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011014 vinegar 3April 1

Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Free Day

Enjoy the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield for free!

April 4

New Formations & Mysterious Mountains
Lawrence Golan conducts this quintessential Colorado concert featuring award-winning pianist Joshua Sawicki.

April 5

 Color Me Badd

The Roxy Theater

This vocal quartet formed as high school students in Oklahoma City before relocating to New York. They proved adept at both churning dance tunes and sincere ballads.

April 5 and April 6

If It’s Not Baroque, Don’t Fix It

The Denver Brass

Baroque – adjective 1. elaborate and ornamented as in artistic expression associated with Bach, Pachelbel and Handel; 2. Overdone, grandiose, i.e. “Denver Brassaphone”: The brassaphone is Baroque, so fix it!

april 2014 calendar 2April 5 and April 6

Repticon Denver Reptile & Exotic Animal Show

Repticon Reptile Shows

Repticon Denver is a reptile event featuring vendors offering reptile pets, supplies, feeders, cages, and merchandise. Participate in free raffles held for enthusiasts, animal seminars, and kid’s activities. Children four and under are free.

April 12

Bobcat Boogie 5K and Family Fun Run

Bethlehem Lutheran School

2014 Bobcat Boogie 5K Run/Walk and 1 Mile Foxtrot Fun Run Join us for the third annual Bobcat Boogie 5K Run/Walk and 1 Mile Foxtrot Fun Run, brought to you by the BLS PTL.

April 12

Putting on the Ritz Titanic Dinner

Molly Brown House Museum

The greatest in ocean-going luxury, the “Ritz” restaurant on the Titanic was where the super-rich dined on the latest French delicacies served by stewards trained by César Ritz himself. Enjoy dining at its finest with an eight course meal served in the unique setting of the home of Titanic’s most famous survivor.

april 2014 calendar 3April 9 – April 13

Denver Auto Show

Located at the Colorado Convention Center, the Denver Auto Show is the premier showcase of the newest model year import and domestic vehicles — cars, vans, crossovers, hybrids, light trucks and sport utilities. You’ll not only see all the newest 2014 models, you’ll also be treated to sneak peeks of selected 2015 intros, concepts, and the latest in tricked out cars!

April 16

Chance the Rapper

Ogden Theatre

Twist & Shout Presents Chance The Rapper

April 17 – April 19

Castle Clay Artists Annual Spring Show and Sale

In addition to one-of-a-kind functional and sculptural ceramics, the show and sale will feature the best in jewelry, wood and glass creations.

April 19

Rocky Mountain Pet Expo

If you love pets than you need to visit the Rocky Mountain Pet Expo where you’ll find: * Pet entertainment * Cutest Pet Contest-Enter your pet and win fabulous prizes! * Pet friendly vendors -Trainers -Pet boarding resorts and kennels -In-Home Pet Care and Pet Sitting Companies

April 19

LFC’s Strong Families, Strong Communities 5K Run/Walk Block Party

Highlighting the greater Montbello and GVR communities. Open to the General Public, Community Reps, Community Resource Booths, Health Screenings, DJ, Free Stuff, Give-a-Ways, Bouncy Castles, Face Painting, Easter Egg Hunt, Food and Drinks. 5K Start 9AM, Block Party 10AM-2PM: Evie Dennis Campus.

april 2014 calendar 4April 22

Women Advancing Women

Moderated by Congresswoman Diana DeGette, Women Advancing Women will focus on how women are breaking stereotypes, crossing lines, and becoming industry leaders in their respective fields.

April 24 – May 4

Big River: The Adventures of Huckelberry Finn

The story sweeps down the mighty Mississippi as rebellious teenager Huck takes off on a raft with runaway slave Jim. The pair discovers a friendship that defies convention and defines the American dream as their adventure introduces them to unforgettable characters and tricky situations. 

April 25

Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet

A member of New Orleans’ esteemed first family of jazz and a 2011 National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master, Jason Marsalis brings his energetic quartet to Lakewood for a night of modern and New Orleans-influenced jazz.

April 25 – April 27

Rock of Ages

Denver Center for the Performing Arts gives you a worldwide party musical Rock of Ages features a mix of 28 rockin’ 80’s tunes

April 26

Phantom’s Soprano & Author

Michelle Gliottoni-Rodriguez sings a recital of Opera Ghost approved arias, $8, followed with an optional book-sale/signing. Pianist: Susan Olenwine. Michelle discovered her gift of writing and voice at a young age.

011914 transplant 2April 27

Tulip Fairy & Elf Festival

Spring officially arrives in Downtown Boulder when the beautiful, colorful Tulip Fairy, along with pint-sized fairies and elves, gather around the Pearl Street Mall ‘waking up the tulips’. 

April 29


APRIL 29, 2014

Nile live at the Bluebird!

April 30

Concert – Lamont Wind Ensemble

“Strike up the band” – this versatile ensemble performs classic band literature and exciting newer works from the wind ensemble library.

Just as department store buyers want to learn who is abandoning their online shopping process, recruiters should want to learn the application abandonment rates. While this metric is usually measured by some type of software, like any other process, improvement is still possible.

032314 online shopping applications 3With that being said, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has found some interesting comparison between online shopping and online applications from Russ Henneberry, a content marketing conversion and analytic pro.

Here are 4 points that can help you, the recruiter, to lower the amount of application abandonment:

Less Is More

The number of pages that it takes to have your shopping cart checked out should be reduced. In terms of online job applications, the number of clicks, the amount of pages and required steps can be overwhelming. Take the time to complete the online application as a job seeker would and see what you’re putting them through. Then eliminate what is not absolute necessary or viable. Considering using LinkedIn for your job application process. This one-click application process is a winner with job seekers. The job seeker needs simplicity.

Multiple Payment Options

Merchants give shoppers more than one payment and companies should give applicants more than one way to apply. The online application, resume by email, in person or in-store kiosk or even kicking it old school by mail. Don’t forget about the newest way – Mobile.

Pictures Are Worth A 1000 Words

Interactive photos do a lot for shoppers and they can for applicants too. Online shopping, online applications or just online anything we only have a few quick seconds to get the shopper, or job candidate, attention. Pictures do a lot to capture that attention. Pictures of employees, the company campus or offices and pictures of company outings like picnics, team building events.

032314 online shopping applictions 4Highlight Incentives and Perks

Show candidates why they want to come to work for you. When they can see the incentives and perks you offer it shows them what they will get for their time in going through your application process. If you provide on-going training, tuition reimbursement, advancement opportunities or other perks, advertise it!

By following these few tips, abandonment of online job applications could be a thing of the past. You maybe shopping candidates, but remember, they are shopping you too.

080113_employee_learn_process 2A big part of workforce topics today is the multi-generational we have employed in the workforce. For the first time ever, you will find a mixture of four generations working side-by-side. The generations included are:

Traditionalists (Born 1925-1945)
Baby Boomers (Born 1946-1964)
Gen X (Born 1965-1979)
Millennial (Born 1980-2000)

And we have a fifth generation, Gen Z, that will soon be making its debut in the workforce. For now though, the mixture we have of different ages, backgrounds, experiences, ideas and perspectives are mixing together for the first time ever and each one if finding challenges in working along side the others.

Each generation has their own way that they believe things should be and work. What is right for the Traditionalist isn’t understood by the Millennial. For the employer, it is a challenge trying to figure out how the best way to recruit the Baby Boomer age group versus recruiting the Generation X.

Having this generation mixture can be disrupting in the workplace to say the lest. If these 4 generations are going to be expected to mix together and create an efficient and smooth integration in the workplace, as the employer, you must understand the expectations and needs of each of them. So on that note, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has some tips on how to recruit, retain and inspire this mixture and create the best workplace ever.

Step One: Recruiting Methods

Traditionalists: Call them “old school” but they are still using the newspaper and referral method of finding jobs. There fore, using today’s technology is less likely to bring you candidates in this age group.

Baby Boomers: Another generation that you might call “old school” prefer referrals and using the telephone for finding jobs. However, they also have adapted to using LinkedIn and various job boards. They are less likely willing to relocate though. This generation is looking for financial security, insurance incentives and retirement options.

Gen X: This generation is all about appearance. They seek the employer with an image and is able to offer them stability. They want an employer that fits with their own beliefs and their own philosophies.

Millennials: The employer with the most tech-oriented website will be the one that this generation will take a look at. They want to do it all online, including feedback, even if they aren’t the one that is chosen. 032314 multi generation recruit - 2

Step Two: Retaining Them

Traditionalists: This group is often referred to as the “Silent Generation”. They value respect and want to stay with one employer until retirement. Give them respect and they return the respect and will stay with you through thick and thin.

Baby Boomers: This generation is looking for a job with incentives that gives them short-term financial rewards. They need flexibility of working part-time or full-time work and want to be the mentor for the next generation of workers.

Gen X: Because this generation is most likely to have family commitments, financial stability and a flexible schedule is a must for this generation. Company picnics with team-building exercises that include their family and rewards that offer them stress-relieving activities attract this generation.

Millennials: This generation likes to have new experiences and excitement. They like to prove themselves so the need for mentoring, training and recognition is a must. Providing them plenty of feedback and short-term rewards is the best way to get this generation’s talented candidates.

Step Three: Inspiration Will Vary

Traditionalists: Remember that this group values respect and that respect is what will inspire them to give their best. The best way to show them respect is to acknowledge their experience and most of all acknowledge a job well done.

Baby Boomers: Simple praise of a job well done isn’t enough for this generation. They need to see raises and promotions. They will give you the best but expect a strong relationship with you. They will look to their employer for the opportunity to learn more, but they also want the opportunity to use what they learn. This is a generation of problem solvers that use their imagination. Give them a problem and then let them resolve it by making their own decisions. Micro-management is the quickest way to run this group off.

Gen X: This generation values a balance between home life and work life. They work best in a work atmosphere that is relaxed and ideas are allowed to flow free. They seek the workplace that encourages open communication. When they are allowed to balance their home life with their work life in a way that suits them, they are more productive.

Millennials: This generation wants to be heard, much like the other generations. They want work that is fulfilling, meaningful and makes a difference. The best employer for this group will be patient, explain the job expectations and requirement, be encouraging, monitor their progress and offer feedback.

To assist you in putting all this together so that you get the max from all 4 of these generations, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers a few tips:110913_learn_to_fire 1

Communicate Clear Expectations: Notice that each of these generations have a common thread = Meaningful Input. Communication with each generation will not only help you become acquainted with with each group’s views, but will assist you in preparing interaction and manage the variety each group brings.

Do Your Homework: For the young manager, research the 70s and 80s work environment remember that the Baby Boomer generation is use to being in charge. Best way to work with them is not to be known as a Know-It-All and show them respect. Use the assets of your older workers and learn from them. They have experiences that can be valuable and integrated into your plans and strategies.

The Mentors Are There: Take the time to learn your employees personally and be genuinely interested as well as supportive in their success. Manage them as you want to be managed by your boss. Treat them as you would want to be treated.

Thank You: Everyone responds to those two simple words. Receiving recognition on a regular basis can make a significant impact. Giving credit where credit is due can make a significant impact.

von_dorShare The Recognition: Understand that your employees want to share their work success with the outside world. Give them recognition in the workplace, but also share it with the outside world by posting it to your company website and social networks. When the employer brags about their employee’s accomplishments, it lets your employees know that you are in fact, proud of them. employer brand will receive a positive impact.

When you understand the various forms of motivators for each generation and create a workforce culture that addresses the uniqueness of each, then you will create a strong workplace. Invest the time to capitalize on the experience, knowledge and skills that each generation has to offer and you will have a successful workplace.

Most of us have to work, and if you’re reading this, you are probably one of us. Is there something that says we can’t enjoy our work though? As the manager or owner of a company, walk around and ask your employees are they enjoying their work. Go ahead … let’s see what kind of responses you get.

032311 team building 1Studies have proven that when we have fun at work, we’re more productive. When you arrange for your employees to be a team in playing, whether it is at the office or somewhere off-site, it not only strengthens relationships but it increases collaboration too. But when you take the employees off-site, you’ll get them away from the distractions of work.

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions would like to offer the following suggestions for you to try that team building. After the event, go walk around the company again and ask the employees if they’re having fun. You may be surprised at just how much different the responses are.

Picnics – Spring and Summer Fun

Employees and their families will enjoy a relaxing company picnic. Especially if you have had a pretty intense schedule with your staff working overtime. This gives families time to meet each other and even better, co-workers get to know each other outside the work environment. Some companies will have booths with games set up for the kids, and adults, as well as food booths. If you aren’t able to foot the bill for that, then a potluck picnic will work just fine. Supply the paper plates, plastic ware and long tables.032311 team building 2

Company Olympics

Incorporate this with the above mentioned picnic. Create teams (sales versus warehouse, accounting versus marketing) and schedule events that are easy for almost everyone to participate. Horseshoes, 3-legged races, pie eating contest, wheelbarrow racing, etc. At any party supply store you can find cheap medals for the company executives to give out in Bronze, Gold and Silver.

Baseball and Bowling

A game of bowling or an afternoon on the diamond will loosen up the group and get them creating strategies! There is nothing better than fostering camaraderie and teamwork than a team sport.

Use your imagination, research the internet, take a survey from your employees! Whatever you do, get out of the workplace, get out of the work zone and let’s have some fun! After all, we have to be here, we may as well enjoy it.

120913_interview_questions 1Interviews can be tense, tiring and full of questions. So during the interview when the “What’s your greatest accomplishment?” question pops up, how should you answer this? What is the interviewer wanting to hear? Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has asked our clients to tell us what they are looking to gain by asking that question.

What they have told us is that the are looking to get a feel of what the candidate is able to do as an employee. Because what your accomplishments have been to date will often indicate your performance in the future.

In more direct terms – this is your opportunity to brag! Here we offer professional ways to do just that:

Relevant – The Ties That Bind
Being nominated and elected Squad Captain of your high school drill team or being vote Team Mom of the Year are accomplishments, but if they aren’t relevant to the job you’re seeking, it really isn’t going to impress the interviewer.
Your answer should be about a recent accomplishments from your professional life or, if you are a recent college grad, something outstanding from your college days. You want the answer to incorporate with the position and the company. Tie them together.032314 great accomplishments 1

Results – Make The Impression
Your answer to this question needs to be supported by information and results. After describing your accomplishment, expand on it with how you got there and what the end results were. For example, if you revamped a page on the company website and there was a marked increase in business. Or you developed a tracking system that helped the company track customer returns and process them faster, eliminating a back log, thus few customer complaints to the Sales team.

More Than One Accomplishment
So you are an awesome employee and have more than just one thing to brag about – congratulations. However, you don’t want to go on and on and on. Simply state that it is difficult to name just one accomplishment, as you have had several. Then just simply highlight them by stating something like “I shaved out order processing time and found a way to eliminate waste in production.”

111613_two_week_notice 2Of all the interview questions, the achievement question may just be the most common. So be prepared! Making sure you bring up your past accomplishments whether you are directly asked or in conversation is one sure way to make sure you stand out from all the other candidates.

030114 who will fill their shoes 1The Ford Motor Company is moving the F-650 and F-750 manufacturing back to the United States. To Avon Lake, Ohio to be exact from Escobedo, Mexico. Before we all get too excited about that move, there won’t be any jobs added to the U.S. with this move. Why?

Well the E-Series vans are currently made in the Ohio plant, so the plant will be re-purposed to make the F-650 and F-750 trucks. The good thing for Ford as a company, they will no longer have to split profits with their partner in Mexico. The bad thing for Mexico, there will be job losses. However, over 1,500 jobs are saved in Avon Lake. This wasn’t necessarily the reason that Ford made this move though. The move is a step toward holding up their end of the UAW agreement when the contract came up for renewal.

So the employees of Ford’s Ohio plan will get to keep their jobs that pay good, there is some manufacturing in the US that has found ways to cut pay for their employees. Such as Nissan Motor Company in in Smyrna, Tennessee. They have two tiers of employees:

Tier 1: Direct Nissan Employees

Tier 2: Contractor Employees

The direct employees get better benefits and better pay than the contractor employees. This is a new model that U.S. Automakers have taken. It saves the company money, making profit lines bigger. Some wonder if perhaps it is a way to sidestep UAW too?

In some cases in place of having that second tier of manufacturing employees, some companies are displacing those jobs with machines. This would explain how U.S. manufacturers have increased production but employment number in that sector have fell.

While there are companies that using machines to replace workers of some low-skilled jobs, there are some companies that are increasing those positions. Some artisanal production such as that at Dandelion Chocolate, requires humans to create their delicious products.092913_robots_are_coming

They have specialists that hand sort the cacao beans looking for cracks, insect eggs and other defects that a machine wouldn’t be able to detect. The defective beans are used for compost while the good beans go on to the roaster where the final delicious product is made.

The increase in wages of other countries and development of sophisticated machines will most likel y bring more manufacturing back to the United States. While this is good for the U.S., we should be cautious in overstating the benefits for American workers and the possibility of the two tier system.


110313_interview_not_enough 1The U.S. Labor Department has reported that unemployment numbers are slowly going down. Why? According to economic experts, there are three main reasons:

1. Companies Are Hiring … somewhat. Not at a record breaking amount, but they are hiring.

2. Baby Boomers Are Retiring: The largest group of that generation are hitting retirement age now and those who have been fortunate enough to save and not lose that savings are getting ready to dive into the retirement plans they have had in the planning. This makes room for the younger folks to step up to the plate and climb that proverbial ladder.

3. Job Seekers Are Dropping Out: There is still a large group of people that are unemployed but they have given up. Meaning, their unemployment benefits are expired so they aren’t among the unemployed rolls that are counted by the U.S. Department Labor Department. These are the people that reentering the workforce becomes more and more of a challenge the longer they are unemployed.121313_glamour 2

For those that fall into that third fact, you need to be prepared for that interview question that you will most certainly be asked: “What have you been doing while you’ve been unemployed?”. For those in a hiring position, it is too commonly thought that the longer you are unemployed, you begin to wither on the job skills vine and lose any value you may have to offer.

What they need to see is that you’ve been active, if not in a job, active in expanding, learning and networking. Here at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, we want to offer you some suggestions on how to prepare for that question and how to answer that questions so that you stay on top:

Keep Growing Professionally! Even if you are not working, you need to maintain a professional appearance and image. Stay active in professional organizations and attend meetings, conventions and symposiums and conventions. These are prime avenues for networking and will demonstrate that you are exercising your intellectual curiosity.
Grow and maintain anything that is related to your job skills such as professional journals and other materials that are relevant to your profession and skill sets. Have information on hand at any interview that shows you are up-to-date with current research that is relevant to your profession.

Never stop learning! Take classes and work toward earning any type certifications that is relevant to your profession. At the same time, give back. When prospective employers see that you’ve been busy learning and staying informed toward your career but nothing else, they often come to the conclusion that you are all about you and nobody else.

Split your time between improving and staying up-to-date for yourself to devoting energy and time to others. Join LinkedIn groups that pertain to your profession and join in discussions. This shows that you can interact with others and keeps you current with your profession too. Volunteering with non-profit organizations shows your value outside the workplace and that you are a team player.

By continuing to be a professional, it is easier for prospective employers to see your as part of their organization. By staying up-to-date with current events globally, locally and within your profession shows that you are out there and active and not just sitting around waiting for that next job offer.

110913_temp_work_bad_idea 3When you’re employed and looking for a job, you have a bit of leverage when it comes to negotiating. This is usually because prospective employers see you as a value on the job market. They assume you have skills and talent they need and are more likely to offer you what you want, or close to it anyway.

What if you’re unemployed though, where does that put you? Better yet, another concern is how do you go about approaching your current position if you have been unemployed for awhile? Well, be prepared for those employers who are skeptical, because regardless what the job reports have shown, some of them still have the idea that everyone should be employed. As such, they are going to be asking you some questions that could be difficult to answer, or at least uncomfortable.

With that being said, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers you some ways to answer the top 5 questions you’re most likely to be asked:

The Question You’re Asked: Why did you leave your last position?
The Real Question: If you chose to leave your last job but don’t want to be unemployed, what’s wrong with you? Your departure could provide clues. So they make a note to inquire when they check your references and then put 2 + 2 together. This could tell them if you were a good performer that was dedicated and got along with others well.

Best Response: Keep focused and keep positive, Reiterate what you learned from your past meeting

The Question You’re Asked: Have you had very many interviews?
The Real Question: Are you actively looking for employment? What kind of responses are you getting from other employers?

Best Response: Be honest and understand that potential employers need reassurance that you are actively seeking employment.

The Question You’re asked: What have you been doing with your time while unemployed?
The Real Question: They want to know that you’ve been developing new skills and if you have a goal you’re shooting for, whether it’s work related or not.

Best Response: You want them to know that you have ambitions and you’ve been busy meeting those goals. Discuss your volunteer work or if you’ve taking care of a family member. You want them to know that you have not just been sitting around eating bon-bons and watching soap operas.

The Question You’re Asked: Has your time off affected you as an employee? Are you going to be able and ready to dive back into the workforce?
The Real Question: They are wanting to find your weak points by how you describe yourself. The way you answer will tell them how you approach challenges and if you are going to be a good fit in the company. They also want to find how how you are going to be at handling position’s responsibilities.

Best Response: Take a few seconds to compose your answer and then be honest.

collage people dancingThe Question You’re Asked: What can you say that would ease our concerns that you’re still unemployed?
The Real Question: We think we like you, but your current unemployment status is a red flag.Why are you not employed already? Is there something wrong?

Best Response: This question can be upsetting but it is one you can actually turn the table on them by delivering your sales pitch. Take 30-seconds to tell them about you, your skills, your talents and what you can bring to the table to share with them.

Take the time to prepare yourself for these interviews and practice the responses we’ve provided, ad-lib as needed. No matter how long you have been unemployed, you can get past that obstacle!

Did you do what us at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions and most people did on Oscar night? Kick back with some good munchies, relax and watch the show? As you and your friends made bets on who the winners would be, debate who was robbed of an Oscar and oooo’d and aaaaah’d over the beautiful dresses as they graced the red carpet, did you think about the jobs behind the scene?red carpet

There are people in place that pull this event together and make it all happen. The orchestra doesn’t just know when to start up or when to fade out. There is what you may call an army of people that are professionals in the entertainment industry that you will most likely never hear their name but they are important to events like the Oscars, the Tony, the Golden Globe and a host of other award shows.

We aren’t talking about the directors, screenwriters or other creative masterminds of what and who is recognized by these events. We are talking about the equally important but less glamorous jobs. If not for those people in those jobs, it is pretty safe to say there wouldn’t be an Oscar event, Tony event or Golden Globe event. While these behind-the-scene jobs will probably never be presented an award for the public to see, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions would like to take a moment to acknowledge these professions:

Mixing console Audio Mixer: If you have been to a concert or a night club with a DJ, you have probably seen this person at work. They are usually standing behind everyone with a board of controls called a console. For around $35,000 a year, this person knows what each lever, knob and switch on that console does. All the sound that the orchestra, the audience to the presenter’s microphones as well as the Master of Ceremony is wearing is processed so that it is coherent legible when you hear it at home.

Camera Operator: There isn’t just one camera person at these events. For the Oscar event, there is a minimum of 20 camera operators. They are working every type of camera you can imagine from the traditional to the cameras on a crane. For $37,000 a year, this person in this position has to know how and when to swoop in on the audience, the presenter, the nominees and most of all the winner. They are responsible for catching the flair of the moment and staying focused.

Script Coordinator: At an average salary around $43,000 a year, the role this position plays in these events is often insulated from production process’ logistical demands. They are the go-between of the production team and the writing department. The have assigned, maybe unassigned, task of expanding the script as it changes through revision after revision and then print dozens of copies of the script. So now you know the words that the presenter say aren’t just coming off-the-cuff nor are they what was necessarily wrote. The words spoken go from the paper to the airwaves is because the Script Coordinator did their job.

031614 oscar jobs 5Lighting Designer: At $49,000 a year, these are the folks that make those famous folks look good. Yes, they have make- up artist and costume designers, but no matter how wonderful the make up job, if the lighting isn’t right, they aren’t going to look their best. The lighting designer is responsible for knowing which presenter looks best in what light as they take to center stage. A show’s lighting plan has to be choreographed just as a dance routine does. There is not only the technical knowledge needed, but an awareness of aesthetics too. Keeping the shine from blinding the audience or the cameras from a bald head is not that easy!

Producer: You see this title roll by after a movie or television show, but do you really have any idea what this person does for the $65,000 they are paid on the average? Let’s just say that their role is as essential as any of the others. They hire key members of the team that puts the show on, including the director. They are responsible for the show going on under budget. The whole project happens because of their logistical brain. So there isn’t just one Producer. There is a financial producer, the producer that makes the deals with the executives, and more. The Oscar has a bunch of producers! If there is any facet of the Oscars happening, there is a Producer behind it.

Production Assistant: Often this position is filled by recent college grad that is trying to break into show biz. Not a bad job right out of college getting to be around all those you hope to be yourself! But they work their butts off for that average pay of $36,000 a year. They are responsible for set up equipment, break down equipment and just be there, which is everywhere, to assist whoever, whenever they are needed. They even do things like checking that all the walkie talkies are working right. For the ones that are eager-to-learn the ropes, the Oscar even is a great place. Just like so many other jobs though, you have to have experience and you better be well self-disciplined.

Set Designer: The Emmys, the Grammys, the Tony and all the others have their own level of pomp and circumstance and the Oscars has its own too. Since 1929, this has always been an American project and it is the Set Designers that make the stages of the Oscar presentations glamor and glitz. For an average of $58,000, this position will take the art deco shine of yesteryear and make it the clean, digital and edgy look of today. That big Oscar statue that sat center stage the whole night didn’t just walk there on its own.031614 oscar jobs 3

Security Consultant: It may not be the White House, but you can bet there are crazies out there that can be just as dangerous for those who entertain us. For $44,000 a year, these are the people that make sure the Oscar even is safe. They make sure that anyone and everyone that has anything to do with the awards arrives safe, stays safe and gets home safe. That red carpet is protected and the envelopes that have the winner’s name in them – yup – protected because of these folks.

And Last But By No Means Least ….  

Seat Filler: This is an upaid job. Every seat at the Golden Globe, Oscars or Tony event is always filled. Surely you don’t think all those actors, actresses, directors, writers and those that are nominated sit there without going to the bathroom do you? While there is no paycheck involved, how cool can it be to get to sit among the famous and fabulous? Not something you would put on your resume, but certainly worth bringing up in conversation!

So this blog may not have been the normal Clear Choice Staffing Solutions format of informative for the job search or provide tips on how to hire or who to hire. But sometimes … a little fun, interesting information is insightful.

In some areas, the economy seems to be recovering this year. As such, there has been an increase in companies hiring. With the increase in hiring, there is also an increase in quitting, as people are moving on to “better” jobs. So this puts some hiring managers into panic mode and they skip a few steps in the screening process and hire people without the proper vetting and we end up with the 90-day question “Why did we hire that person?”

There is a simple solution to this and it begins by redefining the job. To that note, Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers you the following tips to avoid getting to that 90 day peak and asking your self that question:

031614 star candidates 1That 90-Day Wonder Can Be You All-Star

You must define the job then define the person. The skills of top performers are often different than the skills that are posted in job descriptions. So, in order to circumvent this problem, begin defining what will be considered a successful performance and then hire those candidates that have attained the results that are comparable. Then you will find the candidates that have the exact skills you require.

There are more hiring mistakes made in the first thirty minutes of an interview because too often first impressions are the basis we use to hire a candidate. What we should do is just the opposite … use our first impressions to prove why we shouldn’t hire the person. Assess their performance with what may be the two most important question or request of an interview.

1). Describe your crowning achievement for each of your past three jobs.

2). How would you solve this problem? Then provide them a typical problem that the position they are being considered for may have.

The Evaluation Scorecard

After these 2 things have been answered, organize the interview so that you can evaluate each candidate. Each person in your organization that interviews the candidates should focus on a few important factors that best represent success. By sharing their opinion from their focused view point, you can then take the in-depth collection of each person’s wisdom and make an accurate and fair hiring decision.evaluationform with choises

Factors To Add To The Scorecard

Instead of maintaining the company’s status quo for hiring, raise the bar on the level of talent you seek. Change your hiring processes to recruit people that aren’t in the job market. Assess soft skills of the candidates instead or with the technical skills the position usually requires.

The 10 most common hiring bloopers and blunders is that everyone that is part of the hiring decision is looking for different things. The hiring team needs to get on the same page. Now this sounds contradictory to the above statement that each person should focus on the factors that are important to them, but, that doesn’t mean you can’t be in unison either. A team that stick together is a stronger team.

Leadership skills can only be assessed when we understand leadership. An individual that has vision and the ability to execute that vision is one definition of leadership. From the scorecard, determine if the candidates you are considering are high achievers and in the top of their peer group. You will be able to raise the talent bar with these types of people.

031614 star candidates 3Good candidates are looking for careers not just a job. The lateral transfer isn’t what the best are looking for, they want to better themselves. The job posting shouldn’t describe just skills needed but it should also describe what the opportunities are to become, do and learn. Your job posting needs to tell a story so that you attract the best candidates.

Remember: You want to hire the best person available, not just fill the job with the best available.