We specialize in making the perfect match.
We specialize in making the perfect match.
The happiest clients around
The happiest clients around

There’s a buzz about Summit Staffing.  Check out our clients’ testimonials.

Wide Variety
Wide Variety

We offer the widest variety of jobs to make sure you find the perfect match.

Clear, Concise and Consistent
Clear, Concise and Consistent

Who We Are:

•        Locally Owned and Operated – Texas Based Company
•        Woman Owned and MBE Certified (NMSDC)
•        Backed By Seasoned Professionals With Over 20 Years of Experience
•        Small Enough To Be Nimble and Experienced To Manage Your Staffing Needs
•        Socially Responsible, Driven By Integrity and Technology

The ability to “listen” to what you need and to deliver with a proven track record for sustainable jobs, employee retention and productivity without compromising quality.


A clear choice that provides integrity and quality in the jobs offered, employees delivered and our service model commitment.

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The very essence of our work compels us to serve to a higher standard with a distinctive voice. We have a passion and an unwaivering commitment for delivering a client experience that is second to none.
19 Sep

No Need To Dread It When You Have A Plan

The criminal background search for pre-employment purpose is a confusing and dizzying task. In fact, it is said that approximately 40 percent of companies that order a criminal background check really...

17 Sep

That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Snag Them

In the world of recruiting, the Holy Grail has been the passive candidate, that is the person that is not looking for a job. So does that mean the employer that needs and wants them is out of luck? No...

15 Sep

There Are Challenges And There Are Solutions

While overall, the job market has been weak for sometime now, but recent surveys have found that there is current business growth which has created a demand in the job market, giving it new breath. Ever...

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