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Clear Choice Staffing Solutions Has Found September Action In Houston

September 5

Marc Anthony in Concert

1510 Polk St, Houston 77002

The tour will feature a state-of-the-art, never before seen production from one of the most beloved voices in popular music, with Anthony set to perform songs spanning his career as well as new songs from his new album. 

September 7

BARC Pet Adoptions at the Galleria

Houston Galleria – Westheimer Rd

Come adopt a furry family member and make memories for everyone! If you miss us this weekend, we are at the Galleria with more adorable adoptables waiting to go home with you!

September 12

One Night in Frogtown

6000 Hermann Park Drive, Houston 77030

Tad, a saxophone-playing frog, sets out to discover the sources of the faraway music that only he can hear. After many musical misadventures, Tad discovers his inner strength and brings the other frogs together for a spirited jam session.

September 14

Run or Dye 5K

One Reliant Park, Houston 77054

Run or Dye is the world’s most colorful 5K! This is your chance to have fun, get fit, and get covered in 100% safe, non-toxic, powdered dye as you participate in the Houston area’s favorite fun run.

September 17

Totally Vocally

6000 Hermann Park Drive, Houston 77030

This program is jam-packed with music, entertainment and education. Through classic and contemporary cover songs and original works, Ball in the House will discuss and teach many aspects of music and performance. Students will discover what “a cappella” is, the technology behind their sound system, the various voice parts and how they fit together to make harmony and songs, an interactive beatboxing demonstration, the history of a cappella singing from chant through doo wop, and have a chance to ask questions.

September 18

Depeche Mode in Concert

2005 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands 77380

September 20

Edvin Marton Stradivarius Show

501 Texas St, Houston 77002

Brilliant Lecture Series presents the internationally-acclaimed violinist and composer Edvin Marton’s Stradivarius Show. He will be performing with a Stradivarius violin made in Cremona, Italy in 1697 and played by famed Italian virtuoso violinist and composer, Niccolò Paganini.

September 23

Khaled Hosseini

501 Texas St, Houston 77002

Inprint Houston — A nonprofit organization founded in 1983, fulfills this mission through the nationally renowned Inprint Margarett Root Brown Reading Series, the Cool Brains! Reading Series for Young People, through literary and educational activities in the community that demonstrate the value and impact of creative writing, and through support for the UH Creative Writing Program.

September 22

18th Annual Texas Home & Garden ShowSept 2013 Calendar

One Reliant Park, Houston 77054 

Explore a wide range of the newest home and garden products – From windows and doors to ceilings and floors. If it belongs in a home you’ll find it at the Home and Garden Show.

September 25

Swing, Jive and Pop! Into Dance

6000 Hermann Park Drive, Houston 77030

Houston Metropolitan Dance Company’s “Swing, Jive and Pop into Dance” incorporates history, fashion, music and the arts into an interactive blast of excitement. The company dances through the eras of the 1930’s Lindy Hop, bops into the 1950’s, grooves into the 1970’s and ends into the Hip Hop music of today.



And You’ll Always Make Yourself More Marketable

Nobody the job title or position you hold in any company is to always be learning. Even those with the highest of college degrees, should never quit learning. From the newbie on the job scene to the most senior employee with the longest tenure, learning is the secret to being successful.

This doesn’t mean to cross-train, which is always good for a company to implement that, or expand and sharpen the skills you have already. This also means you need to learn new skills too. Learn things that will aid you in transferring from one career to the next or from one position to another within the same industry. By always learning, you are making yourself more marketable. When you become more marketable, you become stronger competition in a very competitive job market, regardless your career, skills or talents.

Now, what new skills should you learn? What area should you expand your knowledge? Here is some information that can help you in determining just that. If it’s going back to school full time, part time or just taking a class or two, any type of learning that can make you more marketable is worth the money and time.

Types Of Skills

Every job will have it’s own specific skills to be learned. However, there are skills you can learn which you can take with you to any job. For example, the more computer knowledge you have, the more computer skills you can learn, are used in just about every job these days. If they aren’t now, they will be most likely in the few years. So highly technical skills are a sure win in making yourself more marketable.

Troubleshooting is another skill that is high demand no matter the industry, product or service being offer. There is not one company in business that does not have customer calling in with problems or trouble. This is also a skill in customer service, because it takes a skill to know how to talk to people on a level they understand, yet they are being treated with respect.

Public speaking is another great skill to learn. You may not be a bashful, shy person, but knowing how to speak properly in public is not the same thing as chatting it up with family, friends and strangers. There are proper ways to speak in public and communicate with the public, and while it may come naturally for some, we can all learn the skill.080413_choosing_training_technique_part_4 - 2

Marketing and Sales are both skills, while natural for some, can be learned by anyone. They are both skills that are essential for business today with an economy that is consumer-driven. It is not a skill to talk somebody into buying a product or service. It is a skill to know what product or service they need and know how to present your product or service to them that shows them you have what they need.

Get Trained

Now that you know what skill you want to learn, where do you go to learn it? There are college courses all around, on campus and on-line. Colleges are great now in having programs that work around the working student. With the flexibility that colleges offer now, the excuse you can’t take a course because you’re working, well, just isn’t an excuse any more.

Training Benefits

Nobody will ever tell you that a formal education isn’t important to begin your career. During the college years, you are dong much more than learning and preparing for a career. You are building a network that you can use the rest of your life. College Alumni are always quick to help their brother or sister over a newcomer. You also learn life lessons, for many that move from living under mom and dad’s roof to living on campus or our own place is a learning experience all it’s own outside the classroom.

Show Proof

However, research has show that if a person wants to continue growing career-wise and personally, they need to always keep learning. Never turn down the opportunity to learn something new. Never turn down the opportunity to learn to something you’re already doing better. Staying up-to-date is just as important as learning something new.

When you choose to develop new and expand current skills, you are taking steps to make yourself more marketable and find career success, no matter what field you choose. Always complete a course and get that certificate. Whether you move on to another company or move up with your current employer, that certificate will show that you are able and willing to learn and help substantiate that you are the right person for the job, whatever the job may be. 


P.S. Don’t forget our featured Tumbleweed, Celina Dorzok and her need for help to pay mounting medical bills. Simply click here “Help Celina Back On Her Feet” and make any size donation you can. Thank you!

The job market today is tough. To stay competitive, employees know that the best way to stand out above the competition, is to stay on top of their career. More often than not, this takes continuing education, which in the past has always been done outside the workplace.

However, companies are changing gears and seeing the benefit of their employees knowing more about their job is not just for the employee. The more the employee knows, the better for the company. When their employees lack the right skills, it not only is holding the employee back, but can be a problem for the company too.

Investing In Valuable Resources073013_company_education

To that note, more and more companies are making an investment in their most valuable resource. Their employees. This isn’t just offering paid tuition (which is dependent on passing grades), but workplace training too. By offering online learning, open access and part-time study, business can see where it is beneficial immediately as the employees put their new learned skill or subject to work right away. As well, it can be profitable for the company further down the road as well.

This concept has already taken off quite well in the United Kingdom. It has taken a hold so well, that the government has become involved. The government sets up funds to build partnership between businesses and higher education institutes with the hope of closing the gap in skills for small to medium size businesses.

Learning Is Nutritious

There are many American companies that have learn and lunch sessions, usually geared toward sales people and a product or service they are in charge of promoting and selling for the company. Often vendors participate by hosting the learn and lunch as they talk about their product. This should expand to the other departments as well, from manufacturing lines to purchasing to warehousing.

The learn and lunch shouldn’t just be for when a new software is being implemented or a new procedure is being implemented. Department Manager and Human Resources should work together to design a continuing education learn and lunch monthly at the very least. Classes for the warehouse on how to do their current job more effective or how the product they pack for shipping is transported and how it is used once it arrives at it’s destination.

The End Result – Everyone Is A Winner

The more one department can learn and know about another department’s duties and responsibilities, the better for the company overall.


P.S. Don’t forget our featured Tumbleweed, Celina Dorzok and her need for help to pay mounting medical bills. Simply click here “Help Celina Back On Her Feet” and make any size donation you can. Thank you!

081213_employee_developmentWhat was your company’s final amount spent on employee development and training last year? Did you get the results you were looking for? It is not unusual for employee development and training classes to not get the results they were aiming for, ie, information that the employee can immediately use in the work place.

Most companies will find that the behavioral change in employees, after training, is hard to predict. No matter how much money and time is invested in employee training, there is no guarantee that you will see immediate change in growth or use of that information. It can be discouraging, disappointing and frustrating. You can take steps to turn this around though so that the employee training your invest in can and will transfer to the workplace.

By creating a support process for development and training, you will see it being more effective within the company. Here are ten suggestions that can make employee training effective immediately and it can be transferable into the employee’s work, thus giving you measurable differences for your bottom line.

Before Training Begins, Create Training Stickiness

By taking these steps first, you will increase the probability that the training will transfer to the workplace.

  • Make sure development and training are what’s needed: Do thorough analysis of employee needs and skills to determine if there is a real need for the training you’re planning. Make sure that there is a training issue at hand. If you have provided all the time and tools necessary for an employee to learn their job and they are 100% clear on what is expected from them, and they are still not performing to the expectations set, perhaps the employee and the job aren’t a good fit.
  • Create a training environment: Provide employees the information that will validate how the new skills or skill enhancement will benefit them and they understand the connection between this training and their job. Help them see the connection how the more they learn from the training not only helps their specific job, but the company overall. Once they have completed the training class or session with success, give them proof such as a certificate and brag about in the company newsletter or on the break room bulletin board.
  • Provide training that is relevant to the skill the employee needs: It is unproductive for an employee to attend a training if they don’t connect the training with their job. They will see the time spent in a training session to be a waste of time, and they will have a validate point there, it is a waste of time. Make sure the connection between the training session and how it fits into the employee’s duties is clear. If you are using outside sources for training and it doesn’t seem to be working, create your own training sessions and customize them to the employee’s needs.
  • Have training with measurable objectives and certain outcomes: Make certain the employee training will have clear stated objectives and outcomes that are measurable. Determine that the content will lead the employee to gain information and skill is the the objective. When the employee knows what they are expected to learn, they will know ways they can apply what is learned to what they do every day.
  • Provide information for what will be involved in the training session: Discuss and explain what is expected to be learned by the employee from the training. This will reduce any anxiety and turn the light on so they can see their way. When we know what is expected of us, we are more able to learn and then transfer that into our work.
  • Make it clear that thetraining is to be taken seriously: Make certain the employee realizes and understands that the training is their responsibility to take something away from it and their responsibility to put it to good use in the workplace. An employee must understand that they will need to apply their self before, during, and after the training. Completing pre-training assignments, participate in the training and applying what is learned are responsibilities of the employee and they should have a clear understanding of this. Completing self-assessments prior to the training can create a need for interaction.
  • Train managers and supervisors first: This is the first step in training the employee. If the manager or supervisor don’t know or understand the information and skills that the employee will receive training session, who will the employee turn to when they need help? The manager or supervisor must be have appropriate behavior and learning and provide an environment where the employee can use the information and training they learn. When the manager or supervisor have taken the same training with success, it gives them the role of leadership that employees can respect.
  • Train managers in their role of the training process: The average manager or supervisor will rarely experience effective training during their career, or even worked in an environment that put the training to wok the workplace. Provide information that explains the organization’s expectations of the manager or supervisor so they can support effective training.
  • Have supervisors and employees prior to training: This is essential for all the things that have been covered in this article to be accomplished. Talk with the employee on what they hope to learn from the training and ask about any concerns they may have in putting what they learn from the training into action.

Make certain prior to the training that the key learning points are what your company is expecting to receive for the money and time that is about to be invested. Identify obstacles and then create how to get around those obstacles so that the employee will have an effective and positive experience in the training so they can utilize what is learned to the workplace.

P.S. Don’t forget our featured Tumbleweed, Celina Dorzok and her need for help to pay mounting medical bills. Simply click here “Help Celina Back On Her Feet” and make any size donation you can. Thank you!

Celina Graduation May 2013You’ve met Celina Dorzok. Celina is a member of Summit Staffing and she has been such an inspiration to us that we want to share with everyone. Just like everyone, she’s had her share of ups, downs, good times and bad times. Then the day of an ATV accident, her life was turned completely upside down.

We have introduced you to Celina. We have taken you to the day of that horrible ATV accident that left her disabled … for now. Today, we share with you what her life is like right now and how it has and still is affecting others.

Needing Help From Others

An accident like this can affect and involve so many people, way more than what any one may realize, until it happens to them. Celina is unable to care for herself 100% right now. So trips to her doctors and specialists require someone to take her, wait with her and bring her back home to Yankton, which really isn’t home. Those appointments are frequent, the trips are long and grueling and Celina is still disabled, for now, she will continue to have to depend on others to take her to these appointments for another couple of months.

Those appointments are once, twice and sometimes three times a week, and most of them are 90 miles away, taking an hour either direction to get there and back. Her entourage of doctors and specialists keep check on her overall healing and progress, and because of the blood thinners she takes, they keep check on her blood counts as well.

Because she can’t do everything for herself and for her own safety needs someone around, Celina is staying with Shaun’s family and Shaun’s mom Jackie, has been taking Celina to her appointments. Transporting Celina to her many appointments is not all she needs help with either. Remember she came home with that halo?

Jackie helps her with the daily routine of cleaning the pins and screws that hold the halo to Celina’s skull. She helps Celina bath the parts of her body that she can’t, such as her face and the vest that is attached to the halo. Jackie helps keeps track of Celina medications too and makes sure that Celina is on schedule with them. She massages her back, neck and shoulders with muscle cream to ease Celina’s pain.

Then There’s Jayden ….Jayden_before_first_day

Yes, not only does Celina need help in taking care of herself, she has to have help with Jayden, her 5 year old son. He’s an active, average, happy, normal little boy that doesn’t completely understand what happened to his mom, but he knows that she’s hurt and can’t take care of him right now.

Jayden started school this year. A child’s first day of school is always exciting for the child and his parents, especially moms. Maybe even more so when you’re a single mom like Celina; and there is only one first day of kindergarten. Because his mom is disabled since the ATV accident, Celina hasn’t got to do as much of the school preparations as she would have liked. She can’t be up for long periods of time, going from store to store.

Choosing the jeans, shirts and making sure he has enough socks and underwear may not have seemed like a chore just a couple months ago. Now, it’s a period in Jayden’s life that Celina had to depend on others to do those sorts of things. She did get to do some of the school shopping and get his backpack, one she knew he would love. She got him some new shoes too, lace up kind so he can learn how to tie his shoes.

mommy_and_jayden_first_dayShe was able to give him his first hair cut and was able to go with him to his open house at the school. She overdid it though and wasn’t able to take him to his orientation day. She woke up that morning with extreme pain in her foot and ended up going to the ER, so Celina’s mom took him. Turned out it wasn’t anything serious though, a change in her pain medication has helped, so she was able to go along on his first day of school. She took pictures and gave him lots of hugs, kisses, and words of motivation.

Since Jayden is living with Celina’s mom Fran, the before and after school routine have fell on her. This entails getting him up early to get ready for school. Getting him dressed, fed then dropped off by 8:15. She spends her day working on projects at home while Jayden’s at school to make make extra money since she’s unable to work outside of the home. She then goes to pick up Jayden from school at 3:00 and does all the after school things that a mom does. Go over his school work and help him with his homework.

Then feeds him supper, bathes him, and gets him ready for bed before reading him a bedtime story and tucking him in for the night. That can be a lot of work for a grandma that is disabled herself, it’s not easy taking care of a 5 year old all week. She does get a break on the weekends when Jayden goes to his paternal grandparent’s house.

Because he’s staying with Celina’s mom, which isn’t close to where Celina’s staying, so she didn’t get to see him after his first day of school. She did get to talk to him though and hear about his first day and the new friends hemade. For now, while Celina is disabled, her and Jayden won’t have the normal routine most mom’s and kids have with going to school and coming home.

She only gets to see him for a few hours on the weekend when his paternal grandparents have him, unless she can get get a ride into town where her mom lives during the week. Sometimes, she may get a ride early in the morning and be able to ride to school with him. Or change her afternoon naps around to ride and pick him up after school. The afternoon trips are hard because of the medications she’s on make her sleep.

It’s extremely hard for Celina to be apart from Jayden. She has been the main person taking care of him his entire life. It’s hard for not to have her son by her side all of the time. It’s also hard on Jayden as well. He doesn’t get to see his mom as much as he’s used to and is shuffled between family members. Primarily, he stays with both sets of his grandparents as they are trying to keep him on a routine schedule to keep his life as stable as possible, considering the circumstances.

You can understand the emotional stress Celina’s is going through. Next week, we will be looking at Celina’s financial strains and stress. Medical isn’t cheap and when you’re not able to work, it can be a mental stress that can slow you healing process.


P.S. Don’t forget our featured Tumbleweed, Celina Dorzok and her need for help to pay her ever mounting medical bills after an ATV accident that left her disabled … for now. Simply click here “Help Celina Back On Her Feet” and make any size donation you can. Thank you!

Jayden hugs MomGive to Help Celina Back On Her Feet and help this young mother pay for her mounting medical bills as she is struggling to get back her independence and resume her life with her son Jayden.

081113_time_managementWe’re all busy these days, right? When you’re a business owner, you’re even more busy. Not only do you have personal life busy stuff, but you have business stuff busy too. Where does it end? Or does it ever end? As a business owner, you hope it doesn’t because the more successful you are, the busier you’ll get.

Or do you think that the more successful you are, your schedule will empty out and you’ll be less busy with fewer obligations? Most likely not. You’ll have more to do and less time to get it all done probably. So if you don’t have time management system in place, your life is only going to get even more difficult.

Lucky for you, with today’s technology, there are millions of apps and online tools for time management. However, if you don’t get the full scope on how to use them, every feature they offer, they really aren’t much good. For those of us out there that are needing time management help but aren’t a true blood techie, here are some tips that may help you, even though by today’s standards, they are unconventional:

Lose the smartphone and pick up paper and pen. Yup, these can be cumbersome to keep up with and they aren’ttechnologically advanced. However, you can’t ignore a pad and pen like you can an alarm on the smart phone. Nor can you put pad and pen on silent and stick in your pocket or drop it in your bag.

They are big and you can’t ignore it. For many people, writing something down helps them to remember things too. The written list of things-to-do is more so they can mark it done and realize just how much they accomplished today. When they say “Where did my day go today?”, they actually can look back and see what they did.

Create a template things-to-do list on that pad and pen you’re going to start carrying. The idea of time management is to make sure you’re getting must-do things done all the while fitting other things in during the day. So to be more effective from the start, you don’t want to write down repetitive daily tasks over and over.

With a template that has your daily tasks already in place, you can simply fit the other things that come up within the template. In the daily tasks, make sure you list every single thing you do, no matter how menial or small it may seem. This means writing down “lunch”, “drop off kids” or “pick up kids”. Remember you aren’t just managing your business time. You are managing your personal time to coincide with your business time.

Put the list order of priority. List the tasks that are necessary and in optimal order when they accomplished. You may be able to fit more things into a time frame where you have just one thing listed, simply because you have gave yourself a timeline.

Begin your list with the 5 easiest tasks. Many people will tell you just opposite and to put the most dreaded and hardest things first and get them out of the way. For some of us though, by starting with the easy tasks, gives us a sense of accomplishment.

 Example: If you list the hard, long things first, and you have a total of 35 things to accomplish today. Three of the things you have to do each take an hour or more and you start your day with them. So by the time you get the first 3 things done, you are three hours into your day and still have 32 things left to do. How defeating is that?

However, when you start your day with five easy tasks before moving on to a harder task, when you look at your list an hour later, you’ve put a dent on list with 5 things accomplished already. When you feel like you’re getting somewhere faster, you’ll be more apt to work faster. Theory is list a few easy task, then a harder one, a few easy, a harder one. Alternate them so you have some feeling of accomplishment during the day.

Create a project management grid. A things-to-do list not help you to manage your time during the day and keep you organized, which in turn, makes you more productive. For a business owner, juggling various projects can be a challenge. Some people will tell you that it is more productive when you focus on one project at a time. Other will say by juggling more projects at the same time, you’re getting more done in the same amount of time. Which is true and thus, why you need time management so that you can manage multiple projects effectively.

By including a grid with your to-do list, when you display the phase of every project you have going, from brainstorming, developing, outlining and testing, so you know at a glance where you are with a specific project.

Shorthand notes. Maybe you know old school shorthand or have a form of you own, but this is the best way to compile your to-do list. While it may not make sense to anyone else, it doesn’t need to, to you, it is the secret code to a successful day. When you’re trying to manage your time, shorthand notes are quicker than writing it all in full.

Set up tomorrow now. Before you end your day, make your to-do list for tomorrow. Since you’ll have a template already, it will be easy to fill it in and the few things that didn’t happen today can be added to tomorrow’s list in shorthand.

So with this rudimentary way of keeping track of your day, you can use that fancy smartphone to call your folks or play games! 

Celina In HospitalWelcome back as we continue following our Tumbleweed focus, Celina Dorzok. We introduced you to Celina Dorzok, her son Jayden as well as her mother Fran and sister Charissa. Life wasn’t picture perfect for them, but life never is for anyone. We make plans. God laughs.

The Dorzok family has experienced many things over the years and still come out with a smile and positive attitude. What we can all learn from Celina Dorzok and her story here will be that even though bad things may happen in our lives, we can’t avoid them. But we can get up, dust ourselves off and keep moving forward.

A refresher where we left off with part 1 ….

Life was looking up for Celina and her son Jayden. With high school behind her, an earned Associates Degree, a great job and had reconnected with an old classmate, she had built a foundation for a great future to share with her son, Jayden. Then, as a Tumbleweed often does, Celina met another rock in the road of life that knocked her off course yet again ……..

That Day, The Accident:

July 20th, just another day in a life of a young woman, who in spite of some interuptions and upheavals, had gotten her life together and was on track for what was looking to be promising future for her and her son Jayden. Shaun, her first love that Celina had recently reconnected with, were just spending a day together, hanging out, swimming and enjoying an outdoor type of day in South Dakota. They decided to take Shaun’s parents ATV out for a spin and enjoy the beauty that South Dakota offers. They say most accidents happen close to home, which is exactly what Celina and Shaun found out.

A couple hundred yards from Shaun’s home, on a gravel road, they hit a loose patch and lost control of the ATV. The ATV rolled and landed on Celina’s side of the vehicle. Shaun, who suffered some minor cuts and scrapes, ran over to check on Celina and saw the large gash on her forehead. He asked her if should could get up and she began to cry when she realized that she couldn’t move her arms, or any part of her body at all. Shaun ran back to his parent’s house and called 911.Celina and Shaun

A New Chapter In Her Life Begins … Again

The ambulance arrived and took Celina directly to the hospital in Yankton. In route to the hospital the paramedics called ahead and advised the hospital that Celina’s condition was critical and the air unit needed to be paged for immediate air lift to the larger hospital in Sioux Falls. Her mom and sister had arrived at the Yankton hospital emergency room and when the helicopter arrived, her mom rode with her while her sister and her boyfriend went in by car to meet them in Sioux Falls.

Multiple exams, procedures and testing were done by the medical staff to determine the extent of Celina’s injuries. Between multiple CT scans, an MRI and x-rays, it was determined that she had broken nearly every bone in her neck down to between her shoulder blades andwould need surgery the next morning to replace a couple of crushed vertebrae and place a plate and screws along her spine. A halo was then placed on her head and held by screws to her skull to hold all of this in place. For the first day or two, Celina was not able to move her arms at all, then slowly after surgery, she began to get movement back in her arms little by little.

With the halo still in place, and expected to remain 8 to 12 weeks, Celina was eventually moved to the rehab unit where she would stay for around 2 weeks, going through grueling physical therapy. In time, her doctors felt that she was ready and strong enough to be discharged as long as she had people around to care for her and help her. She was slated to be discharged on July 30th, when another road block stopped this Tumbleweed from moving on with her life, again …. The doctors discovered Celina had contracted pulmonary embolisms which delayed her discharged to August 1st.

Celina is home now, well her home for the time being, until she is well and back on her feet again. Her medical treatments are far from over and won’t be any time soon either. She was given exercises to do at home that will help build her strength and help her body relearn how to function.

And just as a Tumbleweed, Celina along with her son, mother, sister and Shaun and his family, they keep rolling on with the winds life deals them ……

Jayden hugs MomCelina’s medical expenses are astronomical already and they are still climbing. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has set up an account and fund raiser. Click here Celina Get Back On Her Help Feet, if you are able and want to help raise money that will go towards Celina’s ever growing stack of medical bills. Any donation is appreciated.  Then check back here as we post updates to  Celina’s progress as she recovers and gets her life back on track. 


Celina and Jayden Before AccidentLife is living the unexpected. No matter how much planning we do, the unexpected can happen. The unexpected can change things in a flash, for just a moment in time for a life time. It is how we deal with the unexpected that can make a difference in how we live our lives … for that brief moment, or for the long term.

This is the story of Celina Rose Dorzok. Celina is a beautiful young woman, who midst the troubles and woes she endured as a child, the troubles and woes she encountered in her youth, to where she is today, as a young adult that survived what could have been a deadly accident.

In Canada, on May 23, 1989, Celina Rose Dorzok was born to Fran Charlebois Sherman and a father she never knew. At the age of 3, she and her mother moved to South Dakota and her mom remarried then her younger sister, Charissa Hope Livingston, came along.

Her mom and step dad divorced when Celina was was 13 years old, and during Christmas break of that year her, her mom and sister moved to Louisiana. The teen years are difficult at best and for Celina, it seemed to be even more difficult. With her mom’s divorce and sudden move to another state, she became a rebellious teen that got into trouble quite a bit and didn’t have a good attitude about school.

After a serious car accident that Celina was involved in at the age of 16, she realized how precious life was andshe snapped out of it and decided to turn her life around and became an exceptional student with a better attitude and better grades. At an age that teens are working part time jobs, going to the lake, going hanging out with friends and sleeping in late, Celina moved back to South Dakota by herself at the age of 17 the summer between her junior and senior years of high school and lived with and Aunt from her step dad’s family and finished her senior year of high school to receive her high school diploma a semester early.

She got a job and began working as she finished her senior year a semester early in South Dakota. Shortly after moving back, she met Adam through a mutual friend and shortly after they began to date. Soon after, she moved in with Adam and at 18 she became pregnant. Her mom and sister returned to South Dakota shortly after and one week before Jayden was born, Celina and Adam married.

The new family, Celina, Adam and Jayden moved to Colorado for new beginnings, a new life. After their move to Colorado, she enrolled and attended cosmetology school up until the point when she separated from Adam and could not afford school anymore and had to go to work to support her and her son. Soon after, she moved back to South Dakota with her son and they lived with her mom for a short time, then with friends and roommates until Celina could find a place of their own that she could afford.

While her mom watched Jayden, Celina worked full time job until she enrolled in college full time at Southeast Technical Institute. She then worked 2 part-time jobs to be able to support her and Jayden while attending college. She earned her Associates Degree in Health Information Services that May, found a job with Interim Healthcare in Sioux Falls as the scheduling coordinator/client services representative and a place to call their own.Celina Graduation May 2013

Life was looking up for Celina and her son Jayden. She had a great job and her and Jayden had their own place just down the road from her work with the school that Jayden would attend kindergarten only few blocks away. During this time, Celina had also reconnected with a classmate from middle school, Shaun. The world was finally opening up so that Celina could find her oyster that she had been looking for. With a few rough years of high school behind her, a recent Associates Degree and great job all leading to a future that she would share with her son Jayden. But as a Tumbleweed often does, Celina met another rock in the road of life that knocked her off course yet again ……..

Celina In HospitalCelina Dorzok has incurred and continues to incur many medical bills. Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has a website in place, Help Celina Get Back On Her Feet, and appreciates anything that you can contribute to help Celina.

080913_SMALL_TUMBLEWEEDWhen you think about it, people and Tumbleweeds are a lot alike in many ways. We come in various sizes and from different places. We arrive where we are in life by the different winds that blow us along. As we tumble along through life, we keep moving forward. Sometimes, the winds of life may push us back a little bit, but we always get another wind and trudge on forward.

We grow, we learn. We find our core strengths and the tenacity to pull through the toughest patches of life. All so we can tumble on to the next destination that life has in store. Along the way, just like a Tumbleweed, we find more resources, gather more skills, pick up new tools.

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions has tumbled into the Houston Texas area, bringing the experience, resources, skills and tools of Jasmin Espy and her lead staff that matches quality candidates with quality employers. We bring to this area a clear, concise and consistent method of meeting the staffing needs of a company and matching them to the employment needs of the workforce.

Clear Choice Staffing Solutions offers you a partnership that will add value, variety and verification to your employment needs. No matter if you are looking for temporary, temp-2-hire or direct hire, we have the resources you need most. We offer you the experience of over 20 years that have deep roots in the staffing industry.

The Clear Choice Staffing Solutions brand will build on that experience and expertise that we have developed and commit ourselves to bringing Houston Texas the best staffing solution ever. We are poised to combine those opportunities with top job placements and recruit top talent as well as offering career profile services. 

We invite you to visit our website daily for informative and interesting blogs related to the recruiting industry and things that can make you a better employer or a better employee. We will have feature stories of employees of Clear Choice Staffing Solutions, stories of encouragement and inspiration. We look forward to gaining ground in Houston and get Texans back to work and headed to that bright horizon that the Lone Star State has waiting.