobs with a contract that states a specific date when the relationship will expire or the job is completed. This is commonly found more in non-profit organizations where a job or project is dependent on a set amount of funds. It is common for an employee under this type of contract to be let go when the contract expires then rehired under another contract with other funds.

Payroll Provider - 2Temp Employment Contract

Those who are hired via a staffing agency are employees of the agency with agreement that the employer can hire the employee after contractual agreement has been met. However, the company that has the temp employee is responsible for things such as harassment free workplace and all health and safety issues are met.

Independent Contractor

This type of employment relationship is where a person provides a service to company as a non-employee. They are responsible for their own taxes and the obligations by the company they are working with does not control their work methods or schedules.

Borrowed, Loaned, Shared

This practice is common in the hospitality industry. When a corporate company has branches, each branch will have their hired employees. When another branch is short staffed, they bay borrow an employee from another branch. Or one branch may loan an employee to a newly opened location until they have hired a full staff and may continue to share some team members. Management between the two branches will share certain responsibilities like the employee’s annual review.


The next time your company is in need of another person, but the budget just isn’t able to handle a full time employee, consider one of these other options. These offer alternatives that won’t affect the company’s bottom line as deep and it will but more money into the economy.

090713_wrong_employee 2When a company hires new people, it is tradition to give them an orientation or some companies call it employee on-boarding. This is done to provide information about the company’s policies and procedures. The intentions is to make the new employee comfortable with their role and how it fits into the company’s culture so that they can add value to the company.

While there are good intentions with this process, which is needed, this step takes time and when the workplace is busy and has been shorthanded, it is common to forego this orientation with the hope that the new employee will “catch on” and ‘figure it out’ as they go. The sad reality of that hope is that if the new employee becomes disillusioned with the company, they leave and usually without any explanation of why. 

That is why it is important to take the time to give every new employee proper orientation. While it takes time out of managements day, it will actually prove to be a productive investment. Proper and thorough orientation of new employees increase their chance to be successful, which in turn, will increase the company’s success too. Not to mention, this process can save the company money and time over the long run. 

A complete and thorough orientation reduces the new employee’s anxiety. They can learn more about the company and its mission when information relevant to their position within the company is shared with them. Orientation builds a relationship between the employee, their direct manager and their immediate co-workers.

So once Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has found your ideal employee, take the time to provide them a thorough orientation. We’ve brought you what could be your next star employee, it is up to you make them shine.

042014 environmental 4Yup,that’s right! There is only one Earth! Meaning, we destroy this one, there won’t be another one to replace it, so all of us, everyone that is on this Earth today, needs to step up to the plate and make it last for a long, long, long time – like forever.

We aren’t talking about at home and on the roadways either. We got the stuff going on at home to recycle and reuse. We’ve even made it cool to be “chic” and repurpose things. We have fuel efficient vehicles now and we even have vehicles that run on multiple sources of power.

So now, going forward, we all need to do what we can at work to be more supportive of our precious environment. No matter what your job is in what industry, there are ways to be more socially responsible in the workplace. To help you look outside of your ‘box’, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers the following suggestions to get you started and we bet with just a bit of effort and imagination, you can think of some others to go along with these:042014 environmental 2

1. Tele-Commute: This isn’t feasible or possible for every job out there but where companies can set it up for employees to work from home is a one big step in being more socially responsible. Does your sales staff really have to be in the office every day? Even if you are one of those managers that likes to have a power meeting each morning – use the technology we have to day and have that power meeting by phone and video. For those that telecommuting isn’t possible, encourage and reward carpooling and use of public transportation.

2.Digital and Wireless: This is where its at folks. The technology we have today can eliminate paper use, even the faxes! Today you can have faxes received and sent by electronic means so that your staff can pull it up on their computers. This is great for that tele-commute suggestion too! Go electronic with forms and letters. Give your employees laptops to work from instead of desktops so when you do have to have those in-person meetings, notes can be taken electronically instead of the yellow legal pad and pen. Store all the company files on computers, make sure you have an off-site data backup system though in case of catastrophe. Employees that need access to those company files can be given compact flash drives or CDs. 

3.If You Just Have To Print: You can still be environmentally smart and use he draft mode to print, use both sides of the paper and buy recycled paper. By using 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper, you are making a full circle of being socially responsible. Upgrade company software programs to eliminate that one blank page every time you print too.

042014 environmental 14. Make Your Computers Green: Using computers to the fullest potential to save on paper may mean more computers in the workplace. If you have desktops, you can be environmentally friendly by instructing each employee to put their computer in hibernation or on stand-by when they leave for lunch and at the end of their work time, turn them off. When the time comes to replace a desktop here and there, do it with a laptop so that your employees can be more efficient. First of all, laptops use as much as 80 percent less energy than desk tops, so that will help your overhead cost with utilities, so that’s a win-win right there! Go with companies and manufacturers that offer trade-in on your old computers and recycle them.

5.Go All Natural: Where there are windows in the workplace, make sure they are letting in the natural light and save on your electric bill as well as being environmentally smart. Where daylight isn’t enough, replace those light fixtures that have incandescent lights with energy-efficient lighting. Compact light bulbs and LED lighting provide brighter light and are energy efficient too. Upgrade existing light switches with occupancy sensors or timers that turn off and on automatically. Where the old school lighting is still in place, encourage employees to turn off the lights when not in use in places like break and lunch rooms, copier room and restrooms. 

6.Live Plants A Must: Those silk plants are easier to have around, but they aren’t doing anything for your indoor air quality. Especially in newer constructed buildings that are air tight, you need live plants to keep the air fresh. Older buildings are made of things that have been deemed as unhealthy to breath in the carpeting, paint, wallpaper and more. The live plants will pull that unhealthy air out making it healthier for your staff.042014 environmental 3

7.Breakroom Biggies: Quit supplying the paper and plastics! Encourage the staff to bring their favorite coffee mug from home and bring their breakfast, lunch and snack in reusable containers. Take a little petty cash and head to the local Goodwill store and pick up a few odd and end dishes for company use. Use a few dollars in the marketing budget and buy coffee mugs with the company logo on them for the break room. Provide a trash can and recycle containers too for your employees to use.

8.Recycle Coffee: Well, no, not really recycling coffee, but use reusable coffee filters or paper filters that are made from recycled materials. Purchase organic coffee that is made from shade-grown beans. They help protect the ecosystem where they come from and they are healthier for us to consume.

9. Go Green With Marketing: Every company needs to promote themselves with things like business cards and flyers. There are eco-friendly materials out there to use for your marketing materials, This is true for things that are sent out externally and anything sent internally too. Spread the word to your customers and suppliers that your company is taking steps to be active in protecting and preserving the environment. This will accomplish three things: Enhance the company’s image, a build loyalty among those you do business with and last but not least, it is environmentally responsible. Have every employee that sends out emails to add a tag line to their signature “Please think green before printing this e-mail – We do.”

10. During the winter, encourage employees to wear layers and keep the thermostat down a couple of degrees lower than normal. During the summer months, consider the workplace dress code and make adjustments that allow employees to dress cooler and keep the thermostat up higher.

These suggestions are very basic and won’t take a lot of money to implement. With conscientious effort and practice by your employees, your company can be eco-friendly while saving you money in the long run too. Encourage every employee to keep their ears, eyes and minds open or more ways the company can be more and socially responsible and maybe, just maybe, we’ll save this Earth for another billion years or more! 

Every year millions of Americans watch the big game – the NFL Superbowl. While the match up of the two teams play may not be your team, one main element of this national broadcast game that keeps fans and non-fans alike glued to the sofa is the wonder of what will happen next. Its not all about the game. Its not all about the halftime show either. 

Most are watching because they are football fans, or sports fans anyway and others watch simply for the commercials. The commercials that play during the Super Bowl games are the penchant of all commercials. This is when companies around the world introduce a new product or put a new spin on an old product.

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has determined is that those expensive commercials actually have more merit to them than selling their products. They also have some use advise and tips for careers, which we share with you here: 

041314 superbowl ad 1Professional Brand

Wonderful Pistachios and Stephen Colbert had a 2 part commercial. In part 1, Mr. Colbert was seen sitting in an empty office. In part 2, Mr. Colbert was seen in the same office but this time with banners that promoted the Wonderful Pistachios brand. 

This is a perfect example of how a successful career needs branding, your personal branding. When you just simply sit in an empty office, your career means nothing. However, when you highlight your attributes, skills and personality you create your brand, thus draw the attention of those who will boost your career. 

Find how to promote your brand with carefully selected images and words. Be cautious with the social sites you visit and how you comment. Once you have determined your brand, consult with a professional that can help you promote your brand.

Have Your Numbers Ready

The career advise from Ford Motors’ commercial is usually overlooked. They were promoting their new Fusion as “Nearly Double” other vehicles fuel economy. For 90 seconds, they were relentless in telling us about its fuel efficiency being “nearly double”. When you think about it, “nearly double” is a statistic that is impressive as well as being easy to remember the performance of the Ford Fusion.

So how does this apply to your career? As you write your resume and go through interviews, you should do the same thing and be relentless in stating your quantifiable statistics which indicate the value you are bringing to an organization. By doing this, you are making it easy to digest your accomplishments and making them memorable.

Compose your profile in a professional manner as you prepare for an interview, put the focus on actual results you have delivered. Then be prepared to discuss them so that you are making your interview a memorable one. This will help you “nearly double” your success!ford logo

Plan B Is A Must

T-Mobile used the past few years experience of quarterback Tim Tebow. He has been an intriguing football player with a phenomenal football experience. He is a BSC National Champion, a Heisman Trophy winner and a free agent in the NFL. One thing that Mr. Tebow hasn’t done is keep a job with an NFL team. He has not let that stop him though.

In this Super Bowl ad, Mr. Tebow promotes T-Mobile’s “No Contract“ product with completely fictitious accomplishments in the ad and this is a career lesson for all of us – Plan B Is A Must.

So Mr. Tebow’s dreams of playing full time in the NFL have not been fulfilled, he isn’t disappearing quietly. He took the job as an ESPN analyst for college football and he has embraced this new career. We need to copy Mr. Tebow’s attitude and create a Plan B just in case our dream career doesn’t work out for us.

Capture Your Restlessness

The career advise from Jeep’s “Restlessness”commercial could very well be the only career advice you need. During this commercial, it shows a series of outdoors moments and a voice says “restlessness starts with an itch and ends in progress. It is your ambition refusing to be bottled up.”

It can be easy to become apathetic, comfortable and ignore our career ambition so we can have a sense of security. But simply settling won’t satisfy us so we need to seize the opportunities that come to us so that we can go forward in our careers. We should always be ready to think outside the box and try new things. We should always be willing to conquer any new obstacles and embrace the changes that come with that. As it has been said, it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

american football goal markerGo For The Touchdown

Coca-Cola always has some of the Super Bowl commercials and this past year was no exception with their “Going All the Way“ ad. When a youth football player was given the opportunity to score a touchdown with no contest, he sprinted into the end zone and kept running and he didn’t stop until he crossed into Lambeau Field’s end zone.

This commercial wasn’t aimed at being a feel-good promotion, but it was a strategy for a career. Don”t strive to simply finish the job, but strive to do more. Dream big and go further than the task you’ve been given if you want to be successful. When you strive for the best and beyond, you have more opportunity for great things to happen.


For those of you reading this that are gainfully employed, use these Superbowl lessons to make greatness happen with your career. For those who aren’t employed right now, use these Superbowl lessons to go after your next job and make it a great one. 

Comedy and Tragedy Masks on Abstract Modern Light BackgroundJust like the entertainment industry of movies, music and television shows, our jobs in the normal world are reviewed once a year. It is probably one of the most important parts of a job, after getting past the interview and being offered a job. It is also one of the most dreaded times of a job.

For most companies, the performance evaluation is an annual event. It may be based on your anniversary date or your employer may do evaluations once year company wide. Either way, for some of us we just go with the flow and have a “whatever” attitude. For most of us though, it is a time that makes us nervous. Nobody likes to be told they aren’t good at something! Then again, we all want to hear compliments, praises and the encouragement of “you’ll be getting an increase” from our boss.

So how will you prepare for it? First of all, you should realize that the review just a process that the company does and you have to tolerate it because you have no control with the outcome. You do have control and the review should be seen as an opportunity to change, grow and learn. Just like an interview, your input is as important as your managers and you should go in prepared. With some preparation effort to have a 2 sided conversation, you can walk into your review with confidence.

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers you the following tips on making your review this year one of the best ever:

What To Expect

Performance reviews are the managers assessment of your performance followed by giving you an outline of what is expected from you going forward. Usually a time-line is set for you to achieve the goals they have determined, which are usually developmental for your future progress with the company. Some companies will have you do a self-evaluation prior to your review. 041314 job review 1

The self-evaluation is a helpful tool and not a step you should dread or just fluff it off. The self-evaluation allows you to recognize your own accomplishments on the job, your strengths and even your weaknesses. By knowing all this in advance of your review with management, you can be prepared and ready for what they have to say as well as have something to contribute. If you aren’t given a self-evaluation form, there are several you can find on the internet to complete.

Document Achievements

If you have had a previous review, read it over and compare what was discussed then to where you are currently. Have you accomplished the goals you were given or are you still working on them? If you have achieved the goals, congratulations. If you haven’t, be prepared to discuss where you are in reaching those goals and what issues have kept you from reaching them by now.

Review your job description and determine if what you are currently doing or expected to do is the same as what is there. It is not unusual for us to assume additional responsibilities over time, thus changing your expected duties between evaluations. So you want to be certain that your manager is aware of what you are currently doing, whether it is in addition or in place of your originally assigned duties and expectations.

041314 job review 2Create documentation that provides examples of when you have gone above and beyond what is expected of you and anything you have done that helped a co-worker, your department or the company as a whole meet an important goal or objective. Keep a focus on your achievements and make any special notation if you helped the company’s bottom line or you helped with the company’s overall efficiency.

Create Your Wish List

All of us have things you need and want on our jobs. Take the time to think about this as you prepare for your review. You already know that your manager is going to have a list of expectations for you so you should be prepared to discuss your visions as well. Express what you expect to achieve and don’t hesitate what you need from the company to achieve your goals.

If any part of your review is a surprise to you or you feel it is unjust, ask your manager for more frequent meetings to review where things are and where they are headed. With that approach, it will show you are positive that your next review will be better.   

There are very few of us that haven’t watched a prime time sitcom at least once, or haven’t heard some reference to a show. And many of us have favorites that we just can’t or won’t miss. With that being said, how many of us can relate certain episodes of our favorites to the embarrassment, the joy, the loves and the struggles of our everyday lives? 

You watch your favorite sitcom and the beloved characters fall in love, out of love, make new friends and lose friends, land jobs and lose jobs. Just like real life, only it has a bit of humor when it happens to them.

While being unemployed on a sitcom is funny, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions knows that being unemployed in real life isn’t so funny. However, we also have come to realize that there are some valuable job tips that you can gain from these characters you watch weekly:

041314 sitcoms 3Be Creative!

Actress Lily Erickson’s character on How I Met Your Mother, let her creativeness get her out of a credit card debit on season 3 of the show. Her first attempt to sell her artwork in an art gallery, coffee shop and on the street corner didn’t work though. A few twists and turns through the episode, her work ended up in a vet’s office and seemed to have calmed down the patients. From there, she took her art to the internet and began selling it to other vets.

Moral of the storyline: Keep an open mind and be creative in your job search approach.

Get Organized!

Friends, an Emmy award-winning show had more life lessons than we have room for here but the 9th season of the show had a job search lesson that can’t be repeated enough. The character Chandler Bing hated his job as an IT procurement manager and finally quits one day. With no job in the waiting, he realizes just what he did and begins to have doubts and worries about this momentous decision he made. A conversation with Monica, his wife in the show, is a lesson we all need to remember.

As Chandler is asking himself out loud what is he suppose to do now, Monica tells him to find his passion. Chandler admits he is overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start and with that Monica, the anal one on the show, tells him he just needs to be organized and with that one statement, his paralysis was eliminated as she helps him list his qualifications and categorize possible jobs by industry using files and folders.

Moral of storyline: Before staring your job search, get your thoughts organized and determine what is important for you in your next position.041314 sitcoms 2

Get Good Advice!

Lovingly referred to as Biff, on the show, Seinfeld, George Costanza is somewhat of a clutz in life and quit his job as a real estate agent with no job waiting for him. As his friend, Jerry, is there to listen to George as he talks about what he’s going to do next. Asking him “So, what are you gonna do?” and George lists several careers that he would be interested in, but is obviously not qualified for, Jerry just listens and asks him the questions that bring it to reality such as “In what capacity?”

Moral of storyline: Unemployment is one of life’s most difficult times and it is those times when you realize that having good friends around is a blessing. They are there to keep you grounded, provide emotional support and be the sounding board as you bounce ideas off.

Be Flexible!

On Modern Family, the star Claire Dunphy character quit her job to stay at home mom with her children. As time marches on and her children become teens, she starts to feel stir crazy so she decides it is time to return to the workforce and accepted a position with a real estate agent. Her first day was not so picture perfect and she quits. However, this wasn’t a setback and she didn’t give up! She wen on to take a job working for her dad. This wasn’t her first choice of a job for sure, but she was open minded and willing to try new things.

Moral of storyline: When there is a knock at the door, open it, be flexible and willing to think outside the box.


041314 beatles 3Many of you reading this are most likely too young to remember the British Invasion of the 60s. Or perhaps you were living under a rock and didn’t even hear about that time in music. In either case, the Fab Four aka The Beatles, influenced our lives then and still do today.

And to that note, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers the following tips that explains in how a few tunes from this rock-n-roll group have in common with the job search:

 “With a Little Help From My Friends”

We have all heard the saying “It’s not what you know, but who you know” and this song by The Beatles says it all:

I get by with a little help from my friends, I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends

Your personal network is one of the most important things you can have when job searching. The job market is competitive and to be successful in reaching your ultimate goal, those connections could be what sets you apart from the other candidates.

Use whatever resources you have and look for more. This includes attending industry events as well as connecting with friends of family and friends. Expand your contact list with as many variables as possible.041314 beatles 4


I can be hard to say “I was wrong” or “I am sorry” but not as hard it is to say “Can you help me please?”. To say any of those phrases you first have to take a big bite of humility and open yourself up to vulnerability. As you march into the job search market, keep the words from this Beatles song in your head:

Help me if you can, I’m feeling down, And I do appreciate you being ’round

Help me get my feet back on the ground, Won’t you please, please help me

By asking your list of contacts from feedback, ie asking for help, your mistakes are pointed out and allows you the opportunity to fix them. This includes having others look over your resume and practice interviewing. By having somebody you know help you with these things, you’ll be putting yourself in a better light.

“Good Day Sunshine”

When we’re in the job search mode, we often forget about living life because we’ve all be told that when you’re out of work, your job search is your job. However, you can’t forget to live. Take clue from this Beatles tune:

I need to laugh, and when the sun is out,  I’ve got something I can laugh about, I feel good, in a special way

When you’re unemployed, the job search can easily become obsessive. Hour after hour, we sit at a computer surfing one job site after another, filling out applications, creating profiles and fine-tuning our resume. While that may seem productive, it is unhealthy!

Get up and get out at least once a day. Find activities that aren’t structured around your job search. Take a walk, do volunteer work, visit the library or go to a movie. By taking a break from your job search, you will find moments of happiness and will feel less stressed.041314 beatles 5

“Let It Be”

This is probably this writer’s favorite of all Beatles tune. The words hit home on so many levels of my life:

When I find myself in times of trouble,  Mother Mary comes to me,  Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

And these words couldn’t have been more true in my own past job searches. Many times I would be in the final round of candidates being considered and end up not being the one that was selected. I would feel beat down, disappointed, frustrated and quickly turn negative.

What I have learned about the job search, as with most things in life, is to learn to accept those disappointments in life and move on. Don’t become frustrated and overwhelmed with everything because it will only hurt your motivation. Negative thoughts create negative results. So stay positive and positive results. Analyze the results of any situation, learn from them and then apply what you learn and just Let It Be.

041314 beatles 6“Here Comes the Sun”

The meaning behind this song could be different for everyone, but what thing that can pulled from it is keep a positive attitude.

It feels like years since it’s been here,  Here comes the sun, Here comes the sun, and I say, It’s all right

After a long period of bad times, remember that the sun will emerge again. Keep your chin up and be thankful for the good things that come along in the search and remember that there is a silver lining around every dark cloud.

“Twist and Shout”

When that job offer does come, this is the song to sing!

Well, shake it up, baby, now, Twist and shout

Sing it to yourself, sing it out loud. Twist and shout it to the world that you found a job and you’re part of the workforce again! Nothing can make any situation bearable better than music. 



As a manager, you can better delegate duties and responsibilities when you understand your staff’s personality type. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers the following personality scale that can help you and your employees determine their personality type.

This personality scale describes several different dimensions and each dimension presents an external or internal preference for focusing. There are a total of 16 different combinations possible here and a person could display one internal focus and one external focus, both in different dimensions. While most of your employees will fit in between two of these, they will usually lean more to one than the other.

041314 Personalities 2Dimension One: Thinking vs Feeling

Does the employee think logically and takes a methodical process by examining a situation piece by piece as if they solving a puzzle? Or do they go with their gut feelings?

Dimension Two: Sense vs Intuition

Does the employee let their external senses take priority or do they go by their intuition?

Dimension Three: Judging vs Perceiving

The employee may be considered a judger if they are well planned, predictable and like things in order. The employee that lives by improvisation, playing it loose is perceptive. They follow their impulses and tend to not be as neat and tidy as the judger.

Dimension Four: Extroverted vs Introverted

The employee that is extroverted is energized when the interact with others. They like to be a part of the action. The employee that is introverted is more of a solo thinker. They need their space and be left alone to come up with their own ideas and plans. 

121313_glamour 3Conclusion

When we try to conform to dimensions that aren’t us, our lives are full of struggle. When we are forced to conform, our abilities and strengths are not seen. By using this personality scale, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions believes that managers will be able to recognize the abilities and strengths of their employees better. As well, you may be better able to better predict what each employee enjoys the most and what they are better at doing, thus making the workplace a happier place for them.

This personality guide can be useful but it is only a guideline. Everyone changes over time and it is recommended that you review each employee from time-to-time using this guide, or something similar, and adjust their responsibilities accordingly.

040614 patience 1For anyone that has been in the job market for awhile, the interview process is long and can the most frustrating thing. Bad news for anyone new to the job market, the interview process is getting longer. Studies have shown that in 2009 the average interview process was 12 days and by 2013 it increased to 23 days. It is nothing to go through 5, 6 or more interviews with one company and you may or may not get an offer. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has some tips to offer you while playing the waiting game:

Start With And Keep A Good Attitude

Gone are the days where you found an ad in the newspaper, called and scheduled an interview, showed up for the interview and received an offer all in the same day. Just know up front that this job search game is going to take awhile and that will help your mental state-of-being. That simple process is gone and it takes much longer today to secure a job.

When you are wrapping up an interview, shake hands with the interviewer and ask when do they plan to have a decision made. Once they give you a time frame, ask if you may follow up with them I f you don’t hear from them by that date or day they gave you. 110313_first_impressions 1

Today the job search process has many, many steps. The application, the interview, the negotiation and then finally the offer. Know going in that with each step there will be delays. There will be rescheduled meetings and not necessarily with you, but behind the scenes. Assume that each step will take two to three times longer than you think. That way, all happens faster, it’s a pleasant surprise.

Observe Their Attitude

When you keep getting one delay after another about a decision, observe the communication there and read between the lines. Sometimes a company will lead you on because they are just seeing what kind of candidates are out there, even if they don’t have an opening.

When a company is not communicating with and keeping you in the dark, that’s good indication you need to just move on. It is not unusual for a company to post an opening, go through several interviews and then decide not to fill the position.

101213 temp or not temp 2Keep All Doors Open

Until you have received an offer, accepted the offer and have signed the offer, answer all other knocks on the door and keep the doors open. Regardless if you are told that you are the top candidate being considered or that you’ll have an offer by the end of the week, never close the doors to other opportunities.

By doing this you can only have 3 possible things happen:

* You get the job offer from the first company
* You kept the pipeline open if that offer falls through
* You get offer a job elsewhere

Practice Patience – A Rare Virtue

So the job hunt isn’t as easy as it once was, by practicing patience and keeping your focus, you’ll come out on top a winner.