2015 Houston Employee Of The Year

Houston 2015 Employee of the Year: Azubike Chukukere with CoorsTek – Material Handler

Azubuike’s dream was to become an engineer in a manufacturing plant in the US. He soon realized that his education and experience in Nigeria would not get him too far without starting at the bottom. While he was waiting for his opportunity to come, he continued to shine, and took a job as a tutor for high school students in math, more specifically, calculus.   Azubuike was hired for the Material Handler position with CoorsTek.  His ambition, drive and never ending enthusiasm to show his skills and dedication have proven to be a great asset with CoorsTek.  Since Azubuike was hired on full time with CoorsTek, he has continued to thrive and has been promoted to Quality Manager.


Congratulations Azubike from all of us at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions!

2015 Denver Employee Of The Year

Denver 2015 Employee of the Year: Glenys Trost with City of Commerce City – Administrative

Glenys had moved from Ft Collins to Denver with her husband when she came to CCSS for employment after completing her certificate program at Pickens Technical College for Business. She has worked a couple short term and last minute administrative positions for us prior to her long placement at City of Commerce City. When another position with the City became available, the hiring manager specifically requested Glenys on the recommendation from her former, short term supervisor. The City of Commerce City hired Glenys earlier than the contract length terms because they didn’t want to wait any longer to convert her to a full time, permanent employee and award her the benefits of such.


Congratulations to Glenys from all of us at Clear Choice Staffing Solutions


We specialize in making the perfect match.
We specialize in making the perfect match.
The happiest clients around
The happiest clients around

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Wide Variety

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Clear, Concise and Consistent

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